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15 Jun 2019
17:14:51@noteness:poddery.comPo Shamilunstable?
17:15:03@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasJust checked version 5 on a private chat
17:15:10@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasShowed unstable warning.
17:15:24@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane Akarshan Biswas: Can't join the chat. It says "You are not invited."
17:15:42@noteness:poddery.comPo Shamil Akarshan Biswas: Clear riot cache or reload
17:16:05@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan Biswas
In reply to @noteness:poddery.com
Akarshan Biswas: Clear riot cache or reload
17:16:17@noteness:poddery.comPo Shamilthe warning should go away
17:16:24@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasOkay
17:16:41@noteness:poddery.comPo ShamilSettings -> Help -> Clear Cache and Reload
17:18:16@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasInvite me lol
17:18:22@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan Biswas Dhanesh Sabane:
17:18:42@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasI need we need to open up permission before private room upgrades
17:19:13@noteness:poddery.comPo Shamilprivate rooms usually don't need upgrading
17:19:30@noteness:poddery.comPo Shamilprivate as in, direct chats and such
17:20:10@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasShall we upgrade this room as well?
17:27:08@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane
In reply to @akarshanbiswas:diasp.in
Shall we upgrade this room as well?
Maybe. Let's wait for a while.
17:27:34* @noteness:poddery.comPo Shamil agrees with upgrading
16 Jun 2019
08:00:50@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane Let's upgrade this room!!
10:28:31@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan BiswasOkay
15:30:31@gandi:ubports.chatgandi joined the room.
15:40:07@akarshanbiswas:diasp.inAkarshan Biswaschanged room power levels.
19:42:10@hrjet:matrix.org@hrjet:matrix.org left the room.
19 Jun 2019
14:01:22@libregeekingkid:matrix.orgrajudev changed their profile picture.
18 Jul 2019
09:01:53@mikaela:privacytools.io@mikaela:privacytools.io changed their profile picture.
25 Jul 2019
14:42:13@king:encom.eu.org@king:encom.eu.org left the room.
23 Aug 2019
11:53:06@mikaela:privacytools.io@mikaela:privacytools.io left the room.
24 Aug 2019
20:17:50@harthollbarking2:matrix.org@harthollbarking2:matrix.org joined the room.
20:18:00@harthollbarking2:matrix.org@harthollbarking2:matrix.org left the room.
17 Sep 2019
18:16:58@peacerebel:poddery.compeacerebel changed their profile picture.
20 Sep 2019
08:09:25@purneshberde:diasp.inPurnesh Berde changed their display name from purneshberde to Purnesh Berde.

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