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7 Apr 2020
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
It's a dying solar system that's quantumly unstable so all sort of weird thing and alien tech to explore and figure out what's going on
Sound very interesting. Might give that a go.
21:22:36@oly:matrix.orgoly It very intriguing, I am hooked but it's getting more puzzling as there are event happening across the solar system that are linked.
21:29:11@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Outer wilds?
21:29:32@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Or worlds
21:34:46@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Similar space games I think
21:42:09@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Ah I had that on my wish list
21:42:16@oly:matrix.orgolyIt's on PC and consoles
21:42:18@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_But the other one looks interesting too
21:43:46@oly:matrix.orgolyAh will YouTube it tomorrow :)
21:45:31@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukouter worlds looks like more my thing, rather than outer wilds. lol. Reminds me a bit of mass effect.
22:00:14@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Both not on Steam yet, although released somewhere Epic?
22:05:51@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_ I have far too many games I've not played yet on Steam. Resisting buying more. I keep playing Minecraft instead lol. It's changed a bit since I played it years ago :-P
8 Apr 2020
08:20:06@ridders:matrix.orgSimon Ridley@ab86uk:matrix.org: thanks for the advice yesterday, that worked perfectly! No more heat
In reply to @ridders:matrix.org
@ab86uk:matrix.org: thanks for the advice yesterday, that worked perfectly! No more heat
Great to hear. I'd love to see your antenna thing when it's done. Really curious about what you're up to.
12:34:55@oly:matrix.orgolyBeen experimenting with a different kind of making, fermented vegetables
12:35:26@oly:matrix.orgolyCome out a cool colour, looks like some kind of potion :p
16:08:30@oly:matrix.orgolygoing for a walk in a sec, we can do a video conference thing if anyone wants later ?
20:54:37@ridders:matrix.orgSimon RidleyDoes anyone know of any better brackets for antenna such as these?
20:55:14@ridders:matrix.orgSimon RidleyScreenshot_20200408-214948.jpg
20:56:20@ridders:matrix.orgSimon RidleyThe brackets on the back are made of a cheap aluminium and bend when tightened and slip on the pole in high wind
22:29:29@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukNo. I know nothing. In fact, my temptation would be to drill through and put a bolt in, which is probably the wrong answer.
9 Apr 2020
In reply to @ridders:matrix.org
Does anyone know of any better brackets for antenna such as these?
Don't forget that extra metal can affect the aerial
17:16:31@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_Bit of nice wood and some screws?
17:17:36@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_ Aerials perform a tiny tiny bit better usually if there's some grounded metal behind them in the opposite direction from the signal... I think
17:24:08@matt_c_:matrix.orgmatt_c_I feel guilty that all the work PCs are left on 24/7 now so that we can remote desktop to them... Think of all that electricity.


The Italian 3D printed ventilator is now fully automated & running 24/7!

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