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30 Dec 2020
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroYeah it wasn't moving14:04:19
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroAmbient was working, not sure which you mean by aod14:04:45
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireFor me Ambient mode=AOD=Always-on-Display14:06:15
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroGotcha, yeah AOD was working after the flash but it was always centered14:07:17
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroNow after the battery drain/restart it moves14:07:34
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireI actually didn't expect that behavior. Did it actually update though?14:07:35
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireHmm, strange. Well, great to see that working too 14:09:16
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroHR sensor works now too14:09:16
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireAll it took was a battery drain and restart?14:09:42
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroYeah, the battery drain could be a coincidence14:09:56
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireHmm, good to know 14:11:59
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroOut of curiosity, how does the compass work? Does the watch have an internal sensor for that?14:13:41
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireI think the issue is actually similar to smelt then. After booting AsteroidOS. The firmware for sensors is updating. This takes some time (few minutes). During this time the sensor daemon on AsteroidOS failes. Thus reporting no Tilt-to-Wake, etc. A reboot after 10 minutes could be the fix then too :)14:14:46
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireI think it has a sensor for it yes. Otherwise the app wouldn't be included 14:15:11
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireDoes it rotate now, or still stuck due North?14:15:43
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroRotates now14:29:41
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireI think you will have to move the watch in a 8 figure (like this: https://calibratecompass.com). Then the calibrated: 0 should change to 1. And the compass should work correctly.15:00:08
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroNice that worked, thanks!15:00:35
@magnefire:matrix.orgMagneFireTha being said. It never worked great on my tetra15:00:36
31 Dec 2020
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13 Jan 2021
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@miguelrochefort:matrix.orgmiguelrochefortWhat's the value proposition of Asteroid? I have a PineTime and it sucks. I'd love an Apple Watch but it's unhackable, and I'd have to switch everything to Apple.06:03:47
15 Jan 2021
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16 Jan 2021
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroPinetime is just a devkit atm17:08:28
@algebro:matrix.orgalgebroIts going to be a long time before its a viable product I think17:08:45
17 Jan 2021
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20 Jan 2021
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