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12 Dec 2018
17:27:10@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames πŸ˜ƒ
17:27:15@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames can;'t wait to fix the mess tomorrow...
17:27:59@oly:matrix.orgolyokay, I am at the space now anyway
18:16:25@_discord_275940922057949184:t2bot.ioAlan81 I'm at the community centre now, could someone please direct me
18:22:03@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames Could someone let me through the door
18:22:16@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames Don't worry
18:29:44@bnknght:matrix.orgbnknght joined the room.
18:40:19@benknight135:matrix.orgbenknight135 joined the room.
21:28:59@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames Cheers Alexuk86 let me know how your 1% stretched version goes...
21:30:17@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukWill do 😁
21:31:21@oly:matrix.orgolythats quite a nice little print you have there :)
21:36:00@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86uk I'm actually very pleased with how that printed. Most of the (very minor) issues with it are down to the model.
21:50:46@_discord_275940922057949184:t2bot.ioAlan81 πŸ‘Œ
22:58:57@oly:matrix.orgolyDid the other print come out @ab86uk:matrix.org
23:16:44@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86uk Nope. Failed again. I think I need to look at the firmware to make sure there isn't anything getting upset by using the higher temps.
13 Dec 2018
01:07:31@benknight135:matrix.orgbenknight135Played around with some ball detection when I got home...
01:12:07@benknight135:matrix.orgbenknight135m.video Event
07:24:47@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86uk This year they're making the whole corner of the pen into the colour, rather than just having a ball.
08:31:28@oly:matrix.orgolyah shame on the print
08:32:08@oly:matrix.orgoly the ball detection looks cool we did not have that red dot with a trail is that a opencv thing or did you write something todo that ? benknight135
08:32:25@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukYeah. Quite annoying.
09:13:51@benknight135:matrix.orgbenknight135 oly: basically just installed and ran this... https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2015/09/14/ball-tracking-with-opencv/# then was going to dig in and customise it as needed. It’s basically thresholding for a colour range and then finding the largest contour and fitting it to a circle. To drive, can probably just find the centre of the largest contour and then look for which half of the image the centre is in, left or right.
09:21:27@oly:matrix.orgolycool I think we had something similar last year, wee had the circle around the round object, however it struggled quite a bit as the background changed and would pick up a lot of false positives which wee had to try and filter out from what I remember
09:30:55@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukThat is very close to how it worked last year. We tuned the colour matching at the event.
11:05:23@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames Alexuk86 how was the fit with 1% scaling?
11:19:46@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86uk I only got the first half printed before i went home. Also I didn't have a cartridge on my to test the fit. I might pop in at the weekend and finish it.
13:29:16@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames ah ok! the top of the upper portion just detatched
13:29:36@_discord_158311173878579201:t2bot.iogeekyjames will look at making a remix and making that section a bit thicker

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