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17 Sep 2019
In reply to ‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‌‎‌‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎‌‌‎
it's a privacy disaster to encourage address reuse
yes, WP outlines privacy roadmap
In reply to Herman
yes, WP outlines privacy roadmap
Someone else asked about that lol
02:18:51@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationI asked about how the protocol is able to determine whether I double spent or not
02:19:05@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationSince it apparently does not need any address / sender data
02:19:39@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationSeems like it’s “scaling” by increasing the barrier to actually use the protocol. Which is a backdoor, convoluted way to do so
02:20:32@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationBut not even ^ because you said only 1 TX per block (and in mempool), which makes me wonder what would stop someone from sending a diff TX to multiple nodes (with known connections)
02:21:12@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanYou're clearly not familiar with protocol, yet have conclusive opinions on it 🤔
02:21:47@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanaccounts send transactions (called operations) to other accounts.. accounts are addressed by a number
02:22:11@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanevery time an account authors an operation, a field inside the account is incremented, called n_operation
02:22:30@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermana double-spend is detected by two different transactions using same n_operation
02:23:17@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationWhat you explained is incomplete
02:23:46@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationBitcoin is UTXO. Ethereum is state-based. They both have two diff means of accounting for whether someone is double spending
02:23:59@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanPascal is state-based
In reply to Herman
a double-spend is detected by two different transactions using same n_operation
What you described sounds somewhat like a combination, but not really.

“n_operation” doesn’t really tell us anything.

Are the coins non-fungible? If so, we’re getting somewhere.

If not, can you explain what “n_operation” means?
02:25:02@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationPerfect. So the entire state is stored then ...
02:25:10@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermann_op is a counter incremented everytime an account authors an operation
02:25:20@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationThe nonce. I hear you
02:25:23@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationMaking sense now
02:25:24@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanthe state of accounts is stored in the SafeBox
02:25:46@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanIt's not a "nonce" per say, it's a counter
02:25:56@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationI see.
02:26:20@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationSo how does one join the network w an account? Since there is a payment required
02:27:21@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationAre the contents of the safebox known?
02:28:29@telegram_461061135:t2bot.ioCryptoMedicationI see. I’m assuming all account segments are SHA256 hashed?
02:29:59@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanyes in version 5 the SafeBox Hash is the merkle-root of the account segment hashes
02:30:21@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanaccount segment hashes is a rolling hash of account hashes (should be merkle-root too, but not designed that way)
02:32:41@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHermanversion 6 the size of account segments will be dynamic, currently fixed at 5
02:39:23@telegram_110167989:t2bot.ioHerman https://www.pascalcoin.org/storage/whitepapers/PascalWhitePaperV5.pdf

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