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18 Feb 2019
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19 Feb 2019
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01:14:07@chris988:matrix.orgpolka988hello guys, there is a serious issue, one of my friend ether wallet got stolen. in his wallet there are still 780 dot. is there somebody can give us some help
01:16:32@chris988:matrix.orgpolka988 polka988: he provide the private key to the liar, and transfer 10 eth to the liars' wallet, right now he is very afraid to lose the dot
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06:55:46@maxwebfree:matrix.orgmaxwebfree rphmeier: Hey Robert. Is there any news regarding GRANDPA's staking mechanism (amount of DOTs that will be required to become a validator in the mainnet etc.). Btw great talk with Pomp! It was please to learn more about your path in the cryptospace (a link for Robert's talk with Pomp: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/BWG2120167197?selected=BWG5680925146)
06:56:50@maxwebfree:matrix.orgmaxwebfree*It was a pleasure.
07:10:05@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGav maxwebfree: I mentioned some potential figures for validators in my M-1 presentation

Block reward/inflation

  • ~1m DOTs in first year
  • 1-2,000 DOTs/validator/month

Around 50 validators over the first year.

07:18:21@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavBut this is all preliminary projections, subject to market forces, technical constraints, &c.
08:16:49@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F
In reply to @chris988:matrix.org
hello guys, there is a serious issue, one of my friend ether wallet got stolen. in his wallet there are still 780 dot. is there somebody can give us some help
There is no way to change someone's contributing address, unfortunately. The person would need to transfer the DOTs out of the address after main number launch.
08:17:16@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F You'll have to be quicker, chances are the hacker might not remember, track or care about the DOT allocation. Keep track of the announcement for the DOT claiming process and make sure to claim them the second the doors open.
08:26:14@burrrata:matrix.orgburrrataJust posted some questions on the Polkadot Governance room, but from the looks of it there hasn't been much activity there of late. Is that still the best place for governance related questions?
08:49:46@keorn:matrix.orgpeterThats a good place
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10:59:58@apriljane:matrix.orgapriljane Hi
11:00:26@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgJack | W3F welcome apriljane !
17:24:12@connectingdots:matrix.orgEmily Web3 Foundation is giving out grants to teams looking to build open source software on Substrate or Polkadot. For more detailed information check out: https://medium.com/web3foundation/introducing-web3-foundation-grants-442f6753926a Or the Web3-collaboration GitHub: https://github.com/w3f/Web3-collaboration/blob/master/grants/grants.md
20:04:46@burrrata:matrix.orgburrrataYay grants :)
20 Feb 2019
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回复 @rphmeier:matrix.parity.io
I think it's very likely that DApps in the Polkadot network will have a "control panel" component on smart contract blockchains like Ethereum or Edgeware that is used to farm out work to specialized chains.
like TrueBit?
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20:05:07@jasons:matrix.orgjasonsIs Parity launching a ProgPoW client?
21 Feb 2019
00:04:00@rphmeier:matrix.parity.iorphmeiernot really on topic, this channel is about polkadot. Check out the Parity watercooler channel
00:06:11@burrrata:matrix.orgburrrataIs there a directory of all the Web3, Substrate/Polkadot, Parity related rooms?

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