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14 Nov 2020
@oly:matrix.orgolyah fair enough, got a stadia today :p 19:41:23
@oly:matrix.orgolyits actually works pretty well considering my internet is a bit crappy 19:41:51
@oly:matrix.orgolyyet to see any real lag or anything, not found any games yet i actually want to play though with out paying 19:42:54
15 Nov 2020
@_discord_777672268988809247:t2bot.ioMoppler joined the room.23:12:09
16 Nov 2020
Download 20201116_131757_4423217484469174000.jpg
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkoh SgtWilko: how did you get on? 13:18:02
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkohworks though 13:38:27
Download image.png
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoMine arrived this afternoon, haven't had a chance to set it up18:05:51
19 Nov 2020
@sones:matrix.orgTom Sparrow changed their display name from Tom Sparrow / sones to Tom Sparrow .15:57:52
20 Nov 2020
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancis joined the room.18:57:46
21 Nov 2020
@_discord_332610353525555201:t2bot.ioScaremonger#6700 https://hackaday.com/2020/11/20/3d-printable-cloth-takes-advantage-of-defects/ 11:28:23
@oly:matrix.orgolyInteresting I kind hoped it was an alternative to plastic though :p13:55:14
22 Nov 2020
@oly:matrix.orgoly SgtWilko: Simon Ridley and anyone else regarding the offer of teaching a bit of clojure thinking one evening after 8 any days you cant do or would prefer ? there will also be some setup before hand if you want to follow along. 14:40:43
@oly:matrix.orgolyperhaps one wednesday which is traditionally a hackspace evening :)15:11:47
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoCan't do this Wednesday, last week for our lockdown quiz19:46:38
@SgtWilko:matrix.orgSgtWilkoBut, yeah sounds like a plan19:46:51
@oly:matrix.orgolyokay cool, perhaps I will plan on putting together requirements for following along by this wednesday 19:47:53
@oly:matrix.orgolythen if anyone wants to try but has any difficulties I may be able to help 19:48:56
23 Nov 2020
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkohSo uhhh I received my first Thingiverse tip. lovely suprise10:51:11
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkoh * So uhhh I received my first Thingiverse tip. lovely suprise10:51:24
@oly:matrix.orgolyah nice,to know people will actually tip on that platform, does it tell you haw many downloads until you got the tip ?10:56:59
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkohIt doesnt tell me what model it is10:58:26
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkohor status per date for each model/project10:58:37
@oly:matrix.orgolythat really sucks else you could put more effort into the models people tip for :/ 11:40:07
@kohkoh:matrix.orgkohkohPaypal also takes a large % :(11:56:37

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