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15 Jul 2018
12:17:34@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷https://twitter.com/gavofyork/status/1018246398515572736
12:33:56@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavnot quite yet.
12:34:08@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavbut initial staging area is active
12:34:16@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavso it's on its way ;-)
12:54:33@pimpnDOTs:matrix.orgweb3jp vunguyen: sent
13:21:28@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷
but initial staging area is active
congratulations! :)
13:56:17@Angelo1990e:matrix.orgAngelo1990eThat's great Gav :) way to go to you and the team
14:59:05@kingston1:matrix.orgTezosSouthAfrica joined the room.
16:17:25@0xthreebody:matrix.org0xthreebodyHow is it going on about the PR3 of the initial parachains implementation?
17:44:44@mheuer:matrix.orgmheuer joined the room.
17:47:21@mheuer:matrix.orgmheuerHi folks, I want to invite you to participate in a rational debate I started at kialo.com. The debate is about the relevance of different blockchain technologies. Here is an invitation link to the debate: https://www.kialo.com/invited?token=005-d3a4f608-6c98-4def-9a6e-faa359552948 I hope that some Polkadot experts can make their point on why multi-chain frameworks are important and are willing to discuss common criticism. Feel free to join.
17:51:04@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷hello, here today only 4 validator working? and please if i have a Balance 36,613 Dots, how many i need more for can validating. thanks 5DG93D8b78kbsumszq7yXy1UL573t896PrUHZHchh6hdPDKx
17:51:16@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷Screenshot from 2018-07-15 19-47-52.png
Screenshot from 2018-07-15 19-47-52.png
17:51:26@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷Screenshot from 2018-07-15 19-47-38.png
Screenshot from 2018-07-15 19-47-38.png
17:51:56@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷i am building some node for telemetrics, some issue for now, go to try in other server
17:52:15@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷have nice sunday, anyway
17:52:25@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavMelea_Trust 👷: we reduced the validator count to 4 last night in preparation for poc-2 transition
17:52:39@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavit'll go back up once we're done switching over
17:52:47@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷ooo i see, ty
18:23:17@rphmeier:matrix.parity.iorphmeier@0xthreebody:matrix.org: underway! Next week definitely
18:31:26@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷i cant build the master and run ok
18:31:35@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷here the issue
18:31:36@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/issues/326
18:31:57@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷i need ubuntu 18.04 ?
18:32:45@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷 i see arikan https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/issues/308#issuecomment-404881596
18:33:03@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷same issue when install, but finally can run ok?
18:33:19@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷ty
18:34:02@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷i can build the validator in other server same setup ok, last month or so.
18:36:30@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷but not today the master branch, i try two servers. same error
18:36:44@melea:matrix.orgMelea_Trust 👷.

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