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27 Jan 2023
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoAh, you teahc at imperial college london?09:21:24
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuoso * Ah, you teach at imperial college london?09:21:29
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoNo, a student. okay09:21:43
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoWas a bit confused about it being part of a course. Are a guest lecturer?09:21:56
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisI guess the Haskell example on the scala wiki ain't bad09:49:40
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie Willis
In reply to @dminuoso:matrix.org
Was a bit confused about it being part of a course. Are a guest lecturer?
I'm a special PhD
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisI'm basically in charge of a unit 09:50:00
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisAnd I should be a lecturer here next year 09:50:15
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoOh I see. The usual exploitation of PhDs.09:50:39
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoBut oh well, it's so common place. :(09:51:01
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisNot exploitation at all!09:51:31
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisI'm given extra time, extra funding and as much individual responsibility as I want09:52:00
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisI'm just keen to maximise on that, given my career desires09:52:16
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisThey also gave me a free teaching PGCert09:52:47
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisIt's a great deal for me09:53:33
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisAlso earlier you were chatting about `try`: in parsley it's funny because it has the regular parsec semantics but try can be used as an optimisation 09:58:54
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisSometimes it speeds the parser up a fair bit09:59:47
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisBecause it unlocks optimisations that assume atomicity of the parse 09:59:48
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@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuoso Jamie Willis: Given the context Im not sure what you mean by atomicity 18:22:26
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoBut Im glad its working out for you, Ive just frequently seen PhD (especially those on 50% positions) being used to do things the institute refuses to hire dedicated personel for18:23:25
@dminuoso:matrix.orgdminuosoThe 50% part is perhaps the biggest joke of it all, because in reality it just reduces the wage, but not the required hours you must put into your research and writing.18:24:26
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisTry makes a parser indivisible 18:29:50
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisYou either consume it all, or none of it18:29:57
@j-mie6:matrix.orgJamie WillisThat unlocks optimisations with factoring out length checks on the reading etc18:30:15
@geekosaur:matrix.orggeekosaurdepends on the use case of the parser, no? many packages use attoparsec to parse network transactions18:30:56
@geekosaur:matrix.orggeekosauroh, hm, yes with try you may lose things like attoparsec's continuations18:36:02
@geekosaur:matrix.orggeekosaur (then again attoparsec doesn't have try, backtracking is wired into it) 18:45:09

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