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19 May 2020
15:44:44@kvark:matrix.orgkvark jcapucho: jrmuizel so if I read you correctly, we could write a parser by hand that would not need to care about the older GLSL syntax and thus be smaller than the current nom-based one?
15:45:30@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkAFAIK, that backwards compat is what cripples glslang translator today. It wound be nice if our from-the-ground design had this advantage on the start, instead of taking the same baseline.
15:45:41@jrmuizel:mozilla.orgjrmuizel kvark: I think just writing it while thinking about code-size is what would make the difference
15:46:06@jrmuizel:mozilla.orgjrmuizel kvark: I don't think older syntax costs much space in the glsl crate
15:47:30@jrmuizel:mozilla.orgjrmuizel glslang also does a lot more during parsing than the glsl crate does which probably gives it size advantage
15:47:50@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchoNo the glsl crate is mostly nom
15:48:05@jrmuizel:mozilla.orgjrmuizelit also probably doesn't have the mov-pocalypse that rust code tends to generate
15:50:01@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho But the glsl crate also isn't feature complete for example all the layout qualifier parsing is left to the user
15:51:11@jrmuizel:mozilla.orgjrmuizelI could imagine that not having a separate lexing phase also contributes to code bloat because the lexing needs to be duplicated in a bunch of places in the parser
15:51:50@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho I already had to rewrite the preprocessor part and the lexer by extension since glsl doesn't handle it
20 May 2020
05:57:51@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoewhat is the strategy for tests? glslang has a s**tload of tests, glsl source files, expected AST (as text dumps), and expected spirv output
05:59:42@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoethey actually capture the output of the compilation, i.e. they also test for errors being output correctly
06:00:25@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoesee e.g. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glslang/blob/master/Test/baseResults/450.frag.out
06:09:36@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoewould be great to re-use some of that, but not sure about licensing ... looks to me like glslang proper is under BSD 3 clause
09:48:35@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoebtw. are there any good alternatives to nom? a quick search found me: https://github.com/softdevteam/grmtools
10:07:00@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchoThe wgsl lexer is pure rust and just about 100 line
10:39:11@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoeok .. was just thinking if could re-use some of glslang lexer/parser ... but maybe more trouble than it's worth
10:40:37@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoeglslang has bison based lexer/parser (.y file): https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glslang/blob/master/glslang/MachineIndependent/glslang.y
12:55:54@kvark:matrix.orgkvark pjoe: we haven't thought all the testing through. We are going to have some shaders (in test-data folder) converted back and forth by a test that runs with cargo test. We also want to have https://github.com/gfx-rs/naga/issues/41.
Generally, I think testing as granular as possible would be great, i.e. snapshotting IR as well as testing expectations for certain errors - all of that would be good to have, in reasonable amounts (as long as maintaining the tests is not more burden than the actual logic).
17:48:00@scoopr:matrix.orgscoopr bindgen does something similar to snapshot testing, if that helps as a reference
23 May 2020
10:17:55@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho kvark: I've finished implementing the preprocessor (with the exception of token pasting) but it's very inefficient as it has to transform everything to a string again to the glsl crate, the best solution would be to write a custom parser and it would also help with the code hell generated by nom but I don't think I can do it (at least not alone)
16:26:28@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapucho @kvark:matrix.org: I'm going to start working on the parser then
19:50:17@kvark:matrix.orgkvarkIt's exciting to finally being able to throw glslang out!
20:02:29@jcapucho:matrix.orgjcapuchoshaderc in my case but I agree
24 May 2020
17:25:59@kriztw:matrix.orgkriztw joined the room.
25 May 2020
06:36:59* @pjoe:matrix.orgpjoe added PR with inital wasm build: https://github.com/gfx-rs/naga/pull/55
06:37:23@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoemust admit travis build ouptut is rather verbose, maybe should consider minimizing that a bit
06:38:36@pjoe:matrix.orgpjoe though after looking at .travis.yml I'm guessing that is more of an issue with travis default config :)

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