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26 Apr 2021
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27 Apr 2021
In reply to @_neb_rssbot_=40ed1727=3amatrix.org:matrix.org
The Self-Hosting Blog:
Issue #11 • Free tunnels from Cloudflare
Eh, I have to sign in to read this?
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterNot a fan of that really...10:15:55
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterIf I wanted to link this to a friend then there's zero chance they'd read it now10:16:20
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeter☹️ 10:16:22
@_discord_81293921614831616:t2bot.ioSkillfulMmd Is it not a link to here - https://blog.cloudflare.com/tunnel-for-everyone/ 10:16:31
In reply to @pwr22:shortestpath.dev
If I wanted to link this to a friend then there's zero chance they'd read it now
Interesting, it's part of the newsletter, so requires a signup
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterAh interesting, I just clicked the link here10:17:54
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterLooks like they are still listed on the main site among the other posts10:18:34
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterI'm all for suggesting people subscribe but blocking the article IMO isn't the way to go10:19:04
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdOkay cool, let's try it without blocking then10:22:03
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterOk cool!10:22:52
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterYou don't have to listen to me btw, I'm just one voice and maybe my experience with these things isn't typical 🙂 10:23:13
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdI wanted to have some member only content as part of an incentive to sign up10:23:27
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdYeah I don't know, I 100% know what you mean, and personally I'm not a fan, I'm just struggling to find ways to get people to sign up10:24:05
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterThat makes sense. I actually signed up on the first article I read because I thought it was well written and informative. Just great really!10:24:25
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterAnd I was like - I want to read more of this!10:24:37
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdAh thanks!10:24:46
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterBut unfortunately I use like 5 different devices, hence finding out I need to sign in today on my work machine 10:24:54
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdHow would you feel about being notified for every article we publish? would that be to spammy?10:25:30
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdIf I make the newsletters public, but have the signup incentive as a notification system10:25:55
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterI actually wouldn't mind that at all10:26:14
@pwr22:shortestpath.devPeterPersonally that sounds good to me but I know people can be very particular about this sort of thing so it's for sure a hard problem to solve well10:27:02
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdCool, thanks for the suggestions!10:28:36
@ed1727:matrix.orgEdI've made the latest post public, just updating them one by one at the moment10:28:51
3 May 2021
@_neb_rssbot_=40ed1727=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@ed1727:matrix.org] The Self-Hosting Blog:
Issue #12 • Save time by using the Raspberry Pi Imager's hidden feature
7 May 2021
@_discord_408735693108674567:t2bot.io0verlord joined the room.22:41:26
8 May 2021
@_discord_617084558344454150:t2bot.ioEd1727#2234 Hey 0verlord welcome! 04:32:49
10 May 2021
@_neb_rssbot_=40ed1727=3amatrix.org:matrix.orgRSS Bot [@ed1727:matrix.org] The Self-Hosting Blog:
Issue #13 • Switching to iPhone from Android

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