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4 Nov 2018
19:17:47@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh SabaneRedacted or Malformed Event
19:18:17@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.orgoh, yes, I had forgotten that pillifying, but it might require bridge update like that too. I have no idea what version you are running
19:18:27@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane


  • fixing file uploads / pastebin as currently they go to 404 error confusing people at IRC
    Shall we consider this as resolved?
19:18:52@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.orgI think so
19:20:53@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh SabaneGreat!
19:21:31@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane
In reply to @Ciblia:matrix.org
https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/blob/1f162a00774521877f2f9c2f96aa64a73017902b/config.sample.yaml#L175-L180 seems to be the other change, but I don't know what or where is that registration it talks about
I'm not sure what it means by that too. Will need to dig deeper into the documentation and sample config files.
19:23:14@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane Mikaela: Meanwhile, can you explain the pillifying change?
19:24:33@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.org Dhanesh Sabane: when we mention each other, our names appear in a pill. That also happens with the Matrix.org bridges when we are mentioned from IRC, but PirateIRC bridge doesn't touch the formatting at all so my IRC nick doesn't turn into my Matrix nick and if I don't have it in highlight words in Riot settings, I won't get pinged
19:24:56@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.orgI think it might just be a matter of upgrading the appservice
19:25:05@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event
19:25:16@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.org might
19:26:46@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.orgSorry, I have to take the dog out now and am sure what time I will be responding to you, I think it's around midnlght for you, good night
19:27:25@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh Sabane Mikaela: Not really. I'm in UTC +0000 right now.
19:28:27@dhanesh95:diasp.inDhanesh SabaneIn any case, I think I have the info I need. I'll ping you if I need any more information and you can respond when you are free. Thanks for the help! :)
5 Nov 2018
06:38:41@praveen:poddery.comPirate¬†‚Ä欆PraveenDhanesh Sabane: awesome! Thanks for fix.
9 Nov 2018
13:25:06@Ciblia:matrix.org@Ciblia:matrix.org left the room.
15 Nov 2018
02:11:32@igel:matrix.orgigel joined the room.
02:13:23@igel:matrix.orgigelhello i'm looking to bridge a channel between pirateirc.net and matrix -- i think there is something already setup between diasp.in and the irc server, is this something easy to set up? yaar?
03:58:40@praveen:poddery.comPirate¬†‚Ä欆Praveenigel: it works already
04:02:20@praveen:poddery.comPirate¬†‚Ä欆PraveenYou just have to join room using the above format
27 Nov 2018
15:04:27@libregeekingkid:matrix.orgrajudevnote: replaced ssh keys of dhanesh on the server
28 Nov 2018
04:01:54@sgk:matrix.orgsgk changed their profile picture.
29 Nov 2018
06:19:41@raghukamath:poddery.com@raghukamath:poddery.com invited @raghukamath:matrix.org@raghukamath:matrix.org.
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10 Dec 2018
03:04:58@igel:matrix.orgigel changed their profile picture.

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