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14 Dec 2017
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14:43:43@mariapaulafn:matrix.orgMPBY POPULAR DEMAND**** After you asked for it, we got to work and penned a dev update for non-devs, with a glossary included. Looking forward to your feedback on this one! after all you came up with the idea :) https://medium.com/polkadot-network/polkadot-simplified-developer-update-1-a29e089f6ceb
15:04:31@ogcurious:matrix.orgogcurious set a profile picture.
15:42:22@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardthuge improvement in readability
15:42:41@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardthopefully my comments about adding a glossary were seen as constructive :-)
15:52:07@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardt"we’ll focus on breaking down the terms and processes being referenced as the Internet of Blockchains is constructed" -- probably don't need "is constructed" "distributed ledgers (blockchains)" - I can understand this comment from a point of brevity, although I see the two sets have an intersection without being equal. "Thanks is significant" - this is significant * ?

great article MP , my 2 cents:

  • it feels odd but I had to google the second acronyme "TFW".
  • TL;DR should be a summary for the article, here it feels more like an intro
16:12:05@mariapaulafn:matrix.orgMPthibaut_s: it’s a joke :)
16:12:30@mariapaulafn:matrix.orgMPWe wanted to be funny
16:12:38@mariapaulafn:matrix.orgMPHaha thanks for the feedback!
16:15:34@mariapaulafn:matrix.orgMP Hahaha!!! Maybe too non-techy??
16:32:28@thibaut_s:matrix.orgthibaut_sAs we are in the "non-techy" articles, I finished to write an intro to Polkadot, I'd be glad to have your feedback on it. Peter had a look at it as it was a draft but it got significantly changed since then. Feel free to comment directly on Medium too : https://medium.com/@thibauts/polkadot-the-internet-of-blockchains-explained-in-simple-words-9981ded05bc9
17:00:16@azulmarino3:matrix.orgazulmarino MP: good update Maria ... like the format
18:15:19@todr:matrix.orgUse @todr:matrix.parity.io changed their display name from todr to Use @todr:matrix.parity.io.
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18:24:25@todr:matrix.orgUse @todr:matrix.parity.io changed their profile picture.
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15 Dec 2017
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