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17 Jul 2020
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@soilentgreen:matrix.orgsoilentgreenWhen I go to tile icon- custom and choose icon it wont change the icon on the tile itself.19:03:23
18 Jul 2020
@soilentgreen:matrix.orgsoilentgreenNo one knows if it can be fix?05:56:57
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@dev/null:matrix.org@dev/null:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event19:08:15
@soilentgreen:matrix.orgsoilentgreenI use deluxe rom for note 8, and yes I force restart. I use hex app and I can change all the icons of any tiles. The problem is only with the tiles of tiles app.19:12:34
20 Jul 2020
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21 Jul 2020
In reply to@dev/null:matrix.org
Not really sure what is happening there. I have never used or heard of hex app. You are the first user reporting such issue
I guess there's nothing to do. Thanks for the help.
30 Jul 2020
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@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsund Had to use the following string to join using the join room button: ''!fndwNteRJRWOXmTtRu:matrix.org'' - without the quotes 07:32:23
@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsund Did anyone manage to add a custom "lite app" browser instance from Hermit as a tiles tile? 07:33:45
@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsundAnd why is encryption disabled in this room?07:41:13
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14 Aug 2020
@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsundForgot where to find this group now when the telegram has been deleted17:35:47
@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsundI was trying to add the magisk module BusyBox ndc to tiles17:47:09
@stralsund:matrix.orgStralsund But I couldn't find a suitable activity, nor an application to add 17:47:35
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27 Aug 2020
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31 Aug 2020
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3 Sep 2020
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@oompaloompaa:matrix.orgoompaloompaaHi all, tough to get back to the tiles community 23:30:52
9 Sep 2020
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@victor711:matrix.orgvictor711Tiles in android 11 not working 😑08:42:55
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12 Sep 2020
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