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21 Nov 2018
15:45:19@padpad:matrix.orgPeter thanks for the cookies though Stephen. Working at the library now and eating them
15:45:37@padpad:matrix.orgPeter(secretly. no food allowed)
15:49:12@igel:matrix.orgigelit happened so quick! i was like :-O
5 Dec 2018
02:02:14@padpad:matrix.orgPeterwill be back home for next week’s meeting!
17:32:53@jokeefe:matrix.orgjokeefeWelcome back Peter!
10 Dec 2018
03:04:52@igel:matrix.orgigel changed their profile picture.
11 Dec 2018

Arrest of the Huawei CEO got me thinking. Trade war now is through physical goods (steel, oil, lobsters,etc.) But what about 15-20 years from now?

Trade wars won’t be through physical goods. But virtual ones. Breaking off access to certain parts of the internet, certain services, certain sites

18:17:04@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kalredy happens /me points to Great Firewall of China
18:17:30@padpad:matrix.orgPeter yeah true. Absolutely wild stuff
19:48:15@padpad:matrix.orgPeterIn Mass!
12 Dec 2018
04:46:46@padpad:matrix.orgPeter using that flat ethernet cable is actually genius
04:57:16@padpad:matrix.orgPeter Might be a dumb question. But say you have a whole town participating in a mesh, are the costs to run a “node” just bandwidth/internet?
  • electricity
06:00:15@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kreplacement parts possible service
14 Dec 2018
03:29:59@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2khttp://node2.e-mesh.net/vis/ <- wow is that really our node? thast allot of peers!
03:48:00@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304Oh hey f173 that's me :P
03:48:24@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kthats a @$% tone of peers 👍
03:48:37@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2ki looked at the map today and im like WOW
03:49:13@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304I put it in the public list repo and on the http landing page of the hostname i submitted to fc00.org
03:49:43@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2ki guess thats what happens when you keep your peers public but not public :P
03:50:03@Stephen304:matrix.orgStephen304It doesn't use enough bandwidth, still like 99% idle
03:59:33@darkdrgn2k:tomesh.netDarkDrgn2kanyone runnin gipfs on cjdns?

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