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11 Jul 2021

For when you want to spend hours shaving seconds off your 4 minute walk...


@oly:matrix.orgolyLol, is this a theme. On YouTube at the moment :p08:30:48
@oly:matrix.orgolyBeen watching videos on making bikes out of paper, and turbines and go karts with bamboo08:31:40
@oly:matrix.orgolyI did not know people grew bamboo in the uk08:32:03
@oly:matrix.orgolyhttps://www.youtube.com/c/RobertMurraySmith/videos I liked the bamboo idea, thought it would be easier for us to work with if we did hacky racing again 08:39:53
Download IMG_20210711_133608.jpg
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 Made a 22cm square workboard today. Simple stuff, but means I can work at the dining room table without worries about drilling into the table! 12:38:56
Download IMG_20210711_132223.jpg
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 Then I used it to make a miniature wind chime for the Tortoise "Hobbit house" I made last summer. Lol 12:40:43
@oly:matrix.orgolyah nice I like it, looks like quite a nice little clamp you have there as well :)13:20:46
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 I've had that mini vice for years, stuck in a cupboard, waiting to be used. Fits quite nicely. 13:49:47
17 Jul 2021
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat oly can I tap your brains regarding docker? 18:38:58
@oly:matrix.orgoly CptWaistcoat sure 19:45:37
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat I have some python RPA code that works along side selenium and firefox 19:46:47
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat Could I use docker to spin up a virtual container with the code and Firefox and have simultaneous containers for each URL I pass to the code? 19:48:02
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat I have so far about 50 URLs which I want to use RPA on, however I don't want to queue them as this takes to long 19:48:55
@oly:matrix.orgolyYou could do that, for Firefox you would need headless mode unless you can forward x1120:02:06
@oly:matrix.orgolyBut you could just run it in parallel or run the process multiple times perhaps20:02:27
@oly:matrix.orgolyUnfortunately python is not the best when it comes to concurrency20:03:04
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat I can do headless mode 20:03:10
@oly:matrix.orgolyDepends where you running, but if you want containers that run any where then headless is the way to go20:04:10
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat Does RPA work with headless? 20:04:45
@oly:matrix.orgolyWhat's RPA ?20:05:01
@oly:matrix.orgolyDoes that stand for raspberry pi A ?20:09:23
@oly:matrix.orgolyAlso the thing with docker is it's more like spinning up isolated processes than virtual machines, so it not much different than running it on you laptop except all the requirements are isolated to specific reproducible versions20:12:26
18 Jul 2021
@_discord_265517419454267394:t2bot.ioCptWaistcoat Robotic processing automation 07:46:09
@oly:matrix.orgolyNot used that so can't say for certain, but I don't see why not10:34:40
25 Jul 2021
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 Just testing my 3D printer Electronics before I start construction and my 12v heated bed has 1.4 ohm resistance across the pins. I was expecting it to be around 2.0 ohms. Do you see any issues with it being so low or is that about what it should be? 14:51:34
@oly:matrix.orgolyNever tested it but I remember mine had a connector for 12v or another for 24v but never tested the resistance20:40:38
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 I bought an A3 sheet of Aluminium Composite for £8 on eBay. It's nice to work with and apparently heat resistant! We shall see what happens with my 100W heated bed sitting on top of it. Lol 20:53:32

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