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10 Aug 2020
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchoI actually need both a 450 and 300 es backend for what im doing (sort of a transpiler) hence why i split everything into a common module15:03:39
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: I answered some of your comments and im implementing the others but otherwise the backend is mostly ready and i'll start on the 300 backend as soon as everything is addressed i left ShiftRightLogical unimplemented because there's no one-to-one translation 15:07:49
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark jcapucho: I think I'm confused now about why you need the typifier 15:35:07
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkit was supposed to be used in front-ends15:35:13
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: I use it in the imagesample to get dimensions and the kind and also the sampler to see if its comparison or not 15:37:29
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkwait, you have the IR module. It has types and handles to types already. Typifier is meant to fill up those types, but you already have all the types in the module you get.15:38:30
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho Yes but in Expression::ImageSample I only have handles to the expression arena 15:40:25
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark those expressions are expected to be GlobalVariable. In fact, maybe we should change the IR to do this. I had those as expressions just because I wasn't sure if we'll need to be able to use local variables for textures/samplers and stuch, but so far it's not possible in WGSL or Naga 15:42:13
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark so what you should be doing is just matching the expressions and expecting them to be GlobalVariable, then looking at the types for those global vars
this is what the typifier is doing, anyway, as well as other backends
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: i was working on removing the typifier from the glsl backend and noticed that it's also used in AccessIndex to decide whether it's indexing or field access and that glsl es has no implicit conversions so a method on typifier for backends to get the type of an expression might be a good idea 20:04:49
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkin other words, you are saying that similar logic may be needed in other backends?20:06:37
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkdid you check MSL for the reference?20:06:42
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchono im saying it might be needed for es, i havent checked msl yet 20:07:29
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchothe msl backend returns the type i might do the same for the glsl backend20:12:41
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@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúšFully classified with constructs as well now.22:29:07
@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúšNo promises when I can continue to work on It. I have to back get to my thesis now :) (making my demo cool, porting AMD SSAO).22:30:11
@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúšBut this was the most difficult part I guess. From this a final Naga IR can be generated.22:30:46
@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúšRemaining major part is resolution of OpPhi instructions.22:31:00
@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúš * But this was the most difficult part I guess. From this a final Naga IR can be generated.22:33:35
@matustalcik:matrix.orgMatúšI am kind of proud of myself. I don't know if anybody is able to generate such beautiful graphs of SPIR-V :D. I fell in love with the dot format and the new online playground http://magjac.com/graphviz-visual-editor/; highly recommend!22:35:59
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkLooking forward to have this landed!22:43:01
11 Aug 2020
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: I fixed all the comments you made 09:01:32

Just some things that the glsl backend is ignoring:

  • the module header (shouldn't be anything necessary here)
  • Pointer storage class
  • Array stride
  • Struct members origin
  • Constant specialization
  • Function global usage (Shouldn't have anything needed here)
  • Entry points are completely ignored as glsl only supports one entry point (main) and it doesn't have decorators with shader stage

somethings that aren't implemented:

  • image loads on multi sampled samplers
  • logical right shift
  • reordering of structs, globals and functions
@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkAwesome, thank you!11:54:17

jcapucho: there are 2 things to note

  1. the style is mixed between free functions fn write_xxx and methods, i.e. fn write_glsl in impl Statement. Can we align everything to be consistent?
  2. some commits failed CI. Would you be ok if we squash it on merge?
@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: I pushed a change to fix 1 and for me squashing is fine I did run clippy but forgot to pass --all-features so some warning passed in the beginning 14:59:57
12 Aug 2020
@kvark:matrix.orgkvark pjoe: might be interested in https://github.com/suhr/sana 02:57:03

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