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15 May 2021
@ba2c4:matrix.orgba2c4 joined the room.10:55:13
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36 joined the room.17:19:37
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Hi guys!17:20:05
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Is anybody here?17:21:07
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Who wins the title guys? πŸ˜„17:45:58
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsWDC?17:46:24
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncscan't imagine other than Lewis17:46:46
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Yes, I think the same17:46:56
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36And ofc Mercedes WCC17:47:05
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsNot so sure (IMO). PΓ©rez is quite consistent (as Bottas) and could be than the later would lost focus when knows that loses his seat for next year17:48:54
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsPΓ©rez needs to improve ASAP, of course17:49:07
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Yeah, if Perez is not at least P4 at quali he is at big trouble17:51:01
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsIt has to be a nightmare to drive that RB. I don't know if VER is "that" good that he doesn't care what car he drives or just RBR made a car that he only knows how to go fast17:52:57
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36That Red Bull car is so strange to me. Mercedes cars look easy to drive, Russell without any practice could have won a GP17:53:43
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsthat's the point πŸ‘οΈ17:54:01
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36But I think there biggest problem is Helmut Marko, he is so demanding and unfriendly to every driver. He was even giving Vettel a sh*t17:56:32
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncswelp, no race-weekend. I hope everybody here enjoy17:56:50
@ghose:tchncs.deghose πŸ‘£ tchncsπŸ‘‹17:57:00
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Yes it is race weekend if you watch MotoGP πŸ˜†17:58:00
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Le Mans will be absoulute banger17:58:23
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36 * Le Mans will be absoulute banger17:58:46
@steffzki36:matrix.orgsteffzki36Are you guys cheering for some team/driver or are you more objective fan?18:02:52
17 May 2021
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7 joined the room.16:08:59
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7Yo 16:09:11
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7Just joined 16:09:20
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7Who's excited to watch the gulf livery of mclarren race around monaco16:09:55
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7Whens the first sprint race quali has it been confirmed as Silverstone ? 16:21:08
@hajduc:matrix.orghajduc [he/him]I'm pretty sure the European locations have been confirmed16:52:29
@hajduc:matrix.orghajduc [he/him] and iirc it is Silverstone 16:52:53
@dukebox7:matrix.orgdukebox7Wicked I really don't know how I feel about it but I guess I'll wait and form an opinion afterwards 17:01:50

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