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6 Oct 2022
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen TaylorI'm not sure when/how that changed - we've certainly been make the assumptions that Flatpaks are preferred in the discussion about unfltered Flathub15:26:21
@tpopela:libera.chattpopela Owen Taylor: Milan said that it was just a matter of luck - https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-software/-/issues/1915#note_1554851 15:26:57
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen TaylorWell, whether the implementation was "luck", that's the way that it was and was agreed upon 15:28:51
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen TaylorI don't think Milan meant that it was random from system to system15:29:14
@kalev:libera.chatkalev it wasn't really "luck", I remember making sure that gnome-software preferred flatpaks over rpm 15:29:46
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen TaylorIf we want to switch Workstation back to preferring RPMs, then we need to discuss that in the WG15:30:11
@tpopela:libera.chattpopela kalev: Owen Taylor: would you mind comment there? Maybe you will convince him.. 15:30:17
@kalev:libera.chatkalevbut hughsie and I hid the code a bit to avoid upsetting the snap people at that time, because we wanted to prefer flatpak over everything else15:30:19
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen Taylorconvincing who? I think Milan is just saying "this is a Fedora decision, configure the key the way you want"15:30:37
@kalev:libera.chatkalevso the implementation that we did back then was to just prefer source types in alphabetical order, which meant that flatpak won over rpm and snap15:31:25
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen Taylor(I'm actually not very happy about having layered RPMs for apps on Silverblue at all... that crept in at some point)15:31:31
@tpopela:libera.chattpopela Owen Taylor: I mean pre Software 43 without any change the Flatpaks were preferred over RPMs.. post GNOME 43 with the new addition of "API" to set the order of preference the defaults were changed.. 15:32:11
@tpopela:libera.chattpopelakalev: :D15:32:27
@kalev:libera.chatkalev layered RPMs in gnome-software was my work and a lot of people wanted layered rpms at the time, but we did it in a way so that apps wouldn't show up for layering and only codecs and fonts and other system extensions would 15:32:59
@kalev:libera.chatkalevdunno if that has changed now, but previously it was very carefully tuned to not show up random apps for layering15:33:09
@tpopela:libera.chattpopela Owen Taylor: also https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/300#comment-819799 is proposed for GNOME 44 / F38 15:36:12
@kalev:libera.chatkalevtpopela: so maybe we should have two gnome-software subpackages, one for each set of keys?15:37:24
@kalev:libera.chatkalevgnome-software-default-format-flatpak, gnome-software-default-format-rpm ?15:38:44
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen Taylorkalev: the initial report of https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/354 strongly implies that it's showing up random apps for layering - and I think I've seen other mentions of that15:39:10
@otaylor:fedora.imOwen Taylorkalev: where would we use gnome-software-default-format-rpm? I think if individual users want to change it, they would just adjust the key?15:39:34
@kalev:libera.chatkalev Owen Taylor: yeah, something must have changed in gnome-software that the apps show up for layering on silverblue, that was not at all the intention originally 15:40:19
@kalev:libera.chatkalev Owen Taylor: ah, yes, I guess you are right 15:40:46
@kalev:libera.chatkalevI have to step away from the computer now for a bit15:41:51
@felipeborges:gnome.orgfeborges_afk changed their display name from feborges to feborges_afk.15:42:12
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@gone-nirik:libera.chatgone-nirik kalev / Owen Taylor: still here for a bit before I head out to the airport... shall I merged those two pr's? 16:00:24
@gone-nirik:libera.chatgone-nirikback in business: 2022-10-06 16:07:11,184:INFO:flatpak_indexer.delta_generator:Pending Tasks: 74 In Progress Tasks: 116:07:48
@kalev:libera.chatkalevgone-nirik: yes please, and thanks! :)16:36:06
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