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2 Apr 2020
13:24:44@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyRedacted or Malformed Event
In reply to @flywater:privacytools.io
hi, is there any way to add different files in timeline and keep the original width & height ratio of each file?
I don't think so. You can select all the added files and use alt+left-click to check the Offset checkbox and it would check it in all the selected strips.
13:26:06@flywater:privacytools.ioflywaterAndy i test what you said, and indeed can't do that
13:27:39@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyThe alt+left-click thing?
13:27:44@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyThat's odd
13:30:23@flywater:privacytools.ioflywatercan't add multiple files at the same time
13:31:08@flywater:privacytools.ioflywaterand yes, check offset will keep the original ratio but can't scale it to display the whole
13:32:34@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyAh, right
13:33:40@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndy I use the VSE transform tools to resize and move strips in the canvas.
13:34:31@flywater:privacytools.ioflywateri prefer to use other softwares like olive
13:35:04@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyI haven't tried Olive yet
13:35:09@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyIs it stable?
13:36:12@flywater:privacytools.ioflywaterstable on linux i think
13:37:53@flywater:privacytools.ioflywaterbut olive is being rewrite to be fully node based editor
13:40:10@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyYes, I read about that on the Libre Graphics blog
13:40:30@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyAnother interesting project is enve
13:41:06@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyIt still has a long road ahead, but I'll keep an eye on it.
13:43:02@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyOhh, apparently is a bug and it was fixed recently: https://developer.blender.org/D6986 I guess it'll land on 2.83 or in experimental right now (I'll see if it's already available)
13:45:09@flywater:privacytools.ioflywater2.83 will be the first LTS version
13:55:50@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyIn the experimental build, Shift+A->Movie allows you to add multiple video files 😄
13:55:58@AndresCuccaro:matrix.orgAndyBut Drag & Drop multiple videos doesn't work yet. I'll poke some dev to see if it can be fixed or is it too late.
4 Apr 2020
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5 Apr 2020
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6 Apr 2020
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7 Apr 2020
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8 Apr 2020
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19:17:02@skrat:matrix.orgskrat is there any way to get list of objects/meshes that were imported using import_scene operator?
9 Apr 2020
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