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20 Nov 2021
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21 Nov 2021
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@headphonejack:matrix.orgheadphonejack What I am doing wrong here: I have a single-bone-armature to which an object is bone-relative-parented. The bone/armature is rotated in relation to the world coordinates. In pose mode I insert a keyframe, advance 100 frames, move the bone along its own Y-axis and again insert a keyframe. But what is recorded are the bones coordinates in relation to world coordinates, which makes it very difficult to use modifiers to for exampe the Y-axis graph to move the bone along its own Y-axis. Any solution for that? 05:12:37
@jutango:matrix.orgTaiseiButsuDid you tried using constraints instead of modifiers, uf you want to transform that locally you can use that and drivers 17:10:02
@jutango:matrix.orgTaiseiButsuI did not understand completely your message. Can you show some screens hots of the modifiers you want to use17:11:29
22 Nov 2021
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23 Nov 2021
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24 Nov 2021
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25 Nov 2021
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26 Nov 2021
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27 Nov 2021
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28 Nov 2021
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29 Nov 2021
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