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This is a room about all things cryptocurrency related, except for the price. We believe that the current atmosphere of the cryptocurrency world has been poisoned by speculation, and it is drowning out discussion of true technological innovation. Rules: 1. Be excellent to each other. 2. No price or market talk (this includes amounts). 3. No talk about mining hardware, other than theoretical/high level discussion. 4. No links to other Telegram groups without prior approval. 5. Politics, Religion, and Race are strictly off topic. Mention them, and risk a ban. 6. No referral links. No URL shorteners. No exceptions. 7. Be tasteful. This encompasses comments and memes that are inherently divisive. 8. Satoshi can, at any time, reveal themself with a cryptographic signature. Speculation on their identity without this signature should remain light. 18 Servers

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15 Jan 2020
16:13:16@telegram_616287469:t2bot.ioAudrey Hepburn
In reply to Michael Ep
yeah even craig and calvin said such 2 years ago, but changed the narrative to suite the ongoing court case. and all the dumb followers blindly sing along to the song, not aware of any cognitive dissonances
No, that's just stupid anarchist thinking.
16:14:06@telegram_159999338:t2bot.ioMichael Epit's not (just) about being "anarchist", it's just a structure of resilience
16:14:17@telegram_159999338:t2bot.ioMichael Ep
In reply to Reuben Zcoin $XZC
Do you think mobile mining is really a thing given that it will likely burn your phone down faster
16:16:44@telegram_25523007:t2bot.ioReuben Zcoin $XZC
In reply to 김민지
Because in the event of actual adoption, ASIC spam will make generating the POW on things like mobile phones infeasible
That's why I wonder why mobile mining is even considered a thing
16:17:03@telegram_25523007:t2bot.ioReuben Zcoin $XZCi don't see how an algorithm can be designed to make phones the 'ASIC'
16:18:41@telegram_159999338:t2bot.ioMichael Epi don't think "mining" is the correct word for spam prevention
16:23:12@telegram_616287469:t2bot.ioAudrey Hepburn
In reply to Michael Ep
it's not (just) about being "anarchist", it's just a structure of resilience
Resilience against black market coins being seized?
16:23:57@telegram_159999338:t2bot.ioMichael Epfrom whom, by whom, and how
In reply to Reuben Zcoin $XZC
Do you think mobile mining is really a thing given that it will likely burn your phone down faster
What's the typical lifespan of a phone these days? Two/three years with original owner, and then a secondary market?
16:26:53@telegram_514336554:t2bot.iomidipoetSome people upgrade every year regardless
16:26:54@telegram_25523007:t2bot.ioReuben Zcoin $XZCyeah think that sounds right
16 Jan 2020
19:13:03@telegram_969789225:t2bot.ioSean Higher xll joined the room.
17 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
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In reply to Shah AbđűaxX Mäň
No thank you ma'm
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19 Jan 2020
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