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25 Sep 2022
Download 2022-09-25-172313_492x524_scrot.png
Download 2022-09-25-172106_267x124_scrot.png
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 does this mean the vcpkg version of this library comes with the extra modules? I want the extra modules. then I can just use sbt-vcpkg like in your examples? 20:58:10
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 well then I don't know/don't have the energy to find out why it's doing what it's doing 20:58:11
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 doing what? 😂 20:58:13
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 it's not doing anything, it's just working 20:58:14
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 why vcpkg is doing so much 20:58:14
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 we're talking past each other 🙂 20:58:15
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 ah yeah that idk 20:58:15
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 to use sbt-vcpkg do I have to have vcpkg installed globally or something like that? 20:58:15
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 I look at vcpkg ports and I"m like wtf is going on 20:58:16
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 no 🙂 20:58:16
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 brew formulas seem easy in comparison 20:58:17
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 it will bootstrap itself (if the weather/moon phase is right) 20:58:17
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 have you also managed to use musl? 20:58:17
Download 2022-09-25-172707_1647x350_scrot.png
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 what about this? 20:58:18
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 ok, too many questions 20:58:19
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 yeah looking at git blame 20:58:19
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 the brew s2n install steps were setup 13 months ago and haven't changed 20:58:19
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 I thought I had seen a picture that showed sbt-vcpkg being used in practice to statically link something 21:00:07
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 I can't find it now 21:00:09
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 I am amazed 23:26:17
@_discord_273057740820316181:t2bot.ioBaccata#0257 btw armanbilge, kubukoz is raising this, thanks to your hard work ! https://github.com/disneystreaming/smithy4s/pull/470/files

I think this PR would be enough to have a DynamoDB client running on SN (probably with bugs). I'ma try and allocate a little bit of time to go back to the AWS-related-module on Smithy4s and fill some gaps
26 Sep 2022
@_discord_273057740820316181:t2bot.ioBaccata#0257 build times aren't happy though :

[info] [http4sNative3] compiling 3 Scala sources to /home/runner/work/smithy4s/smithy4s/modules/http4s/target/ce3-native-3/test-classes ...
[info] [http4sNative3] done compiling
[info] [http4sNative3] Linking (7104 ms)
[info] [http4sNative3] Discovered 7121 classes and 46631 methods
[info] [http4sNative3] Optimizing (debug mode) (12158 ms)
[info] [http4sNative3] Generating intermediate code (32305 ms)
[info] [http4sNative3] Produced 2 files
[info] [http4sNative3] Compiling to native code (147768 ms)
[info] [http4sNative3] Linking native code (immix gc, none lto) (876 ms)
[info] [http4sNative3] Total (200242 ms)
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 https://github.com/fiatjaf/poncho/actions/runs/3124238108/jobs/5067409424 00:19:59
@_discord_254357069769998338:t2bot.iokubukoz#8644 joined the room.00:23:22
@_discord_254357069769998338:t2bot.iokubukoz#8644 somewhere out there, a Nix user is crying because of this 00:23:22
@_discord_254357069769998338:t2bot.iokubukoz#8644 unless it goes to ./target 00:23:35
@_discord_149520872317779968:t2bot.iofiatjaf#8482 I was amazed because it worked on my machine wonderfully, but it doesn't work on github actions for some reason and I am amazed at the size of these verbose logs 00:44:32

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