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A place for discussing all things Anime and Manga! Fans of Korean Aeni, Manhwa and Chinease Donghua, Manhua are also welcome! This room is actively moderated, be mature and respectful. Room avatar is from Pepper&Carrot [https://peppercarrot.com] by David Revoy, it has been cropped and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. [https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode]11 Servers

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17 Feb 2019
11:42:53@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilchmmm… interesting… new Riot don't downloads attaches itself, but requires to use default browser… :-\ or maybe I set it up wrong?
12:15:11@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaYeahm, thats an odd change in behavior. Maybe security related? Or just for consistency with other apps?
12:33:19@Vulphere:matrix.orgBotphere in the Matrix 🤔
12:53:11@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaLooks like matrix/Riot somewhere along the way got better support for transparancy in avatar/room logos. Might have to make use of that
15:46:08@yin:matrix.orgYin <銀> Botphere in the Matrix: Nice desktop :)
16:01:53@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdymore system should use guix
16:02:13@yin:matrix.orgYin <銀>and why's that?
16:02:50@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyit's more elegant than flatpak/whatever
16:03:09@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyand gives users more control
16:03:24@yin:matrix.orgYin <銀>has anyone done nixOS?
16:04:57@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyI think the essence of nix and guix are the same
16:05:36@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyjust that guix is in scheme?
16:07:10@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdypiano no mori!
21:22:48@desttinghim:matrix.orgdesttinghimNix focuses specifically on functional package management, whereas guix is functional package management + scheme as entire system scripting language + libre
21:25:11@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyI agree
18 Feb 2019
15:38:24@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcif I remember well, she's pointing at Sakuta in that manner in the the hotel scene, when she was going to go to the shower.
15:39:25@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyshe's so CUTE!!
15:43:10@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcTomoe is CUTIER! :-P
16:35:00@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyslime time
16:38:07@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyhe(it?) has done it!
16:39:06@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcI'm intrigued. =) but my slime-time :) will be in about an hour…
16:39:32@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdythat's fine, it can wait
16:40:15@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcI hope so =)
17:01:06@tleydxdy:mt.tlebear.wintleydxdyotaku everywhere, lol
17:54:14@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilc yesssss… slime time! =)
18:55:46@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaOh right. Got home and first now did I recall that Slime has a new episode :P
18:58:48@brujo:linuxbrujo.netgimbrilcwelcome to the club of late slime watchers :-P

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