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11 Dec 2019
10:59:30@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiantJust tried again and it worked
11:00:33@oly:matrix.orgolygreat, mind removing the image probably not the best thing to be posting on a public room
11:01:12@oly:matrix.orgolynot sure if the wifi reaches to the outside, but best be safe
11:08:45@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiant That's fair. It's temoved
12:33:14@telegram_87947719:t2bot.ioGlen Skinner
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
nice, you can get food safe plastic to print out things like cookie cutters
Wow, yeah, that would be great. He loves hulk, so could do hulk cookies! Ha
12:36:15@telegram_87947719:t2bot.ioGlen Skinner Vortex coil frame (center and sides) by Syncro
12:37:04@telegram_87947719:t2bot.ioGlen SkinnerJust seen these on Pinterest, look cool, but I'd bet they are a multi day print no? Are they just ornamental?
12:43:01@oly:matrix.orgolyna probably not multi day, not much to them
12:43:14@oly:matrix.orgolyits mainly space with no infill or anything
12:44:15@oly:matrix.orgolythere are some cool maths based ones around
13:07:38@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkobigwhitegiant: what printer were you looking at?
13:10:29@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiant https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B01GJDO9I0/ref=ox_sc_act_image_1?smid=AOUVSGH0YB6UZ&psc=1
13:13:30@telegram_87947719:t2bot.ioGlen Skinner
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
Cor, if they had 3d printing in my school, math would of been a lot more fun!
13:14:54@oly:matrix.orgolythat's seems like a really good price still coming down, be £100 before long :p
15:08:05@mhackspace:matrix.orgmhackspace[DOORBOT] bigwhitegiant has entered the building
17:15:04@mhackspace:matrix.orgmhackspace[DOORBOT] oly has entered the building
17:15:55@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiant@oly:matrix.org: just out to grab food.
17:16:05@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiantIf you need the Taz feel free to cancel it
17:16:15@bigwhitegiant:matrix.orgbigwhitegiantThat print was meant to be done by now.
20:06:45@oly:matrix.orgoly testing turning on notification noises on scwooowy phone
20:07:59@oly:matrix.orgolyyou need to long hold on a room to change how noisy, there are 2 options "all messages" "all messges (noisy)"

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