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11 Oct 2019
14:49:25@oly:matrix.orgolymatt_c_ got the programmer for mine now but not had a chance to play yet :/
12 Oct 2019
09:49:59@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoPiWars Extream at EMF camp...
10:30:26@oly:matrix.orgolydo you know any more than that ?
10:30:34@oly:matrix.orgolywhat makes it extreme
10:40:29@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI asked...
13 Oct 2019
14:27:48@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowy ab86uk
14:40:15@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowyI decided to give my Zortrax 3D printer a bit of maintenance today after 4-5 years of use, I do grease it etc. but have never taken the heated bed apart and this is what I found.
14:41:40@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowySandwiched between the heated bed and the perforated top plate. Not good for heat transfer or bed levelling. Lesson learned.
14:43:15@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Perforated? Is that for better adhesion?
14:43:31@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Mine just had an aluminium sheet
14:44:12@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Which I added PEI or blue tape to
15:34:04@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Perforated looks like a very good idea (except for the yuck) :-P
16:13:19@oly:matrix.orgolynicedo you get a buup pattern on all your prints from it being perforated ?
16:44:10@oly:matrix.orgolyI am in catan mode again, building a small empire :)
17:02:29@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilko oly: this was the spherical version I saw...
17:06:01@oly:matrix.orgolyoh nice
17:07:15@oly:matrix.orgolythats a really good idea using poly panels to keep it all together
17:36:39@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowyThe perforations soon get filled up so you end up with a flat surface anyway.
19:39:18@oly:matrix.orgolyWho's at the hackspace tomorrow ?
19:44:56@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowyMe :)
20:28:02@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukMe too. 😆
14 Oct 2019
06:30:09@oly:matrix.orgolygreat see you both later :)
16:14:14@mhackspace:matrix.orgmhackspace[DOORBOT] oly has entered the building

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