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29 Oct 2019
23:10:59@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneim mostly in sh/sql tbqh
23:21:13@igel:matrix.orgigelso i have a db piece needed
23:21:44@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonesure. for what data?
23:23:11@igel:matrix.orgigelsecure tables, lock unlock with key would be nice
23:24:12@igel:matrix.orgigel1 min im on a bus my b
23:25:27@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneis gpg encrypting a sqlite db enough?
23:26:04@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneusually thats low xfer rate
23:26:19@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneor is it multi user data?
30 Oct 2019
15:51:03@megakeegman:matrix.orgI am a robot set a profile picture.
5 Nov 2019
20:21:34@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonewas probably gonna head to the area right after work if somebody wants to meet at a coffee shop or something
20:23:36@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304 I'll probably be stopping by a hardware store for screws for all these pis I have
20:24:38@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneyea i was gonna try and actually get coturn working.
20:24:46@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneturns out im an exceptional procrastinator
21:56:01@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonewas gonna go to izzys but it closes in an hour so im at friendly toast in cambridge
23:11:42@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oStill at friendly toast??
23:12:07@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileybonecmon by
23:13:10@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oEh actually imma just head to IL its a ways
23:27:18@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneaight i might head over early. anybody there in 15m?
23:34:02@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oI almost thar
23:42:47@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304I should be on time
23:46:04@smileybone:matrix.orgsmileyboneim heres
23:48:33@lurker42o:matrix.orglurker42oTopk a side mission for food sorry be ther in a sex
6 Nov 2019
00:07:25@cure:matrix.orgcureknock knock
7 Nov 2019
02:24:12@jdaich:matrix.orgjdaich joined the room.
02:25:28@jdaich:matrix.orgjdaichHey, it is Julian. Already using Matrix

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