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5 Sep 2019
17:30:46@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17 joined the room.
17:31:11@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakThat room is only for the announcements, but we can talk about them here
17:32:03@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakThe chat will probably be mainly in English, as that is the common language accepted by most/all Indians
17:32:35@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakalso according to our existing user base on here, I think
17:34:22@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakin some way Hindi is also considered "the language of India" but I think it's not popular because it's a foreign language to many Indians, so those who don't speak Hindi to begin with prefer English even more strongly
8 Sep 2019
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10 Sep 2019
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13 Oct 2019
09:09:48@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot ✈️.
19:09:55@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot ✈️ to Half-Shot.
18 Oct 2019
14:05:28@marmulak:converser.eumarmulak changed their profile picture.
23 Oct 2019
09:55:10@marmulak:converser.eumarmulaklet's talk about some new rooms
13:47:39@Mumuks:matrix.orgMumuksmarmulak: you first
14:16:49@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17First off, do we want these new rooms to have a view?
15:51:53@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakAll the ones I know aren't new anymore
In reply to@trilobite17:matrix.org
First off, do we want these new rooms to have a view?
What do you mean
16:05:21@trilobite17:matrix.orgtrilobite17Room with a view, similar to what vacation destinations say as they falsely advertize that all of their hotel's rooms have a view of beautiful sandy beaches, etc. May also have been a movie title. Could be interpreted as a pun on whether the room is idealogically slanted.
24 Oct 2019
10:52:25@marmulak:converser.eumarmulakYes I think there was a well known classic film by that name
10:52:38@marmulak:converser.eumarmulaksome of its dialog was sampled for a Dream Theater album
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29 Oct 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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17 Nov 2019
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21 Nov 2019
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