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2 Jul 2020
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkobecause I needed them sooner than waiting from China...16:43:47
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkothey're all Zigbee16:44:07
@fynboskid:matrix.orgfynboskidI have a xiaomi mi laptop for a couple of years still going16:44:26
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoand I use a usb Zigbee stick in a Raspberry Pi to setup the network16:44:30
Download IMG_20200702_170804.jpg
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilko(couldn't get the ethernet cable behind the pipe 😁 )16:45:37
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkomost of the sensors I purchased from Aliexpress, for about half the UK price.16:46:38
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkothe water sensor I had to get from Amazon and that was far more than I wanted to pay, but it's to detect any leaks over my boiler, so worth the money16:47:24
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI want to use the temp sensors to control the heating16:49:51
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkopaired with motion sensors to work out which sensors we actually need to care about16:50:18
@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Looks interesting. Does your boiler leak? Or does it detect pipe pressure drop?16:50:37
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkothe motion sensor also reports lux so we use that to turn lights on, etc.16:50:52
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkonot the flat roof above the boiler recently leaked16:51:06
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilko*no the...16:51:20
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoboiler was fixed, roof patched, but wanted to make sure we could catch it early if it happened again.16:51:58
@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_I have some remote switches and an RGB led linked to ESP8266 modules programmed with Arduino. No sensors or MQTT though16:52:15
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoas we were heading into a rainy week I wanted it ASAP...16:52:30
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoESP8266 with MQTT was how I did my first heating hack16:52:49
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI used the retain setting on MQTT to send settings to the ESP826616:53:06
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkowhen you subscribe to a topic, the last value is received by the ESP8266 IF the last value was sent with a retain flag16:53:43
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkothat way I can tell it what the current target temp is, and it can work out if it needs to short or long sleep16:54:06
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoso if target is 14c and it's 20c sleep for an hour,16:54:32
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkobut if target is 20c and it's 19c we want to wake in the next 5 to 10 minutes to check16:55:05
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI was running on battery and wanted to maximise deep sleep time16:55:28
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI would make it wake without WiFi and see if the temp had changed enough to care about16:55:46
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoif not, back to sleep, if yes then reboot with wifi.16:56:06
@oly:matrix.orgoly SgtWilko: like it, adding anything else to your assistant ? 17:16:06
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoYeah, going to add more sensors, some lights (I have some sonoff minis), maybe blinds and curtain control18:37:36
@oly:matrix.orgolyand your chair lifting table ? :-D18:47:06

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