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22 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
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05:00:32@towani:matrix.orgtowaniAnyone run a nextcloud instance behind Tor or another protocol to provide some privacy as to the servers location ?
13:43:43@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0tor has a lpt of considerations
13:44:38@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0be careful sharing the address because it provides an attacker a secure front door to play with you
13:45:53@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0also use an obfuscation proxy
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14:16:34@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadatrying to decide if its worth it to selfhost bitwarden if I have to make an account for a premium key anyway
14:16:34@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadathe different plans seam somewhat complicated as well
In reply to @dkanada:plsno.com
trying to decide if its worth it to selfhost bitwarden if I have to make an account for a premium key anyway
14:23:25@dotmavriq:chat.dotmavriq.lifedotmavriqyou need premium for selfhosting?
14:37:55@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaseems like it, they mention that on their help site
14:38:06@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaif you want to use the premium features that is
14:38:32@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaI specifically wanted TOTP storage and password sharing with family members
14:39:06@dkanada:plsno.comdkanada but the second one I'm not sure if you can do without premium or not, they're not clear in this blog post https://blog.bitwarden.com/password-sharing-is-here-organizations-cf9e7a2098d2
14:39:15@ptman:kapsi.fiPauluse bitwarden_rs
14:39:37@ptman:kapsi.fiPaullighter on resources as well
14:39:46@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaRedacted or Malformed Event
14:39:53@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadathe blog also mentions emails to sign in, but is there an option for just usernames?
14:40:05@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulno option for usernames, AFAIK
14:40:45@dkanada:plsno.comdkanadaso even on the selfhosted option I need to sign everyone up through email links?
14:43:06@ptman:kapsi.fiPaulyes, it's very email-centric
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22:50:28@yusf:gottsnack.netyusfPassbolt any good nowadays?
24 Jan 2020
00:21:46@akjones:matrix.orgapoc yusf: haven’t tried it but would recommend Bitwarden
13:48:55@dotmavriq:chat.dotmavriq.lifedotmavriq left the room.
25 Jan 2020
07:50:05@idanoo:matrix.m2.nzidanoo I've been trialing psono recently

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