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17 Dec 2020
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18 Dec 2020
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19 Dec 2020
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20 Dec 2020
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23 Jan 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Zigatun> Hi all. I have Redmi Note 8T and I want to port EDK2 UEFI firmware to this phone, but I don't know where to start. Where to start porting? I think that in begin need transfer device tree from kernel to ACPI but I don't know how it's. Sorry for my bad English 10:15:49
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Tooniis> ^ ping me too if you answer this 11:51:12
24 Jan 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Dyna> Hello! I have a Moto X4, and I would like to port EDK2 to the Moto X4, but I don't know where to start either 18:02:51
28 Jan 2021
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14 Feb 2021
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23 Mar 2021
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18 Apr 2021
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27 Apr 2021
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@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <marokhinmark> since this phone has snapdragon 665 10:30:26
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <marokhinmark> edk2 will be useless on it 10:30:40
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge[D] <marokhinmark> because snapdragons lower than 810 have clocks issue (edited)10:31:07
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <marokhinmark> * because snapdragons lower than 810 have clocks issue (edited) 10:31:18
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <marokhinmark> and emmc and usb won't work 10:31:26
13 May 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Haxk20> Learn ACPI. Thats the first thing to do. Then look at what other people did when they ported some device to it. 23:42:06
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Dyna> Thanks! I'll look into it 23:43:10
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Haxk20> HAHA. SM6125. We (SoMainline) may have some news to share about that SoC later this year. All depends when i can finish the work on it. 23:52:55
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Haxk20> 😉 23:53:06
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Haxk20> That reminds me i have to rebase it 😆 23:53:41
14 May 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <marokhinmark> and when 636? 00:34:40

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