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15 May 2018
08:20:05@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) @tetron How are you doing with your updates to js-git?
11:37:08@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter)They work, they are sitting on a fork
11:37:33@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter)I think there is a PR to js-git that is just sitting there
15:24:59@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) @tetron I can't see any PR's to the main repo (https://github.com/creationix/js-git) from you.
15:38:09@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter) @TheKnarf thanks, I just made one
15:39:07@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) Maybe rebase it so you don't have a bunch of commits just saying stuff? :see_no_evil:
15:40:08@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter) you're killing me here :-)
15:40:13@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter)I know right.
16 May 2018
15:24:55@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) @tetron I'd love to merge it, but who doesn't want a pretty commit log before doing so?
15:25:25@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) Also I might have a few questions, like I see that you're deleting some code and I'd love to know why
15:26:33@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter)It would also be nice with some documentation for the new functions, but we can always do that in a new committ
15:29:02@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter) @TheKnarf if you give me a few days I can see about cleaning it up
15:30:00@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter)Great!
15:30:58@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) I'm going to be working on organising issues and accepting pull requests as I've been added as a maintainer :)
16:34:07@gitter_creationix:matrix.orgTim Caswell (Gitter):D
24 May 2018
11:04:10@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) Hi @tetron, did you get any chance to look at it? :)
11:04:23@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) (edited) ... it? :) => ... it? :-)
11:04:26@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) (edited) ... it? :-) => ... it? :smile:
21:50:22@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter) @TheKnarf no, sorry, I haven't
21:51:10@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) No worrys, hopefully you'll find some time in the future to look at it :)
16 Jul 2018
01:26:57@zoltanzuberi:matrix.orgzoltanzuberi joined the room.
13 Oct 2018
05:53:20@vrsmd:matrix.orgvrsmd joined the room.
30 Oct 2018
14:04:02@gitter_tetron:matrix.orgPeter Amstutz (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
5 Dec 2018
21:43:12@gitter_williamku:matrix.orgwilliamku (Gitter) joined the room.
21:43:13@gitter_williamku:matrix.orgwilliamku (Gitter) hi, I am actively using "node-git" (https://github.com/nodegit/nodegit) --- could anyone here tell me what is the latest node.js version it supports?
6 Dec 2018
08:40:53@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) Hi @williamku. This is a the Gitter room for js-git not node-git. Js-git is a reimplemnetation of git in pure JavaScript. While node-git is a node wrapper around libgit2. For support with node-git visit slack.libgit2.org to sign up, then join them in #nodegit.
16 Feb 2019
17:05:54@gitter_ccm27_gitlab:matrix.orgChristopher M (Gitter) joined the room.
17:05:54@gitter_ccm27_gitlab:matrix.orgChristopher M (Gitter)hi!
17:06:05@gitter_ccm27_gitlab:matrix.orgChristopher M (Gitter)How do I iplement js-git?
18:19:26@gitter_theknarf:matrix.orgFrank Lyder (Gitter) Try checking out the documentation, and feel free to PM me if you have any troubles @ccm27_gitlab

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