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8 Jan 2020
11:28:52@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulteis it… ok ? or should I go some other route ?
11:35:37@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 It depends so much on what youre doing that it's really difficult to answer you precisely @tumulte:matrix.org
11:36:10@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 It's ok to receive objects to store and/or delete them from database
11:36:31@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 But you need to figure out what you're building
11:36:45@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1Is it an API? a full-stack web app?
11:37:18@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulte joelwallis1: well… I got several forms that mixes standard stuffs : text, selects, radio… and a couple "not so big, but still" objects
11:37:44@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 Do you pretend to use this Express app from another app (eg: a mobile app, or a web app written in React or smt like), or you'll be using it directly from a browser (eg: Express serving forms and HTML directly)?
11:37:51@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulte joelwallis1: full stack, all mine, so I can change the design at will
11:38:17@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulte joelwallis1: it's a webapp
11:38:30@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 So, what you'll need to do is to map what you receive from browsers to what your database expects
11:38:46@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulteexpress handles the api, routing and rendering. Vue is used in the front
11:39:08@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1So if you receive an object with a given layout and you database expects it in another way, you must convert it
11:39:37@joelwallis1:matrix.orgjoelwallis1 Oh, so it's an API-only Express app?
11:40:02@tumulte:matrix.orgtumultedamn it !
11:42:19@tumulte:matrix.orgtumulte joelwallis1: the full stack is as follow :
lowdb :for the db
express : api, routing, rendering HTML
pug : for the templates
axios : for the requests
vuejs (you may ignore that, the whole form/data is express)
11:49:17@tumulte:matrix.orgtumultefor instance, my admin form sends css parameters like this : https://paste.centos.org/view/e96d8eb1
11:49:52@tumulte:matrix.orgtumultethat are serialized->put into a hidden. then deserialized and used in the app
11:51:20@tumulte:matrix.orgtumultemaybe… it can stay as an object all along
11:51:33@tumulte:matrix.orgtumultemaybe it doesn't affect performances or anything
10 Jan 2020
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11 Jan 2020
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12 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020
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18 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
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