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3 Jun 2023
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis 01:17:20
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis hi 01:17:31
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis good thx 01:17:39
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble Hi Oasis! 01:20:01
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner we doin great 01:22:02
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner as can be.. 01:22:06
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner I am carless and bored 01:22:12
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis hi pebble 01:26:53
@_discord_642428772808916994:t2bot.ioNo Name Em You get your money back 01:29:22
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner im gona eat piza tonight. 01:30:16
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner 01:30:17
@_discord_642428772808916994:t2bot.ioNo Name Em Lucky mother fucker 01:30:22
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner I wonder if they have indian styled pizza here 01:30:40
@_discord_642428772808916994:t2bot.ioNo Name Em Id love some good pizza but i don't want to spend my money 01:30:40
@_discord_642428772808916994:t2bot.ioNo Name Em So.. a pizza with curry and chicken slopped atop? 01:31:03
@_discord_478044823882825748:t2bot.ioanner Yeah, like replacing tomato sauce with a butter chicken / tikka masala sauce, and adding chicken 01:31:37
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.ioprofessional leech everyone is mania in general 01:33:16
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble Malte, im angry 01:33:44
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.ioprofessional leech why 01:33:50
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis pizza time 01:34:05
@_discord_547882440711077888:t2bot.ioOasis 🍕 01:34:34
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble I cant use my desktop because the router our ISP provided, the wireless is dead on it, so my desktop is relegated to being the house's wireless router 01:34:52
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble until our ISP fixes 01:34:58
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble it 01:34:59
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble so im using my laptop for the time being 01:35:07
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.ioprofessional leech it surprises me greatly that you dont have a spare access point or two 01:35:19
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.ioprofessional leech i have two 01:35:35
@_discord_231403584003112963:t2bot.ioprofessional leech lol 01:35:36
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble its not that, its the fact its a combo AP/router/switch/modem 01:35:42
@_discord_407195977133588491:t2bot.ioPebble and its connected through fiber 01:35:48

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