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26 Oct 2017
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardhttps://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-todo/boards18:49:48
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)okay, lets use gitlab for the main development. I'll maintain the github as a mirror18:50:02
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)https://gitlab.gnome.org/danigm/guillotine18:50:10
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardok, great 👍18:50:28
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)done, with the last commit, only mentions will appears as notifications18:58:44
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernard danigm: i filed an issue where we could brainstorm a new name :D 19:02:17
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardok, sweet19:02:34
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)great19:02:56
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardwriting from guillotine now \o/19:05:41
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardwould you be open to rearranging the channel ui a bit?19:57:57
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardi have some ideas how it could be simplified and brought more in line with other gnome apps19:58:26
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)Yes, I only need a way to do with gtk widgets19:58:56
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardsure, that shouldn't be a problem19:59:16
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old) It's rust, so custom widgets is hard to do currently 19:59:32
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardok, i'll put together some mockups then :)19:59:42
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)Fell free to redesign all the interface20:01:04
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardok, deal :P20:01:51
28 Oct 2017
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardhey, i started working on some mockups11:41:00
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardthere's still a lot of stuff i need to figure out, but this is the general direction i'd like to take11:41:29
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardguillotine-concept.png
Download guillotine-concept.png
@danigm:matrix.orgdanigm (old)That looks great, good work!12:30:49
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardthanks! i'll keep you posted on my progress14:27:54
30 Oct 2017
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernard danigm: i brainstormed some names https://gitlab.gnome.org/danigm/guillotine/issues/1 15:32:51
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias BernardEkrankopio de 2017-10-30 19-49-50.png
Download Ekrankopio de 2017-10-30 19-49-50.png
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernard danigm: i worked a bit on the redesign today 18:53:32
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardi'm thinking about whether having different sections in the sidebar is necessary18:54:03
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardi feel like having 5 different ones like riot is definitely overkill18:54:45
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardbut some way of grouping might be useful, even telegram has "pin to top" now18:55:32
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias BernardEkrankopio de 2017-10-30 19-51-30.png
Download Ekrankopio de 2017-10-30 19-51-30.png
@bertob:matrix.orgTobias Bernardsomething like this could be a lightweight alternative to what riot does18:56:01

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