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17 Sep 2019
22:05:43@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11 but like πŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€ that's all that's waiting for me lol
In reply to @absolutezoned:matrix.org
* I mean I'd consider it more if western media pushed stories at anywhere near this level
22:10:25@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyoh well ep8 was a disappointment. I thought for sure their cloth was gone
22:10:35@elenabecker:privacytools.ioπŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€ I mean I fully agree with 0ddba11 . Some stuff are great as a teen. Especially shonen
22:10:47@elenabecker:privacytools.ioπŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€But when growing age you should aquire certain standards
22:11:07@elenabecker:privacytools.ioπŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€And shouldn't try to defend DBZ/Sailor Moon filler episodes
22:13:20@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11oh yeah agree with that, at a certain point you can't afford to be throwing hours at shit no one wanted to make anyway, gotta get your story fix in a more refined, concentrated form
22:15:43@elenabecker:privacytools.ioπŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€
In reply to @elenabecker:privacytools.io
But when growing age you should aquire certain standards
Sometimes I really ask myself what I'm thinking when I'm writing stuff. It's like I dunno how to write english.
22:15:51@elenabecker:privacytools.ioπŸŽ€ Airi πŸŽ€...when growing age...
22:17:27@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11lol do it all the time, personally I feel like it gets fixed in the buffer on the cpu so it gets acknowledged, but sometimes (often) the correction just doesn't make it out to the teletype in time XD
22:39:00@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_inkanyone here read the bakemonogati manga?
22:39:19@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_inkthe art is just
22:40:36@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdythe manga?
22:40:41@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyhmm got to check it out
22:41:19@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_inkit just started being sold here in Brazil
22:41:28@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_inksaw it at the store and bought it on a whim
22:41:38@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_ink * saw it at the store and bought it on a whim
22:53:30@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdymonogatari is probably my top 1 series
22:59:42@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy Dezponia: it was the famous scene! I'm excited right now
22:59:54@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyhell it looks good
23:11:25@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyI'm calling it BS, she couldn't possibly have enough strenth for that
23:38:28@ueita:matrix.orgueitāpretty sure an orthodox christian shouldn't be looking at hentai
23:50:48@absolutezoned:matrix.orghypothesisWhat about an unorthodox one?
23:53:32@longingcrow:matrix.orglongingcrow joined the room.
18 Sep 2019
00:18:29@paracosm_ink:matrix.orgparacosm_inkodd question maybe, but does anyone here wanna play Resident Evil 5 or 6 coop?
01:32:54@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdytejina senpai is really fun

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