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This is a room about all things cryptocurrency related, except for the price. We believe that the current atmosphere of the cryptocurrency world has been poisoned by speculation, and it is drowning out discussion of true technological innovation. Rules: 1. Be excellent to each other. 2. No price or market talk (this includes amounts). 3. No talk about mining hardware, other than theoretical/high level discussion. 4. No links to other Telegram groups without prior approval. 5. Politics, Religion, and Race are strictly off topic. Mention them, and risk a ban. 6. No referral links. No URL shorteners. No exceptions. 7. Be tasteful. This encompasses comments and memes that are inherently divisive. 8. Satoshi can, at any time, reveal themself with a cryptographic signature. Speculation on their identity without this signature should remain light. 19 Servers

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21 May 2020
20:07:49@neoflux:matrix.org@neoflux invited @2020wp:2020wp.modular.im2020wp.
20 May 2020
20:59:20@telegram_159999338:t2bot.ioMichael Epand each time he insisted this system is the better bitcoin
22 May 2020
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10:49:20@telegram_1110483556:t2bot.ioAvery M.Redacted or Malformed Event
10:49:18@telegram_1110483556:t2bot.ioAvery M.Redacted or Malformed Event
10:49:19@telegram_1110483556:t2bot.ioAvery M.Redacted or Malformed Event
17:45:40@needmoney90:privacytools.ioneedmoney90banned@neoflux:matrix.org@neoflux .
17:45:57@needmoney90:privacytools.ioneedmoney90banned@telegram_1110483556:t2bot.ioAvery M..
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24 May 2020
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25 May 2020
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15:29:45@telegram_83553421:t2bot.ioJ̭̞͕̺̞͛̏o͙̝̪͔ͥͪͮḧ̼͚̓͋̎͒̐̈́n̷̜̯͎͌ Forwarded message from Hacker News
A Field Guide to zkSNARKs Part I: A Primer on Computation
Article, Comments
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17:51:27@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo GoodmanWhat is the best monero light wallet?
17:52:00@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo Goodman @Needmoney90
18:01:59@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo Goodman
In reply to @michelle:privacytools.io
The LN is not designed to hold large ammounts
18:06:13@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo Goodman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFygmloTMAo
In reply to Theo Goodman
What is the best monero light wallet?
18:07:22@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo Goodmancool, ill check it out
18:07:26@telegram_82516820:t2bot.ioTheo Goodmandoes it support tor?
18:07:53@telegram_83553421:t2bot.ioJ̭̞͕̺̞͛̏o͙̝̪͔ͥͪͮḧ̼͚̓͋̎͒̐̈́n̷̜̯͎͌m.video Event
26 May 2020
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25 May 2020
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