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#selfhosted : discussion about self hosted or in house applications and services for private cloud and privacy preservation use cases. inspired by /r/selfhosted community on reddit (no official affiliation). 18 Servers

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5 Dec 2018
11:59:05@ptman:matrix.orgPaulyeah, there's more activity in /r/selfhosted
11:59:22@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0mossad has a big hardon for this channel
12:00:24@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0best way to fuck w mossad is to give them what they want and watch it fail. that way mossad punishes its own people for us.
12:00:45@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0they attacked this channel and i let them have it
12:00:57@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0now they regret it
12:01:06@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantair 😞
12:01:08@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0and everybody who matters is still here
12:01:19@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairWell thats what matters :3
12:01:33@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairDoes anyone know of an alternative to reddit?
12:01:38@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairfor self hosting
12:01:53@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairI wish there was an alternative to reddit /w activitypub support
12:02:29@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0inside the israeli government is an abomination. this abomination hides behind the holocaust and commits crimes against humanity in the name of jews and judaism and labels people like me an antisemite nazi.
12:02:41@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0that abomination is why the selfhosted movement exists
12:02:55@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0and we will fuck them
12:03:25@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairI am not really a fan of govts :/
12:03:40@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairI love selfhosted movement or whatever you call it because Im sick of corporates
12:04:00@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0these 2 flags are the arch nemesis if privacy and liberty
12:04:09@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairAnd selfhosting gives me experience with hosting stuff :D
12:04:18@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0so let me know bro what u need help with
12:04:37@regula:sunshinegardens.orgbuoyantairYup sure :3
6 Dec 2018
09:49:43@vadim:vrutkovs.euvrutkovs left the room.
11 Dec 2018
19:20:43@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0anyone wanna help w development of selfhosted openbsd configs for turn key vm appliances?
20:45:03@ahv:matrix.orgahvwhat is turn key?
20:45:33@mntr0:matrix.orgmntr0means works out of box... plug and play
12 Dec 2018
13 Dec 2018
22:31:30@silkevicious:matrix.org@silkevicious:matrix.org set a profile picture.
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