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22 Jul 2022
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 its apparently heat 18:16:18
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 yeah, not properly cured would be my bet TBH 18:16:24
@_discord_261643152991977492:t2bot.ioTheEffortFighter#7031 I know it's probably obvious, but why is that a bad thing 18:16:29
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 oh yeah im glad i got the 512gb model for sure 18:16:29
@_discord_261643152991977492:t2bot.ioTheEffortFighter#7031 * I know it's probably obvious, but why is that a bad thing (the bubbles) 18:16:37
@_discord_378842879050776576:t2bot.iozE#9775 I wish I had the money for it 18:16:43
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 Which would not be a flaw with the etched screen, but rather a flaw with am anufacturing that would apply to every screen 18:16:46
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 Ugly 18:16:49
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 irregular colours/brightness 18:17:00
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 and potentially touch sensitivity 18:17:24
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 yeah which would also be bad 18:17:33
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 the touch screen is surprisingly useful 18:17:41
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 I expected to never use it lmao 18:17:45
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 but, i use it more than i expected 18:18:05
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 yeah i was about to say, you actually use it?! 18:18:10
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 what ever for 18:18:11
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioDon Cheadle#1836 so is apple care good 18:18:11
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 i never used the touch screen on my switch at all 18:18:12
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 olav will say no, i will continue to say yes 18:18:12
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 in stardew for inventory management 18:18:14
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 it pays for itself if you break your stuff even once 18:18:21
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 it paid for my airpods having issues out of the regular warranty 18:18:30
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 if you buy it for 2 years warranty, you are being scammed. 2 years is eu law. Even if apple says otherwise. For otherwise, its idiot insurance, just dont be an idiot 18:18:36
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 cheaper repair costs though 18:18:44
@_discord_473442494269620245:t2bot.iovio#0312 thats applecares whole thing 18:18:49
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioDon Cheadle#1836 yeah it’s idiot insurance 18:18:53
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioDon Cheadle#1836 but i’m pretty sure i got that with my regular insurance 18:19:03
@_discord_179598867757662209:t2bot.ioDon Cheadle#1836 5 years 18:19:12
@_discord_174185856020512769:t2bot.ioOlavDeng2#5685 yeah just dont be an idiot 18:19:13
@_discord_261643152991977492:t2bot.ioTheEffortFighter#7031 so how does it handle graphics? does it downscale like what the consoles do? 18:19:16

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