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25 Nov 2018
06:20:20@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostdo you have a nice grassy field to display it in?
06:20:33@zero-ghost:matrix.orgzero-ghostmy preference :-p
26 Nov 2018
01:33:17@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)never done grass tbh
01:33:36@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)BTW, JigmeDatse the whole stream is up now
02:46:03@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseOh nice.
28 Nov 2018
19:21:01@fdkmsumba:matrix.orgfdkmsumba joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
2 Dec 2018
19:49:32@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidis changed their profile picture.
3 Dec 2018
05:20:07@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)So I grabbed the 2.8 beta and decided to try and make something in eevee that I didn't feel warrented the render time in cycles...
05:20:21@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)m.video Event
05:37:44@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseIs that the "realtime" renderer?
05:38:36@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)its made with eevee, but I would say the the "realtime" factor goes down in the final render
05:39:07@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)its certainly much faster than cycles and could probably be tuned to be faster than my renders were, but final render was about 1 sec/frame
05:39:51@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)I could view it in the viewport in realtime however, so that was realtime
05:42:10@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseI'll have to play with that. But I think I'm still at 2.79 or whatever...
4 Dec 2018
18:32:05@morkowitz:matrix.org@morkowitz:matrix.org joined the room.
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6 Dec 2018
09:45:10@io____:matrix.orgio____hallo what is the proper format to render png tga dds textures to be able to import them as image sequence? Jpg works fine but png and dds turn out purple and with a weird alpha as if the channels were skewed
13:07:58@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisdid you try fist to render png without alpha channel and zero out the compression factor ?
13:09:09@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidishow did you manage it to render dds inblender :D ?
13:11:04@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisah dds is not really supported from blender (now I got that you were trying to do the inverse)
13:11:47@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisbtw from vvvv I had never problem importing png's
13:11:58@io____:matrix.orgio____yes I am importing dds or pngs from another proggram
13:13:06@io____:matrix.orgio____ me neither, if you are following along in #vvvv:matrix.org there are some weird things going on even on the OS level, like previews in Explorer look different than the image itself
13:15:48@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisare you using Write (NRT) ?
13:17:10@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisusually I have problem with the samples, by default are 32, you may need only 1
13:22:40@io____:matrix.orgio____nop I am using the contrib REadback but the normal Writer (DX11 texture 2d) has the same issue
9 Dec 2018
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