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18 Apr 2021
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykwhat kind of music do you like?22:58:40
@femboygreatness:matrix.orgNefI won't object to anything other than maybe modern country, but I have a strong preference for alt/indie rock and EDM22:59:41
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzyknice. I'm currently listening to 90's gothic/ebm, but i'm also pretty eclectic 23:01:08
@femboygreatness:matrix.orgNefOoh, sounds nice! Anything particularly outstanding you'd recommend? 23:02:30
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzyknothing jumping out at me from this release23:05:42
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzyk(random promo cd that came with a magazine in 1996)23:05:51
@femboygreatness:matrix.orgNefStill sounds pretty interesting imo23:06:29
@wiretrip:matrix.orgzykwas originally looking for something similar to this23:09:01
21 Apr 2021
@douglasaw:matrix.orgDoug Whitfield set a profile picture.19:00:21
23 Apr 2021
26 Apr 2021
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@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)Follow My Spotify, It will help me a lot and get into Spotify Analytics. Listen for Void coming out tommorow! https://spoti.fi/3evZUwk19:21:45
@ha:matrix.orghanneswhat a great first impression20:47:46
@ha:matrix.orghannessounds like your music is not worth listening to if you have to spam like that?20:48:20
27 Apr 2021
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3 May 2021
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust) changed their display name from Cloudnix to bit.ly/cloudnix.19:19:20
5 May 2021
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)Hey my new track After Matter is now out on Spotify! Give it a listen and support me with a few listens and follows: http://bit.ly/AfterMatter18:12:30
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)
In reply to @ha:matrix.org
sounds like your music is not worth listening to if you have to spam like that?
its called promoting
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)i do it every week/2 weeks18:13:01
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)Its not spam18:13:06
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)its a dead chat18:13:12
6 May 2021
In reply to @cloudspeed:the-apothecary.club
its a dead chat
A slow chat only exacerbates your promotion being more easily interpreted as spam. Coming back to this channel I see 2 of your promotions, even though it has been days in between.
11 May 2021
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust)well, its my music14:26:32
@ha:matrix.orghanneswell, its a community and not your self-promotional platform15:35:02
@ha:matrix.orghannesscroll up and you will see that one can see posts from before one has joined15:35:24
@ha:matrix.orghannesso there is zero gain if you post things multiple times in short intervals15:35:42
@cloudspeed:the-apothecary.clubbit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust) changed their display name from bit.ly/cloudnix to bit.ly/cloudnix (clouddust).18:18:19
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