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5 Dec 2018
13:35:25@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardtI generally push people towards our wiki (wiki.web3.foundation). At the moment it is hosted as a wiki on GH. More specifically, I point people towards the Substrate page: https://github.com/w3f/Web3-wiki/wiki/Substrate
13:36:18@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardteventually you would end up at Parity's RTD pages for Substrate that you've already seen.
13:38:29@thomas_:matrix.orgzie1onyThank you for clarification.
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15:41:54@alexandra:matrix.parity.ioalexandra(Passing this on since it seems like a helpful endeavor.) TechGDPR is holding a survey amongst blockchain projects to establish a market overview of GDPR compliance state and issues to fuel discussions with regulators. You can help by filling out a short survey if you represent a blockchain project in the EU. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeojEXyZoc-mXOyHFWtjP2g9HeR_zXlfrmizFaZAcxSVzIoAg/viewform?pli=1
15:56:25@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3FIntroducing Web3 Foundation Grants: https://medium.com/@web3/introducing-web3-foundation-grants-442f6753926a
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16:09:55@danse:matrix.orgdansehi all, i am new to polkadot, substratum and web3, happy to learn more ... it 's the first time i use riot as well
16:12:57@keorn:matrix.orgpeter danse: hey!
16:25:25@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardt Hey danse Welcome! As a starting point, take a look at our wiki pages: https://github.com/w3f/Web3-wiki/wiki/Polkadot
16:29:39@thomas_:matrix.orgzie1ony@danse This lecture is good for start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IoUZdDi5Is
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20:37:30@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.comdanse: welcome
20:38:40@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com “Build Polkadot Validator node and sync from block #2million with backup file and be an…” by melea crypto https://link.medium.com/K3k2HthqpS
20:42:15@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com Do you mean this link melea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com ? https://hackmd.io/y-E9Q9jTRreni6z9EU0kkA#
20:42:47@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com Build BBQ Birch or Polkadot.
Welcome again
20:43:23@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com

Introducing Web3 Foundation Grants: https://medium.com/@web3/introducing-web3-foundation-grants-442f6753926a


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6 Dec 2018
In reply to @melea:matrix.org
“Build Polkadot Validator node and sync from block #2million with backup file and be an…” by melea crypto https://link.medium.com/K3k2HthqpS
Great guide! I'm @dpn on medium - if you want me to touch up the english feel free to add me. The guide is clear and simple, a good resource :)
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04:41:30@melea:matrix.orgmelea-trust 🐞 | meleatrust.com👌.
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06:30:45@maxvgi:matrix.orgmaxvgiHi all! When should I get first rewards if I nominate my DOTS?
08:44:02@pstehlik:matrix.orgpstehlik changed their display name from pstehlik - centrifuge to pstehlik.
09:17:26@chevdor:matrix.orgchevdormaxvgi: After the first session in the next era

chevdor: hm, I have nominated a day ago. And my balance did not change since that time.

I have only 10k DOT. Possibly rewards are set proportionally to nomination value and I do not get any because my contribution is too low and my reward is less then 1 DOT?

09:32:51@maxvgi:matrix.orgmaxvgiValidator's total balance is over 35M
09:38:01@chevdor:matrix.orgchevdor You reward will be 900 / (35m + 10k) * 10k. If this is <1 then indeed your balance will not increase.
10:02:17@maxvgi:matrix.orgmaxvgiThank you for your response. Can someone please share some more DOTs to my account so I can earn via nominating? 5D3kLTGJdtM8S3zctE58RZBNz8zackZNTMPqCxddP6q6Gnzu

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