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18 Dec 2018
10:30:39@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparberdanigm the problem is that the event is connected to the main_widnow but never removed
10:30:48@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparberoh wait we store the id
10:30:50@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardalso, i may have found a new and exciting bug: i can'
10:30:58@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardt use the left/right keys in the message input
10:31:11@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernarddoes that work for anyone else in master?
10:31:12@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian SparberTobias Bernard not for this release
10:31:21@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardyeah, definitely not
10:31:47@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian SparberTobias Bernard thats related to the Escape issue
10:32:03@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardoh, is it? interesting :D
10:33:13@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparberdanigm we store the id but we never disconnect the event
10:33:28@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparberhttps://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal/blob/master/fractal-gtk/src/widgets/media_viewer.rs#L649-674
10:33:34@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparber^^^ Tobias Bernard look at this
10:33:53@iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparberwe block those keys on the main window
10:34:29* @iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparber really should go now
10:34:38* @iamjsparber:matrix.orgJulian Sparber is closing fractal
10:35:17@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Frankealatiera, what’s the latest hash?
10:37:23@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeIs d135254c0f261a6f7c490047e4752eee78c91b86aaca172b5fff6bb89383cab2 up to date?
10:39:18@alatiera:matrix.orgalatieraAlexandre Franke: https://paste.gnome.org/pxe9vdxe4
10:51:59@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke alatiera, any idea why flatpak update doesn’t give me anything more recent than the December 15th update?
10:54:30@alatiera:matrix.orgalatieraAlexandre Franke: cdn issues probably
10:57:15@alatiera:matrix.orgalatieraAlexandre Franke: what does flatpak remote-info flahtub org.foo.bar say
11:31:36@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] Daniel Garcia Moreno opened merge request media-viewer: disconnect the keypress signal on unmap (!320)
11:45:56@gitlab:t2bot.ioGitlab Notifications [GNOME/fractal] Daniel Garcia Moreno opened issue Use GAction for media_viewer arrow keys and leave full screen (#403)
11:48:50@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Frankealatiera, it says that you mistyped flathub. 😉
11:49:45* @alatiera:matrix.orgalatiera lives for the day where people will understand the suffering that is typing things into a screen and ignore typos
11:50:29@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Frankehttp://paste.debian.net/1056380/
11:51:12@alatiera:matrix.orgalatieraweird indeed
11:51:42@alatiera:matrix.orgalatierado a flatpak list, not just system, everything
12:27:09@m4j0rtwi5t:matrix.orgsuh4s joined the room.

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