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This is a room about all things cryptocurrency related, except for the price. We believe that the current atmosphere of the cryptocurrency world has been poisoned by speculation, and it is drowning out discussion of true technological innovation. Rules: 1. Be excellent to each other. 2. No price or market talk (this includes amounts). 3. No talk about mining hardware, other than theoretical/high level discussion. 4. No links to other Telegram groups without prior approval. 5. Politics, Religion, and Race are strictly off topic. Mention them, and risk a ban. 6. No referral links. No URL shorteners. No exceptions. 7. Be tasteful. This encompasses comments and memes that are inherently divisive. 8. Satoshi can, at any time, reveal themself with a cryptographic signature. Speculation on their identity without this signature should remain light. 79 Servers

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30 May 2023
@pleo:matrix.orgPleoFor regalular use yeah keep some btc. Plus its good value21:19:06
@pleo:matrix.orgPleoAs in its stabile imo21:19:40
In reply to @mlcboss:matrix.org
no i can't
If yiu didnt attach identity to your BTC purchase your good to start but of course dont add it later or then its attached..๐Ÿ˜‰
@pleo:matrix.orgPleo* If you didnt attach your real identity to your BTC purchase ,your good to start. Of course dont add it later or then its attached..๐Ÿ˜‰21:22:13
@pleo:matrix.orgPleoTo the whole wallet 21:22:36
@pleo:matrix.orgPleo* To the whole wallet address21:23:10
@pleo:matrix.orgPleoThis is not financial advice ๐Ÿ˜21:25:40
31 May 2023
@h8brk:matrix.orgh8brkShould also use a VPN or TOR, otherwise you can be linked to other online activity collected by hundreds of data brokers.16:09:17
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@pleo:matrix.orgPleo h8brk: I agree, protect the home IP address especially, anytime theres something important being done 19:19:39
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1 Jun 2023
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791 joined the room.03:29:35
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791anyone real here?03:29:47
@tommyzjones2020:matrix.orgtommyzjones2020Hey bro what's up 04:11:54
In reply to @psgr7791:matrix.org
anyone real here?
Here bro
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791If I buy bitcoin or ethereum from trading, if it's been used in flagged transactions before, does that mean I can never use it on an exchange?04:28:10
@kimapr:tchncs.dekimapryou can try but your likely to get in trouble and never see your dirty coins again06:54:08
@pleo:matrix.orgPleo tommyzjones2020: triggered๐Ÿค– 09:47:06
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791So do people care about that when trading coins?09:48:57
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791There are a lot of wallets and online exchanges and decentralized exchanges.09:49:16
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791If I get "dirty" coins, not doing illegal things but through trade, and then try to sell them there, will they say my coins are dirty?09:49:47
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791 * I guess it's okay.10:12:09
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791 * nevermind10:16:24
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791 * nevermind10:16:34
@mantiuska:matrix.orgmantiuskaOn my way.13:02:48
@psgr7791:matrix.orgpsgr7791to where?14:31:13

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