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28 Mar 2020
19:25:58@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodythe way that VLC uses the term "multicast" here is quite confusing
19:26:29@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyit seems that it just means a many-to-one UDP server
19:26:44@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodywhen I hear multicast I think of IP multicast
19:28:25@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyyes any of the programs you listed are able to do many-to-one streaming
19:29:06@bellum:matrix.orgBellumyou mean one to many?
19:29:41@bellum:matrix.orgBellumone person streams, and it can be viewed by dozens without using all the bandwith of the streamer?
19:30:06@moody:posixcafe.orgmoody"multicast" isn't do any magic to preserve your bandwith
19:30:23@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyif you receive 5 udp requests coming in for content, then your server is sending out 5 udp packets back
19:35:29@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyeach IP packet has one source and one destination
29 Mar 2020
02:13:53@kpxv8f8w4yzkcizl:matrix.kiwifarms.netPilotWhat server do you need to setup torrent proxies between hosts so that I can torrent from device1 using device2s connection?
05:25:32@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyyou can use a vpn
05:25:47@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyI would recommend wireguard
05:33:06@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyit's lot less of a pain to setup the openvpn
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31 Mar 2020
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21:23:43@rexbron:matrix.orgrexbronTried asking this over in #nextcloud and got silence. Anyone have knowledge of using Local external storage and exposing that same directory over SMB?
21:34:34@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyusing Linux/UNIX?
In reply to @moody:posixcafe.org
using Linux/UNIX?
Yep, Debian 10
21:55:34@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyyou should be able to use a mounted directory like any other when configuring smb shares
21:56:07@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyyou might want to mount it as a specific UID however, so the permissions work out nicely
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you should be able to use a mounted directory like any other when configuring smb shares
So, no conflicts with the 'Local' External Storage modules?
21:57:17@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodysorry I think I may have misunderstood your question
21:57:39@moody:posixcafe.orgmoodyI am not very familiar with the owncloud terminology
1 Apr 2020
08:26:39@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0does owncloud integrate storage into its own abstraction layer or something?
In reply to @mntr0:matrix.org
does owncloud integrate storage into its own abstraction layer or something?
It does, hence the need to use an external storage function to add local directories to nextcloud outside of the designated data directory
18:45:33@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0this is what happens when you over complicate the architecture... things become fragile
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3 Apr 2020
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