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17 Mar 2019
21:45:42@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondguess i have that wolf stuff now
21:45:53@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11man vaga what happened? Sweden broke up?
21:46:01@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11oh yeah that wolf order is the shit
21:46:13@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondmy guy died and they became independent
21:46:17@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondfor the moment
21:46:18@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11it lets you sacrifice all your prisoners lol
21:53:57@Diz:matrix.orgDizI am going to be eternally fucked up because i had to have 5 sons once
21:55:59@Diz:matrix.orgDizI was like 200 gold away from having my kingdom :(
21:59:45@0ddba11:matrix.org0ddba11D: aw man, so close...
22:04:11@Diz:matrix.orgDizif i could only die now
22:04:39@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondgame rules won't let me kill you
22:05:14@Diz:matrix.orgDizof course my character won't die when i want him to die
22:05:37@Diz:matrix.orgDizif i lose the war i think i will be imprisoned
22:06:33@Diz:matrix.orgDizoh yes
23:37:04@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondnext time i'll check inheritance before killing one of your characters lol
23:39:16@Diz:matrix.orgDizjust destroy the kingdom of sweden
23:39:19@Diz:matrix.orgDizmake the all dukes
23:50:57@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondeasier said than done
23:51:14@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabondmy council won't let me do anything right now
18 Mar 2019
07:09:44@Diz:matrix.orgDizyeah I have been having council problems as well
07:10:05@Diz:matrix.orgDizI died while in regency with my uncle as heir and he made 5 kids the bastard
07:10:46@Diz:matrix.orgDizI gave them land and council roles since I didn't want to lose 6 provinces out of my 8 province duchy
07:10:53@Diz:matrix.orgDizin the end they just killed each other
09:05:09@_neb_rssbot_=40realvagabond=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@realvagabond:matrix.org] Paradox Grand Strategy posted a new article: Man The Guns: Looking at Fuel - Part 3 | Hearts of Iron IV ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH3VTmiSqsU )
11:42:43@_neb_rssbot_=40realvagabond=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@realvagabond:matrix.org] Paradox Interactive Forums posted a new article: Imperator - Development Diary - 18th of March 2019 ( https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/imperator-development-diary-18th-of-march-2019.1160890/ )
11:54:00@Diz:matrix.orgDizearly dev diary nice
11:54:05@Diz:matrix.orgDizachievements and formable nations
11:54:11@Diz:matrix.orgDizI love it

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