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24 Sep 2023
@snousakenoctiskitty:matrix.orgpenguin prince* I'm working . I got my paycheck in the bank. But I can't see if it is right or see my benefits 00:19:06
@ginger:matrix.zxcc.gggingerHave you tried talking to someone in your HR dept directly?00:19:45
@snousakenoctiskitty:matrix.orgpenguin prince ginger: I have called. They told me. Tech support. Tech support saying I do not work for the company. I am in Kronos so I am getting paid 00:22:01
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@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990sigh. i love when not thinking about port forwarding rules and their potential consequences if applied fucks up unexpected things01:03:12
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990i didn't realize Nginx Proxy Manager uses port 3000, and i was futzing around with bluesky's pds servers that also run on 3k. created a port forwarding rule, and the next time my nginx proxy manager restarted next, its backend can't start because the api port wasn't reachable.01:04:19
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990and now i wait for my UDM to release that port after i deleted the rule so the nginxpm web interface can work again01:04:54
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990maybe someday i'll move to caddy or something01:05:01
@astroninja:matrix.orgastroninjaanpther game running flawlessly on my older amd linux PC : Dirt 501:35:54
@astroninja:matrix.orgastroninjaI love proton so much. I remember the early days with it you had to fiddle with like every game to get it going. Now it's literally download and run it for the majority of games. I'm on like my 6th consecutive game that just worked with little to no performance hit. that used to be unheard of.01:45:53
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990even better now with many games running better with the -GE versions01:52:45
@astroninja:matrix.orgastroninjawhat's that?01:56:37
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990custom version of proton that in many cases can further improve performance01:58:56
@eroc1990:matrix.parastor.neteroc1990cant do it through steam afaik, but other launchers/install methods that leverage proton do, like Lutris01:59:22
@astroninja:matrix.orgastroninjaohhhh sheeeet02:17:28
@snousakenoctiskitty:matrix.orgpenguin princeI'm so Ticked off . Thank God thank God my bank caught it 02:35:12
@snousakenoctiskitty:matrix.orgpenguin princeBut I won't able to buy food till Monday.02:35:23
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No . They have everything. But I can not access it. They do do paper though anymore.
Paystubs don't have to be paper.
W2 statements do
@snousakenoctiskitty:matrix.orgpenguin prince
In reply to @thothloki:matrix.org
Paystubs don't have to be paper.
W2 statements do
I can't not get access. To them. It that stupid
@thothloki:matrix.orgThothLokiI dunno dude 04:08:45
@thothloki:matrix.orgThothLokiSounds like a crap company04:08:52
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I can't not get access. To them. It that stupid
Tell your manager that you were just told by IT you can't see your pay stubs because you don't work for the company. I'd tell him that unless it gets straightened out, you will need to find other employment due to the inconsistency making you very uneasy.
@kazuraba:matrix.orgkazurabaTo users of Emacs, which do you prefer? Space or Doom? I hear a lot about Doom Emacs, but not much about Space Emacs.05:50:25
In reply to @imperfect_account:matrix.org

First, hello JB Chat, my day was an emotional roller coaster and I'm glad to be here.

I'm using Doom Emacs (emacs with evil (vim) keybindings) and having the Vim keybindings is very nice. Also once you pick up on it, you can move pretty quickly though things. Only limitations I would say is adding images to my Markdown docs and having to move to other windows (almost may make me switch off KDE to a tiling WM).

As someone who switched to a TWM for productivity and style, I'd say its worth it. I basically never use a mouse and things are just faster. Thanks for the input!

Also, what's your icon? It looks really cute.


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