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28 Jan 2019
@gbschenkel:matrix.orggbschenkel changed their display name from Sheik to gbschenkel.18:08:52
5 Feb 2019
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut joined the room.17:03:05
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutWho can I pester about https://github.com/KDE/kdev-cargo not compiling?17:03:37
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutOh wait, this is a test room...17:03:54
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOutNot bridged to IRC it seems, never mind17:04:09
@bart:fam-ribbers.comPureTryOut left the room.17:04:14
7 Feb 2019
@ivancukic:matrix.orgivancukic changed their profile picture.17:04:33
15 Feb 2019
@shinypants:matrix.orgshinypants joined the room.02:27:05
@shinypants:matrix.orgshinypants left the room.02:28:17
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16 Feb 2019
@skithoeg:matrix.orgskithoeg joined the room.05:52:26
@skithoeg:matrix.orgskithoeg left the room.05:55:39
17 Feb 2019
@matthew:matrix.orgMatthew joined the room.01:36:58
@frd:matrix.orgfrd left the room.16:54:15
20 Feb 2019
@einar:conference.heavensinferno.neteinar left the room.11:08:25
@pereira.alex:matrix.orgpereira.alex left the room.11:36:21
@Scubajump:matrix.orgScubajump left the room.12:29:26
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21 Feb 2019
@jriddell:matrix.orgJonathan Riddell set a profile picture.11:09:57
@jriddell:matrix.orgJonathan Riddell changed their display name from jriddell to Jonathan Riddell.11:48:51
@zilti:matrix.orgzilti left the room.12:06:25
@jriddell:matrix.orgJonathan Riddell left the room.12:56:13
22 Feb 2019
@travnewmatic:keelung1.ddns.netTravis Newman left the room.06:06:32
23 Feb 2019
@Kye:matrix.orgKye left the room.02:18:54
24 Feb 2019
@gcala:matrix.orggcala left the room.12:29:56
27 Feb 2019
@rom_rio:matrix.orgrom_rio left the room.03:10:59
28 Feb 2019
@icerider777:matrix.orgIcerider joined the room.14:47:42
@icerider777:matrix.orgIcerider changed their display name from icerider777 to Icerider.15:00:14
@icerider777:matrix.orgIcerider set a profile picture.15:00:16

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