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25 Nov 2022
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaI am able to login using the flatpak version of fractal13:43:51
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaCan't login with the one in arch repos.13:44:05
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaSo it must be an arch packaging issue, right?13:49:42
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon🇺🇦no, 4.0 is the stable version13:49:58
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaShould I report it there? Is anyone else using it on arch?13:50:02
@shootingstardragon:matrix.orgshootingstardragon🇺🇦5.0 is developing verison13:50:05
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeProbably. Look at the logs.13:50:08
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke marginscuba: I meant probably an arch issue. 13:50:46
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke marginscuba: try journalctl -e 13:50:58
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke shootingstardragon🇺🇦: stop that. The stable version should still work. 13:51:14
@hudder:matrix.orghudderArch might need to update the Fractal package due to a core library (I think openssl or something) updated which caused many packages to be rebuilt13:53:07
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeHa, that might indeed be an issue.13:53:28
@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeI seem to remember somebody tried rebuilding stable with a recent openssl and ran into problems.13:54:01
* @afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke has to go out for an errand.13:54:15
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaCan't find anything obvious on systemd logs13:58:02
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaI'll stick to the flatpak for now until arch fixes the issue.13:58:24
@marginscuba:matrix.orgmarginscubaThank you everyone.13:58:53
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26 Nov 2022
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@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] kcommaille opened merge request !1205: secret: Always use the schema attribute to get secrets

Don't rely on whether the app is sandboxed to guess the keyring backend. Avoids weird behavior when the app is sandboxed but oo7 falls back to the dbus service (because the user gave them access).

Migrate secrets in the file (portal) backend to include the schema attribute, that way we can use a single way to get the items. Note that this migration can be removed when we release the stable version.

Closes #1113+.
Closes #1114+.

@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] kcommaille changed the title of issue #1104 to Memory leak in Fractal Nightly 16:11:19
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] kcommaille merged merge request !1205: secret: Always use the schema attribute to get secrets 16:23:34
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] kcommaille closed issue #1114: Look for an item with all required attributes when searching in the Secret Service 16:23:34
@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] kcommaille closed issue #1113: Nightly removes secret entries that don’t belong to Fractal 16:23:34
@thebacon:matrix.org🥓did that memory leak issue with pasting images in fractal next get fixed? Don't seem to be having the issue on new install 18:07:13

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