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This is a room about all things cryptocurrency related, except for the price. We believe that the current atmosphere of the cryptocurrency world has been poisoned by speculation, and it is drowning out discussion of true technological innovation. Rules: 1. Be excellent to each other. 2. No price or market talk (this includes amounts). 3. No talk about mining hardware, other than theoretical/high level discussion. 4. No links to other Telegram groups without prior approval. 5. Politics, Religion, and Race are strictly off topic. Mention them, and risk a ban. 6. No referral links. No URL shorteners. No exceptions. 7. Be tasteful. This encompasses comments and memes that are inherently divisive. 8. Satoshi can, at any time, reveal themself with a cryptographic signature. Speculation on their identity without this signature should remain light. 55 Servers

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16 Apr 2021
@telegram_44526268:t2bot.ioGuy CoremYesterday Beam had 4,690 Kernels (TXs), 14,494 Inputs (some of them are previous decoy Outputs) and 15,331 Outputs (some of them are decoys)01:11:43
@telegram_399911872:t2bot.ioJohn Davies
In reply to Katie Charm (will never dm you)
Wait, are the decoy transactions free? They're not real transactions paid with real network tx fees are they? I want to learn more about this and how this works.
Decoys aren't txs they're outputs apart of txs. They don't inflate the tx count just the utxo count
@telegram_399911872:t2bot.ioJohn DaviesOops. Should've read02:07:40
@telegram_44526268:t2bot.ioGuy Corem
In reply to John Davies
Decoys aren't txs they're outputs apart of txs. They don't inflate the tx count just the utxo count
And this is also temporary since they are later becomes inputs and can be cut-through
@telegram_399911872:t2bot.ioJohn DaviesYeah, but just saying on the block explorer they can inflate the utxo number but not tx count02:09:49
@telegram_44526268:t2bot.ioGuy CoremSure02:10:02
@telegram_399911872:t2bot.ioJohn DaviesI was going to say in mw you count kernels but technically you could have txs without them02:16:28
@telegram_44526268:t2bot.ioGuy Coremalso true. You can create a trustless CoinJoin server that will create one Kernel out of many many TXs02:18:27
@telegram_44526268:t2bot.ioGuy Corembut currently in Beam and Grin, one Kernel means one TX02:19:18
@telegram_399911872:t2bot.ioJohn DaviesSomeone is doing weird shit on grin with either API magic or custom code. Like hundred output txs and all kinds of stuff that don't necessarily mean exchanges, although it's probably exchanges02:30:21
@telegram_940270743:t2bot.io𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔬𝔩𝔦𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔬𝔭𝔭𝔢⁽⁶'⁰"⁾⁽ᵃᶜᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵇᵃˢˢ⁾ changed their profile picture.12:45:31
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@fawhu4ed:privacytools.iofawhu4edRedacted or Malformed Event21:47:13
@fawhu4ed:privacytools.iofawhu4edWhat is that?22:05:38
@telegram_297094351:t2bot.ioKatie Charm (will never dm you)This. You're in it. You're not allowed to discuss prices or investment advice here. Just technology.22:06:09
@telegram_297094351:t2bot.ioKatie Charm (will never dm you)I recommend you delete your message before the admin bans you.22:06:18
@fawhu4ed:privacytools.iofawhu4edjannies will be jannies22:35:08
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17 Apr 2021
@needmoney90:privacytools.ioneedmoney90 banned @fawhu4ed:privacytools.iofawhu4ed (Read the rules #JustJannieThings).00:01:03
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18 Apr 2021
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