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3 Oct 2022
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi I slept for 3 hours last night 19:40:41
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi I’m so use to sleeping with a face mask and a white noise machine now 19:40:50
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi And I had neither last night. I was up all night and finally fell asleep and then the sun woke me up 19:41:04
@_discord_378842879050776576:t2bot.iozE#9775 rip 19:44:46
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 why a facemask and white noise machine? 19:46:53
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi It’s like 19:47:04
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi It covers my eyes 19:47:07
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi So I can sleep 19:47:11
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 White noise is amazing 19:47:13
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 ah right 19:47:18
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Silly question SMH 19:47:25
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 i just put on youtube videos lmao 19:47:26
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi And the white noise machine is just because Caitlin uses one of those and I have been living with her more than at home 19:47:36
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 I mean that's one way of having white noise 19:47:40
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 i mean, i was thinking a medical mask lmao, since you know, corona 19:47:44
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Oh, right 19:47:52
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Lol 19:47:57
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 I use a fan + flannel for white noise
But it's too cold for it ATM
@_discord_221893285759811584:t2bot.ioWarn-Blinkberger Same 20:34:22
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 I would do the same but this phone charges very slowly and dodgily, so if I wake up in the morning with low battery, I'm fucked 20:36:39
@_discord_744944354749317272:t2bot.iovi Yeah my tv is to far away from me so it has to be loud enough for me to hear which is to loud for everyone else in the house lol 20:50:44
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio i’m sure arasaka would sell a quality part to let you hear better 21:31:26
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio keroshi 21:33:43
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Hm? 21:33:53
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioLong Live The Queen I have bought it already 21:35:33
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioLong Live The Queen I am now an anarcho capitalist 21:35:40
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble Hey guys 21:37:04
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio fire 21:40:04
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 Hello Pebble 21:43:16
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble Hey Iris! 21:45:55

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