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1 Sep 2018
@select:matrix.orgselectMy current thought is to create private channels where you can join invite only and then send the media and timing information.18:22:19
@select:matrix.orgselect For this I'm also working on integrating the olm encryption module of matrix 18:23:13
2 Sep 2018
@select:matrix.orgselect On second thought you might mean something different didiergrimonprez you could simply use the share option on the bottom of the playlist and create a link and send this to your friend 20:57:24
@select:matrix.orgselectthe playlist will then be imported on his/her audius instance20:57:44
@select:matrix.orgselectI should really make some tutorial videos, but I'm not very good at speaking for a minute without making any mistakes XD20:59:16
@select:matrix.orgselectBut with the things said above I'm also woking on making personal messaging possible. However I'm not clear yet how this works in matrix, do I just have to create a new room and invite the other person to this room?21:01:48
@didiergrimonprez:matrix.orgdidiergrimonprezThank you, I'll try that (message in red colour). I'm myself rather helpless at all this stuff, but this sounds rather straightforward.21:37:41
7 Sep 2018
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9 Sep 2018
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Hi, I just release version 2.0.14 , these the new features

  • Matrix Rooms:

    • Search and join all public rooms.
    • Sort rooms in left menu.
    • Message event format improved.
    • Images are shown in chat.
    • Messages can be deleted.
    • Show message send staus.
  • Webscraper Channels:

    • Fix audius channels (extension), scrape external sites again.
    • Add option to forward channel scrape results to matrix channel.
    • Added ability to watch open tabs for new media (for use with Slack and WhatsApp).
  • Enable Chrome Cast for YouTube.

@select:matrix.orgselectI also did a lot of bug fixing. It would be nice if you could check out the chat feature and tell me if it works.19:20:25
@select:matrix.orgselectThe first version had some problem, I hope I fixed them now19:20:43
14 Sep 2018
@select:matrix.orgselectHey there, the last release was really a boost. I added a lot of new matrix features and finally most of what I really wanted from the webscrapers. While the webscraper is more a personal thing that I want to use for myself, the matrix features I have the feeling might develop into a whole new direction for Audius.20:59:42
@select:matrix.orgselectI'm currently working on more matrix features and trying to add direct messages, and invites. It's looking good but the devil is in the details. For example I am now able to invite people to rooms and direct messages but rejecting the invite is not as simple as calling the standard leave API.21:02:07
@select:matrix.orgselectWell I'll find out how it has do be done, I guess I have to use the forget function.21:03:46
@select:matrix.orgselectAnother thing I'm trying to get working is the encryption, but unfortunately it's not as simple as importing the encryption API, like the matrix-js-sdk readme seems to suggest. Well not really tragic but I have to wait for some input of someone that knows how it's done. It would really be a blast to have e2e encrypted communication with audius!21:07:01
@select:matrix.orgselectSince I already added custom messages I'm quite eager to explore more message formats (I guess in most messengers that would be the paper clip that adds attachments) and add geo locatioins with a open street maps embed and events, with maybe something like a bot that reminds you of envents like birthdays, parties, ... . This is rather something in the planning that will need some time, but it's very exiting to play around with these ideas.21:11:27
@select:matrix.orgselectI also have not forgotten about the feature request and bugs, but it's not so exiting to talk about them. I'm woking on them on the side and they will get done too ;)21:12:20
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15 Sep 2018
@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsthx for the update02:48:25
@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapswill test when back from this conference02:48:52

Hi there, I just released version 2.0.15.
Most updates revolved around the Matrix integration, here are the hightlights

  • Send room invitations and join invited rooms.
  • Invite to and join direct messages with other users.
  • Interprete text messages as markdown and render them to HTML using Snarkdown
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22 Sep 2018
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4 Mar 2019
@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigme Datse (they/them) changed their display name from JigmeDatse to Jigme Datse (they/them).18:52:18

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