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15 Dec 2018
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16 Dec 2018
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17 Dec 2018
07:48:04@radkov:matrix.orgradkovHow to add the account to the running node for staking ?
10:28:20@dafricash:matrix.orgAdil https://poc-2.polkadot.io/#/staking
10:29:34@dafricash:matrix.orgAdilAccount actions tab
10:57:20@talfco:matrix.orgtalfco radkov : check out “Polkadot Hello World Article Series” https://link.medium.com/cern21xFIS
15:34:17@radkov:matrix.orgradkovYep I've staked in the accounts section but I've set nowhere in the node configuration the address
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18 Dec 2018
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14:41:44@alexandra:matrix.parity.ioalexandraSubstrate 1.0 Beta is out! 🎉🎉🎉 https://twitter.com/ParityTech/status/1075037625042567168
14:45:10@edwardt:matrix.orgedwardt 🎉
14:46:06@hskang096:matrix.orghskang096 🎊
14:57:47@raul:matrix.parity.ioRaul  🎆
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17:23:10@arikan:matrix.orgarikanCongrats for the Substrate Beta release! Can we already use 1.0beta in substrate-node-template? https://github.com/paritytech/substrate-node-template
17:26:11@gavofyork:matrix.parity.ioGavjust merged the update
17:43:28@dafricash:matrix.orgAdilCongrats :)
In reply to @gavofyork:matrix.parity.io
just merged the update
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In reply to @gavofyork:matrix.parity.io
And once you allow arbitrary message passing, then you can attack the more secure chain for the cost of the least secure chain.
What do you mean, by arbitrary message passing? Why would a node enabling transactions between chains route any other message than a valid transaction? By attacking in this case I guess you mean flooding the network. Because, there could still be a transaction fee attached to it in order to be accepted by the target chain? Again, I'm not saying this concept would be efficient or reliable, however, I don't see why it fundamentally cannot work.

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