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A place for discussing all things Anime and Manga! Fans of Korean Aeni, Manhwa and Chinease Donghua, Manhua are also welcome! This room is actively moderated, be mature and respectful. Room avatar is from Pepper&Carrot [https://peppercarrot.com] by David Revoy, it has been cropped and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode]7 Servers

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18 Dec 2018
19:09:39@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy now I'm more impressed
19:13:33@replikvlt:matrix.orgCompact Yumuu 🔰Btw
19:13:39@replikvlt:matrix.orgCompact Yumuu 🔰Are u from chine?
19:16:41@replikvlt:matrix.orgCompact Yumuu 🔰Wow
19:24:55@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyaha, my home computer is still online
19:25:39* @tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy tunneled his home(dorm) computer to his server so he has all the anime to watch.
19:25:47@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcwith home computer online you're always at home :)
19:27:28@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilc btw, tleydxdy, did you tried cjdns, tinc or wireguard? are your golden shield blocking them?
19:27:40@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyoh! slime day
19:28:03@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcwas yesterday >_<
19:28:28@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy I don't remember, but I used a custom protocol to cross the wall
19:29:46@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcI mean, all mentioned tools are very convenient to build distributed mesh nets. if you have several spatially distributed hosts, you can organize transparent access to all your hosts.
19:30:50@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyyeah, but my home computer is only behind NAT, so just plain old ssh works fine.
19:31:49@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdytrivia, say is not blocked by gfw. just sometimes the connection gets cut for a few hours
19:31:58@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcah, yes. it has to be at least one white ip to which all others will connect. in general the more white ips the better. :\
19:38:00@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilc do you know you can set up transparent tunnel with tun0 device via ssh connection? with ssh options Tunnel and TunnelDevice
19:38:31@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcif you do exactly so, I'm sorry… %) :)
19:38:44@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy that's new
19:39:19@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdydoes autossh also works with that?
19:40:53@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilchm… unfortunatelly, I've never used autossh %)
19:41:00@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcbut I gess so
19:41:46@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy I'll try that out later
19:42:12* @tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdy thinks the bot need a reminder function now
19:42:56@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilc did you asked your bot? maybe it's not that he really need.
19:43:09@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcshe? it? :)
19:44:05@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyit probably need to be agpled more than anything
19:45:04@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcthis is inner desire of all bots =)

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