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12 Nov 2020
@superserge:matrix.orgsupersergethe vm images are very short-lived, can be removed after about a day or two00:05:32
@nathan:mccarty.ioNathan McCartyyou've hit me at the one time where that might actually be an option 00:11:51
@nathan:mccarty.ioNathan McCarty I am technically unemployed this week 00:12:08
@nathan:mccarty.ioNathan McCarty * I am technically unemployed this week 00:12:43
@vlmutolo:matrix.orgVinceNext time someone says the job market is tough, tell them your last time of unemployment lasted one week00:14:04
@superserge:matrix.orgsuperserge Nathan McCarty: that's convenient :) so is there a bounty price? 01:16:36
19 Nov 2020
@joola:matrix.orgjoolaHello hello, I was wondering whether it is the good time to start creating a asuran based server/webui for backing multiple host at once 11:59:35
@joola:matrix.orgjoolaI don't know if something has already started in this direction11:59:51
@joola:matrix.orgjoola * I don't know if something has already started in this direction12:00:28
@joola:matrix.orgjoolaThe idea behind server/ui is not necessarily a dumb control center, but could be a way to centralize backups, and provide a easy way to manage them. UI is mostly necessary for metrics which can be delegated to grafana or similar. 12:03:25
23 Nov 2020
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1 Dec 2020
@vlmutolo:matrix.orgVince Nathan McCarty: saw another Rust backup tool on Reddit today. It’s called bupstash. For the record, I like the name Asuran better. 19:06:40
8 Dec 2020
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14 Jan 2021
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26 Jan 2021
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1 Feb 2021
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8 Feb 2021
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16 Feb 2021
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8 Mar 2021
@chris:cooperteam.netRAOF (he/his) changed their profile picture.00:25:24
12 Mar 2021
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15 Mar 2021
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25 Mar 2021
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@f0x:pixie.townf0x I really like the mission statement og asuran, but it sadly seems a bit inactive. What's the project status like? 12:05:15
@alarsyo:alarsyo.netalarsyoThat's what I'm wondering as well, would love to help with development, just not sure what the current status is12:53:04
@nathan:mccarty.ioNathan McCartyI've been trying to get back to it, but work has had me really busy the past several months, we lost a couple of members of our already small engineering team, and recurting for our particular niche is really hard at them moment 18:13:49
@shhhum:privacytools.ioshhhumThanks for the update.21:09:41
12 Apr 2021
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