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7 Dec 2018
00:10:26@aaron:raim.istAaron Raimist !quit to @appservice-irc:matrix.org
00:10:49@arunc:matrix.orgaruncI tried it as well, but still no luck
00:11:01@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistDid it respond?
00:11:35@arunc:matrix.orgaruncNo, it did't
00:13:03@aaron:raim.istAaron RaimistThat should disconnect you, maybe just give it a minute
00:13:24@arunc:matrix.orgaruncSure, thanks
00:13:31@arunc:matrix.orgaruncYes, that worked!
00:14:01@arunc:matrix.orgaruncUnfortunately, it's a pain to connect to freenode via riot
00:15:15@arunc:matrix.orgaruncI used it a couple of months ago, it worked fine then. I logged in today, after getting authenticated via !nick, it refused me from joining the room
00:16:10@arunc:matrix.orgaruncThanks anyways!
00:51:01@dice:linuxgaming.lifeDice joined the room.
00:52:43@sed:linuxgaming.lifesed joined the room.
00:55:15@dice:linuxgaming.lifeDice changed their display name from dice to Dice.
00:56:03@sed:linuxgaming.lifesed changed their profile picture.
00:57:52@media:linuxgaming.lifeMedia Bot joined the room.
00:59:11@media:linuxgaming.lifeMedia Bot changed their display name from media to Media Bot.
01:02:38@media:linuxgaming.lifeMedia Bot changed their profile picture.
01:03:16@media:linuxgaming.lifeMedia Bot

MXC URI: mxc://matrix.org/SlcQtMwmIMwDozVPtSVxqTeP

01:05:50@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckoh great, bots also autojoin rooms
01:06:02@swedneck:swedneck.xyz@swedneckthat's getting disabled then :/
01:07:57@tulir:maunium.nettuliroh server-side autojoin?
01:08:19@media:linuxgaming.lifeMedia Bot left the room.
01:08:37@tulir:maunium.nettulir I guess you could just make them leave, it's a one-time autojoin
01:09:17@tulir:maunium.nettulir. o O (tiny matrix client in maubot manager)

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