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25 Jun 2022
@superusername:matrix.orgsuperusernameThe privacy movement I meant 00:25:36
@homeburger:matrix.orgAdamweird. sounds like they thought you were a particular spammer. 🤷00:33:33
@grintea:nltrix.netgrinteamaybe someone that starts with super 🤔00:34:04
@superusername:matrix.orgsuperusernameWeird, doesn't matter there's other rooms 01:27:13
26 Jun 2022
@iru:despera.spaceIru Sensei superusername: that sounds like what a fed spook would say lol 09:36:41
25 Jun 2022
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@steam11:matrix.orgsteam11If I try to download a file from a external ftp storage, it got loaded completely into the memory before the download starts How can I directly download files from an external storage?10:51:17
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@ifiguero:matrix.orgifiguero I don't see why you wouldn't. I imagine the problem is your client 23:31:36
26 Jun 2022
@superusername:matrix.orgsuperusernameIt was available couldn't think of anything else09:38:05
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@zblesk:zble.skzbleskanybody have experience with this ldap ui? https://github.com/dnknth/ldap-ui 12:25:39
@zblesk:zble.skzbleskor maybe from a different direction: any recommendations for a ldap + ui combo that I could just run (in docker) and create a user? 12:43:26
@zblesk:zble.skzbleskI've tried plenty, but I have issues I do not understand with all of them.12:44:05
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@youhavebeenwarned:matrix.orgWarnings Fell on Deaf Ears

What good is self-hosting? How do the billionaires benefit from it? Since, let's face it, the dream of personal freedom is officially dead, that should be the only goal of all human endeavors.

I recently read the EFF's post-Roe v. Wade guidance. Ha! "Turn off your phone." When Republicans outlaw abortion nationwide and take control of Google and Apple, it won't matter a fig since phone power circuits are OS-controlled. They need to be discussing how to halt the EU anti-encryption bill and move companies like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Google, and Apple there, but they are aware that it is already too late for that.

We are defeated. Soon, all remaining rights will be gone. In the US, the UK, the EU, and the rest of the globe. We'll lose our mental privacy when brain implants are made available. When people are forced to install them in order to survive, they will scream, "Why haven't we listened to Edward Snowden?" but it will be too late.

@privateger:matrix.privateger.mePrivateGERI sure do love complete defeatism. 22:21:11

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