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15 Jul 2019
17:22:43@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.org joined the room.
17:23:34@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.org if I request-promise a png file and then const buf= Buffer.from(res, 'base64), can I get the dimensions of the png from the buffer?
17:23:49@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.org I know I can use buf.byteLength to get the size in bytes
17:24:12@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.organd I know I can get the dimensions if I locally save the image and then use graphicsmagick or something like that, but would like to avoid this
17:48:34@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.org (I solved it with request-image-size)
18:25:54@thosgood:matrix.org@thosgood:matrix.org left the room.
23 Jul 2019
10:40:04@sergic_:matrix.orgsergic_ joined the room.
29 Jul 2019
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30 Jul 2019
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6 Aug 2019
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7 Aug 2019
10:55:24@Siilwyn:matrix.orgSiilwyn changed the room topic to "Node.js is a JavaScript runtime | https://nodejs.org/ | ✨ 🐢 🚀 ✨ | Mission statement: http://bit.ly/28Ix9uj" from "Node.js is a JavaScript runtime | https://nodejs.org/ | LTS: v10.16.0 | Latest: v12.5.0 | Mission statement: http://bit.ly/28Ix9uj".
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9 Aug 2019
01:50:34@motri.instrumentales:matrix.orgmotri.instrumentales joined the room.
13 Aug 2019
09:53:15@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmor joined the room.
09:55:37@Celmor:matrix.orgCelmorseems I can't install npm after installing nodejs: https://paste.linux.community/view/raw/6e02876c
19 Aug 2019
12:27:03@Siilwyn:matrix.orgSiilwynI would recommend [Volta](https://volta.sh/) to install and manage Node.js & npm.
22 Aug 2019
03:24:26@sankar.s:matrix.orgsankar subburaj joined the room.
23 Aug 2019
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26 Aug 2019
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27 Aug 2019
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31 Aug 2019
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2 Sep 2019
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4 Sep 2019
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5 Sep 2019
23:06:35@fred.hajdarpasic:matrix.orgfred.hajdarpasic joined the room.
6 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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