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20 Nov 2018
12:21:16@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgmaybe try primitives node
12:21:39@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgprimitives with index 1 should be a box too
12:49:30@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisthx !
12:50:35@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidishm, no I still getting the same error
12:50:53@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisthe patch is working properly althouhg
12:51:03@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisI just have this error occuring in my console
13:07:18@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgdoes it apear only on startup ?
13:10:44@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgoh wait
13:11:01@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgi am having it here too
13:18:12@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgbut its not there with primitives node
13:18:26@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgonly with box and gridsegment, what i ve tested so far
13:18:53@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgmaybe just a little update needed on those nodes to comply with some change in the renderer introduced with gltf, will look at it
13:59:03@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgoookey i also added a new example about touch interaction with the new TouchEvent node
15:56:50@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidis @000.graphics:matrix.org: you are right , gridsegment was causing this !
21 Nov 2018
09:58:26@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.org c nisidis: are you available today? i wrote you on skype
13:13:38@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidisI am now and from now on
2 Dec 2018
19:49:34@nissidis:matrix.orgc nisidis changed their profile picture.
12 Dec 2018

Hi! I enjoy vvvvjs patching.
I would like to deploy vvvvjs application on website.

Which service should I use?
I failed at AWS Elastic beanstalk.

When Deploying, is general EC 2 (AWS) better? Or should I use Docker?
I would like to know if there is recommendation.

13 Dec 2018
01:11:05@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgHi, sounds great! Glad you enjoy... did you try standart hosting via ftp upload? That should be all you need
01:12:09@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.orgRegarding integration with docker or anything else i dont think it exists yet, although someone was working on it
01:14:02@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.org@junki:matrix.org: what are you working on? :)
28 Dec 2018
13:39:44@junki:matrix.orgjunkiRedacted or Malformed Event
13:41:15@junki:matrix.orgjunkiI could do it!!!!!! I deployed it using FTP upload using Cyber Duck!
13:44:28@junki:matrix.orgjunki @000.graphics:matrix.org:
I’m making a simple document creation system.
When I become comfortable with deployment vvvvjs , I’m thinking of migrating the digital art project at hospital to the Web.
13:47:34@junki:matrix.orgjunki It’s an image like this picture.
This projecting program is developed with vvvv.
14:36:34@junki:matrix.orgjunkiI’m sorry to reply late.
30 Dec 2018
18:55:05@000.graphics:matrix.org@000.graphics:matrix.org Nice, thanks for showing us junki So cool to see
6 Feb 2019
18:22:58@desax:matrix.orgdesaxismundi joined the room.

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