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2 Nov 2019
13:39:35@bagelbangles:matrix.orgbagelbangles joined the room.
17:47:14@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseDo any of you know how I run Linux Blender on Manjaro with primusrun or optirun for Nvidia Bublebee driver?
18:07:57@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostim on manjaro, but i dont use either of those hybrid drivers
18:08:03@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostwhat does it do when you try to just run blender?
18:09:10@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostalso since that is more of a linux drivers problem you might get better help in #manjaro:matrix.org
4 Nov 2019
17:54:47@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate changed their profile picture.
19:01:23@citizen0:matrix.orgCitizen0 joined the room.
5 Nov 2019
17:14:15@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle Noisearmchair_wood.jpg
17:15:23@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseMy first arch asset with Cycles, it's simple but good to learn how to use Blender for modeling and materials - Critice are welcome.
17:15:53@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghosti need to learn furniture sometime soon
17:16:49@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostjust have to round all those sharp edges and all :-P
17:17:20@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostcushion looks real good but could look less hard i guess
17:17:48@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseI take a bavel modifier on every wood peace of the model but only 5 mm, it's the same at the original: https://youtu.be/vb8pwVBFY4g
6 Nov 2019
09:55:35@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseI have a strange issue: The Cycles render works but only one mesh are gray, this mean internal (preview) render are the material show but in Cycles only one mesh don't render. Other meshes with the same material are rendered correctly - I'm confused.
09:56:52@vincentgires:matrix.orgvincentgiresmaybe a normal face issue?
09:59:57@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseMmmmhh ok and how I can fix this? (yes I google it 😁)
10:01:32@vincentgires:matrix.orgvincentgiresyou have the "recalculate normals" operator (shift+n), it could help sometimes
10:01:41@vincentgires:matrix.orgvincentgiresavailable in edit mode
10:06:31@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseSorry nope, this don't work and the issue goes one ☚ī¸
10:08:00@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle NoiseIts a Cycle specific problem, in Eevee works.
10:08:01@vincentgires:matrix.orgvincentgiresah, too bad, hard to tell without a scene
10:09:03@knuckle_noise:matrix.orgKnuckle Noise vincentgires: I understand no prob. maybe I create it new and I learn....
17:56:31@paperdigits:matrix.orgmica joined the room.
17:58:56@paperdigits:matrix.orgmica Hi! I run the libre graphics track at the SCaLE conference and I'd love to have a blender talk this year! Please hit me up or submit if you'd like to give a talk! https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/18x/cfp
11 Nov 2019
03:55:24@axelp:matrix.orgaxelp joined the room.
12 Nov 2019
01:47:53@axelp:matrix.orgaxelp set a profile picture.
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13 Nov 2019
12:55:22@tsahyt:tsahyt.comtsahyt joined the room.

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