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18 Nov 2018
09:10:16@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGav There was a public token auction around 12 months ago
09:12:16@ghuun:matrix.orgghuunhow about the next ico?
09:14:17@li_wei:matrix.orgli_weido we have a hd web wallet ?
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15:23:22@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F ghuunthere are no concrete plans for a second public sale. Stay tuned in the New Year for more information.
15:25:13@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F blerk21: more info on the public token auction here: polkadot.market/summary-of-the-polkadot-ico

Jack | W3F:

no concrete plans for a second public sale. Stay tuned in the New Year for more information
I am now a bit confused.. so what will happen in New Year if there are no plans?

16:31:27@purpletentacle:matrix.orgpurpletentacleI am now a bit confused.. so what will happen in New Year if there are no plans?
16:39:41@luke:matrix.parity.ioluke purpletentacle: i don't know the answer, but there may be a difference between 'no concrete plans' and 'no plans'
17:13:09@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavso basically, though we don't want to commit to anything quite yet, it's very likely that there will be another public sale/auction shortly before network launch, which we're still optimistic will be sometime in 2019.
17:13:47@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavonce we've figured out the details, and once we're happy to commit to a specific launch timeline, then we'll make a proper announcement about the second public sale
19:13:53@samzhu:matrix.orgWJ changed their display name from Sam Zhu to WJ.
23:37:53@crsCR:matrix.orgcrsDo you have an idea on size of sale? Same as last, way smaller, bigger... I'm trying to remember wording for first auction re. further token sales... Will have to check later.
23:49:43@crsCR:matrix.orgcrsAh - "“20% of the tokens is reserved for later pre-launch distributions; probably sales, but can’t rule out other mechanisms, too”"
19 Nov 2018
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08:07:40@emielvanderhoek:matrix.orgemiel [polkascan | polkasource]

I wish I could measure slashing but this currently hard using RPC to properly detect slashing vs withdrawal. This is why Polkabot says all the time that there may be slashing going on. Or not...

As far as I can tell there is a nice SRML event for this in BBQB (and poc3). Event: staking.offlineSlash (0x0302).

Check polkascan for an example: https://polkascan.io/n-pre/bbqbirch/activity/event/624191;1

08:10:41@emielvanderhoek:matrix.orgemiel [polkascan | polkasource]Redacted or Malformed Event
08:11:35@emielvanderhoek:matrix.orgemiel [polkascan | polkasource]The event parameters identify the particular account being slashed and the amount.
08:37:43@chevdor:matrix.orgchevdor Jack | W3F: Phil Is there a repo somewhere with the Polkadot / Substrate slides that keep being used ?
08:40:17@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F chevdorGav's slides for Web3 Summit? slides.com/paritytech/substrate_web3summit
10:03:18@chevdor:matrix.orgchevdorGood to have but I meant generic slides about polkadot / substrate. I need to put slides together and would like to reuse some of the amazing looking charts and diagrams :)
11:38:37@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3FWe try to keep presentations updated on the W3F collab repo: github.com/w3f/Web3-collaboration/blob/master/meetups.md
11:39:01@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F I will email you some more recent ones now, too
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21:34:23@Montaigne85:matrix.orgMontaigne85So, any updates on GRANDPA/PoC-3?
20 Nov 2018

Montaigne85: GRANDPA's defined in the glossary:

GRANDPA (GHOST-based Recursive ANcestor Deriving Prefix Agreement) aka SHAFT (SHared Ancestry Finality Tool), originally known as AfG, is a finality gadget for blockchains, implemented in Rust. The formal specification is published at https://github.com/w3f/consensus/blob/master/pdf/grandpa.pdf.

03:44:42@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F luke: i think Montaigne85 is referring to updates on the release of PoC-3
07:03:06@rphmeier:matrix.parity.iorphmeier Montaigne85: If you watch the substrate and finality-grandpa repos, there are plenty of updates :)
07:03:52@rphmeier:matrix.parity.iorphmeierWe have successfully deployed substrate chains using GRANDPA, with dynamic authority sets. The last feature before we consider it ready for production is the ability for voters to safely skip ahead to the latest round when they have fallen behind. There is a PR open for that in the finality-grandpa repo

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