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28 Oct 2021
@_discord_170284450217721856:t2bot.ioLe_Cacatoès#5057 Anyone else than me here also speak french 11:20:50
@_discord_170284450217721856:t2bot.ioLe_Cacatoès#5057 * Anyone else than me here also speak french ? 11:21:01
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 Le not me 12:50:26
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Le Monsieur Bizard 13:05:44
@_discord_802940475074019348:t2bot.ioMycophile69 bonjour belles personnes! Lol, totally used transate, but I've always wanted to learn french 15:13:40
@_discord_888229271636676669:t2bot.ioPaishoCalypso Good morning 16:31:18
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc https://tenor.com/view/good-morning-dog-hey-there-surprise-gif-13661030 16:49:52
@_discord_888229271636676669:t2bot.ioPaishoCalypso DA FLOOPY EARS Mad Myc 17:22:52
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Anyone here familiar with bitcoin wallets that could answer a few questions for me? 21:46:50
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 Officially single, no place to grow any more, for sure now. Maybe some gourmets after a while but no cubes. 22:01:36
@_discord_720458332510486609:t2bot.ioclaptrap#6176 Damn that's brutal. Do you have a plan? 22:28:08
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 A plan for what? 22:32:06
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 Just back at home with my dad now. It's actually my house but I was living with her. Had to return the favor of emptying out the bank to keep a roof over our heads like he did for me when I was too young to understand what was happening. 22:35:04
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc On to bigger and better things 22:57:21
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 This was supposed to be that thing. 23:18:34
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc I know how that goes. But what you envision when planning goals is almost never how things go. Gotta be flexible to changing and updating your plan. Change is the only constant. 23:56:57
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Sorry for what you are going through. Been there more times than I would like to think about. Hope things get better soon 23:57:36
29 Oct 2021
@_discord_471824123736227841:t2bot.ioeminemsbrother#2968 I loved my life. It wasn't perfect but it feels like it was. 00:29:50
@_discord_835280677569822721:t2bot.ioBizarre Botanicals joined the room.00:34:36
@_discord_480579460978966530:t2bot.ioLVCVC1776 What are you wondering? 00:37:27
@_discord_349714441446752260:t2bot.ioPhDأستاذ القرف changed their profile picture.03:11:10
@_discord_349714441446752260:t2bot.ioPhDأستاذ القرف changed their display name from raisels and cheese cmi#7677 to raisels and cheese cmi.03:11:12
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits joined the room.16:10:18
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits @Administrators 16:12:04
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits it wont let me check the green check 16:12:19
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits I do agree 16:12:24
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc You already got it dude! 16:17:17
@_discord_643633906452529182:t2bot.ioMad Myc Welcome btw 16:17:24
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits thanks! 16:19:29
@_discord_153525152146128896:t2bot.iospiderbits happy to have found this place 16:19:39

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