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7 Mar 2019
12:26:34@velcrome:matrix.orgvelcromeyes, that is pretty much what I need
12:27:00@velcrome:matrix.orgvelcromeis the patch to that open?
12:29:34@velcrome:matrix.orgvelcromemooi_bru.v4p is empty in beta38.1, in case that is the one I have to look for
12:53:55@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgNo way ypu can open it with real vvvv
12:55:01@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgYou need to start a vvvv.js server and ipen it in the browser
12:55:37@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgOr this is pre node.js actually
12:56:51@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgSo maybe just an appache server, open the html file and append #edit/thefolder/thepatch.v4p to the address bar
24 Mar 2019
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9 Apr 2019
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14 Apr 2019
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15 Apr 2019
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21 Apr 2019
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18:25:50@ca1vinat3:matrix.orgca1vvvvinat3If anyone has thought of using or viewing v4js on the go ...you can totally do so , as long as you got termux installed
20:08:34@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orghey, thanks for reporting this, thats actually nice
20:09:01@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgyou can also make a full app by embeding it in a normal app framework as a webview window
20:09:12@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgor with cocoon.js
20:12:08@ca1vinat3:matrix.orgca1vvvvinat3 Hehehe nice I'll sure check it out
24 Apr 2019
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5 Aug 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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27 Aug 2019
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18 Sep 2019
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