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13 Aug 2019
16:48:57@max:kamax.ioMaximus marmulak: ping us directly if there is an issue
17:00:15@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI was just curious becase on my client it's showing like the room has no one in the admin role
17:00:22@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI didn't think that was possible on Matrix
In reply to @marmulak:converser.eu
I didn't think that was possible on Matrix
it's possible
In reply to @marmulak:converser.eu
I was just curious becase on my client it's showing like the room has no one in the admin role
hi, I'm the admin
17:12:05@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot(well, one of 3)
17:22:58@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakSo it's not my client/server having a sync issue?
15 Aug 2019
02:46:27@dreamerchris4eva:privacytools.iodreamerchris4eva Half-Shot: can the description be changed? I mean the link is old and doesnt work
10:10:22@tenkainen:matrix.orgtenkainen joined the room.
18 Aug 2019
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20 Aug 2019
16:40:57@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak changed their display name from marmulak to Marmulak.
17:24:49@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak changed their display name from Marmulak to marmulak.
21 Aug 2019
18:20:50@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid##hindi:matrix.org is a channel for speaking Hindi and Urdu
18:21:07@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroidRedacted or Malformed Event
18:21:21@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroidor a room rather
22 Aug 2019
14:40:01@justin:bandersnatch.xyzJustin joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
01:54:40@reimuserro8:matrix.org@reimuserro8:matrix.org joined the room.
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12:57:27@jenn6827:matrix.orgJennRedacted or Malformed Event
In reply to @marmulak:converser.eu
Does this room really have no admin?
Due to well idk what, I'm in a room like that, the creator left. I am higher level than others in the room do can I change the description?
13:17:47@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakI don't know, but I assume not
5 Sep 2019
17:29:48@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak invited @trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17.
17:30:46@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17 joined the room.
17:31:11@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakThat room is only for the announcements, but we can talk about them here
17:32:03@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakThe chat will probably be mainly in English, as that is the common language accepted by most/all Indians
17:32:35@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakalso according to our existing user base on here, I think
17:34:22@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakin some way Hindi is also considered "the language of India" but I think it's not popular because it's a foreign language to many Indians, so those who don't speak Hindi to begin with prefer English even more strongly
8 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
00:58:59@mateusrodcosta:chat.weho.stMateusRodCosta changed their profile picture.

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