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25 May 2023
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 I'm now writing a polling sort of queue processor backed by write-ahead log maintained in sqlite.

It's absolutely shit and will probably degrade, but once I make some sequence diagrams I plan to ask for community to tell me exactly how broken it is 😄
need to handle a lot of database is locked errors..
are you getting this with porcupine?
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 Yeah 20:41:56
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 huh, I tried to add some mutexes to protect against that 20:42:03
java.lang.RuntimeException: database is locked
        at java.lang.StackTrace$.currentStackTrace$$anonfun$1(Unknown Source)
        at java.lang.StackTrace$$$Lambda$2.applyVoid(Unknown Source)
        at delay @ porcupine.DatabasePlatform$$anon$1.prepare$$anonfun$2(Unknown Source)
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 oh so you saw that as well 20:42:23
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 no I haven't, I just read about how it works and added the mutexes 😛 20:42:39
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 well actually your mutexes won't help - I trigger that by running sqlite3 CLI while the worker is polling the DB.. 20:42:47
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 ooooh 20:42:59
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 I was kinda hoping I wouldn't have to go this fine grained with exception handling, but I guess it's just not magic 20:43:27
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 you mean checking for that exception? 20:43:58
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 I was lazy in porcupine, it can definitely be spruced up a bit 20:44:12
you mean checking for that exception?
Yeah, but I think this has to be done in userland - you can't recover from that really, your options are to forget or to retry
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 so I think porcupine should surface that 20:45:00
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 right, I meant I didn't even add a specific exception class 🙂 20:45:18
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 I agree 20:45:19
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 ah
yeah I guess if you can detect it by error code that'd be better - at this point I'm just ignoring all errors but they can be schema mismatch as well..
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 oh yeah, that's a good idea 🤔 20:46:16
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 let me write an issue 20:46:24
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 thx! 20:48:43
@_discord_845013677816021083:t2bot.ioarmanbilge#6192 oh, I should also switch it to twiddles probably 20:49:53
26 May 2023
Download Screenshot_20230526-124318.png
@_discord_154558903290560512:t2bot.ioJD557#8432 Where can I get the director's cut? 😜 10:44:17
@_discord_154558903290560512:t2bot.ioJD557#8432 * Where can I get the dx version? 😜 10:46:00
@_discord_734849617820254331:t2bot.iovelvetbaldmime#6377 seems like Wojciech open sourced the lambda talk slides and code: https://github.com/WojciechMazur/ScalaNative-SAM-examples 10:50:02
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@_discord_635070462979997696:t2bot.iodiesalbla#3778 Hi! Does Natsu Kagami participate in this or other forum?
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