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24 Jan 2020
12:18:47@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвDoes fractal do something dns resolv queries except server's name? Or it looks like not stable my internet connection?
12:22:56@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeI don’t know, but someone will probably be able to answer later.
12:23:33@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвOk, thanks. First of all I will check internet connection.
13:53:55@macrox95:matrix.orgMaCroX95what's the roadmap for fractal in upcoming releases?
14:48:50@lecorpsnoir:matrix.orglecorpsnoir joined the room.
16:03:08@gik:bigur.comГеннадий Ковалёв I found problem with my case when messages not sended. Periodicaly Fractals send flood requests to dns server (~50 req per seconds) so after time conntrack tables on home router make full and some connections dropped.

I have ~50 rooms in my client account and 4 domains in search section in /etc/resolv.conf. Fractal floodly tries to resolve wpad host, A record and AAAA record for each search domain. So 4*2 requests per time. And retries this operation every second. May be for every room?

I do not see code, but I think will be better have one place for hosts resolve and cache results.

16:09:38@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeInteresting.
16:09:51@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeI wonder if it’s reqwest that does that.
16:10:13@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke(Reqwest is the rust lib we use for network requests)
16:14:14@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвСнимок экрана от 2020-01-24 19-13-48.png
Снимок экрана от 2020-01-24 19-13-48.png
16:15:54@gik:bigur.comГеннадий Ковалёв I remove search option from /etc/resolv.conf. Now fractal tries to resolve wpad host only for one domain. As you can see in screenshot it tries to resolve very often.
16:16:21@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвWhere is no requests if I shutdown Fractal.
16:19:26@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Franke(Old issue, marked resolved https://github.com/seanmonstar/reqwest/issues/296)
16:20:34@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Frankehttps://github.com/seanmonstar/reqwest/issues/618
16:21:09@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeSo reqwest got DNS caching as a resolution for their #296 but it was disabled last year.
16:21:58@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeThere is recent activity in that issue.
16:22:48@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeOnce they merge their #787 it should be good again.
16:23:39@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre Frankealatiera_afk, how do I check our deps for stable?
16:24:46@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвOk. I can setup local dns server for caching now and wait when it will be resolved.
16:25:41@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeIf you could subscribe to that github issue (#618) and poke us once they fix it so that we don’t forget to rebuild, that would be awesome.
16:25:54@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeI’m gonna watch it as well, but just to make sure it doesn’t slip through…
16:25:57@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвOk, will do it
16:26:27@gik:bigur.comГеннадий КовалёвYep, thank you.
16:34:56@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeAnd thanks for the investigation, that was helpful.
16:38:41@alatiera:matrix.orgalatiera_afk Alexandre Franke cargo install cargo-outdated
16:39:06@alatiera:matrix.orgalatiera_afk and then run cargo outdated -d 1 on the repo I think
16:41:17@afranke:matrix.orgAlexandre FrankeRunning.
18:43:49@aledomu:matrix.orgAlejandro Domínguez Isn't DNS caching enabled by default as a system/distro feature?
19:39:43@ralith:ralith.comRaliththere are lots of ways for an application to do DNS
19:39:49@ralith:ralith.comRalithsome of them will go through the system cache, some won't

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