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8 May 2019
@kommen:matrix.orgkommenyeah, that would be one use case14:39:15
17 May 2019
@kommen:matrix.orgkommen p_brc: can't remember: did we already talk about what we want to do at the next meetup? 05:44:21
1 Jun 2019
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2 Jun 2019
@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brc @kommen we have not. One thing we wanted to look at previously was cljfx. But the new spec stuff would also be an option 14:42:29
4 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019
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27 Jul 2019
@kommen:matrix.orgkommensomebody here wants to spontaniously join us to the heart of clojure conf in Leuven next week?16:55:19
@kommen:matrix.orgkommennextjournal is sponsoring, and we have still have a free ticket to give away16:56:09
@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtIs the ticket still available?21:22:31
25 Aug 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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29 Nov 2019
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasCheck this out: a clojure dialect, legitimately compiling to machine code: https://nextjournal.com/bendlas/ferret-example14:53:45
5 Dec 2019
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22 Jan 2020
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15 Mar 2020
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7 Apr 2020
@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brcOnline Meetup in https://accounts.eyeson.team/rooms/eVgVRHBxnTaioU17:01:49
29 Apr 2020
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasslightly off-topic, but it's an emergency. can somebody recommend (or is) a skilled linux administrator here, with free capacity, for a job in vienna?11:59:17
4 Jun 2020
@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brc Nice one @bendlas you got a shout out in Rich Hickey’s History of Clojure https://download.clojure.org/papers/clojure-hopl-iv-final.pdf 20:54:16
6 Jun 2020
@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas Oh wow! That's .. unexpected. Probably just from the old supporters list, when Rich still was asking for donations.
Anyway, thanks for noticing and bringing it to my attention, p_brc!
7 Jul 2020
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8 Jul 2020
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18 Jul 2020
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20 Jul 2020
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