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19 Jan 2020
16:15:31@oly:matrix.orgolywho's coming tomorrow ?
16:16:28@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoyep, already cleared EMF with MrsWilko
16:23:38@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86ukOh! Do you remember at last end we borrowed a soldering iron from people camping near us? That was Newcastle. I was looking at the guy thinking he look familiar and he remembered.
18:05:59@oly:matrix.orgolyan nice, made it down to your local hackspace then :)
18:08:29@oly:matrix.orgoly are wee likely to see you at emf camp then with newcastle ab86uk
18:39:07@ab86uk:matrix.orgab86uk Depends if I get a ticket when they come out, but yeah I'm definitely gonna be trying!
18:42:17@oly:matrix.orgolyawesome, I am not 100% just yet I want to go not sure about timing
18:42:32@oly:matrix.orgolymay buy a ticket and sell on in case I can't go
19:01:50@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoSounds like a plan.
19:02:14@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoI was going to try to get two tickets as it was a but of a panic last time
19:02:23@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoAnd then see who had missed out.
19:03:36@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilko@cptwaistcoat you only just got in last time, right?
19:04:09@oly:matrix.orgoly yeah have to get the word out just before they come up again may have a few new people like scwooowy Glen Skinnerand bigwhitegiant who may be interested in going
19:05:22@oly:matrix.orgolyhopefully we will not be so near to that prolific snorer
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
hopefully we will not be so near to that prolific snorer
Not sure you can avoid that!
19:09:07@oly:matrix.orgoly I wonder if TheArduinoGuy is planning on going again ?
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
hopefully we will not be so near to that prolific snorer
20 Jan 2020
12:43:46@oly:matrix.orgoly scwooowy: circuit board turned up today for harry :)
14:38:58@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowyNice one. Wont be around tonight got friends round sorry
14:39:36@oly:matrix.orgolyokay no worries, anyone else going to be around ?
14:40:12@oly:matrix.orgoly looking at you SgtWilko :) else I may just do some stuff at home
In reply to @oly:matrix.org
looking at you SgtWilko :) else I may just do some stuff at home
Maybe, depends on MrsWilko leaving work on time
17:23:09@mhackspace:matrix.orgmhackspace[DOORBOT] oly has entered the building
17:29:48@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilko Yeah, I'm not able to make it.
17:29:53@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoMaybe next week!
17:40:56@oly:matrix.orgolyOkay no worries drop of new board, did a quick clean of the side so going to head home myself
21 Jan 2020
19:43:51@oly:matrix.orgolywho's around tomorrow ?
20:37:14@scwooowy:matrix.orgscwooowyYep should be
20:51:53@oly:matrix.orgolycool, beans some one emailed so we may have a visitor as well

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