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18 Jun 2020
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesActually it's ordered by timestamp received, not sent, because you can't trust the other part. But the group chat will include a structure of messages19:50:24
@adroit:matrix.orgAdroitThat's exactly what I'm saying - timestamp received is way more untrustworthy in practice20:04:01
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesthat's why it will be based on a structure in the following months20:04:39
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesbut you can't trust/prove timestamp given by a peer20:04:55
@adroit:matrix.orgAdroitI can scroll up this long conversation I screenshotted, and see next to a random message an empty circle - meaning that old message still hasn't sent. When it finally does, who knows where it will appear...20:05:24
In reply to@lutices:matrix.org
that's why it will be based on a structure in the following months
You said for group chats - for now I'm just talking about direct messages
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesyeah, 2 people is a group of 220:06:44
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesWhat I'm saying is that it will be fixed by the work on group chat 20:07:01
In reply to@lutices:matrix.org
but you can't trust/prove timestamp given by a peer
I get that in theory - could be maliciously altered, peer's time could be wrong, etc. But there are ways to limit that risk, and in practice a bad timestamp is way less common than a delayed message right now
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticessure. 20:08:14
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesBut anyway for your problem, please make a ticket on git.jami.net can be a bit long to debug/understand20:10:37
@adroit:matrix.orgAdroitThat page looks interesting! But seeing how the text is incomplete, the concept seems even more incomplete, so I don't see how the code will be out "in the coming months", let alone group chats replacing DMs20:19:37
@adroit:matrix.orgAdroitAnyway I'll try filing a bug20:20:15
@lutices:matrix.orgLuticesoh I agree, this is a lot of works20:26:21
@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO There has been PLENTY of angst in real-time comm's where messages are not CLEARLY marked as unsent or not delivered, or not read. Despite other sub-optimal things, Matrix does do well at this. LinPhone and message receipts seem like an afterthought, too much like "fire & forget" days from SMS or XMPP. But it bears consideration. 22:07:41
@cornelius:ru-matrix.orgcornelius 22:53:34
19 Jun 2020
In reply to @lutices:matrix.org
depensd on what platform
Android <--> Linux
@karl:matrix.kiwifarms.netkarl 08:22:15
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@newline:matrix.orgnewHi Is there any way to use Jami with a server?10:43:43
@newline:matrix.orgnew * Hi Is there any way to use Jami with a server?10:45:35
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20 Jun 2020
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22 Jun 2020
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