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22 Jul 2019
16:04:10@alien:privacytools.io@alien:privacytools.io changed their display name from [Alien] to alien.
25 Jul 2019
23:38:45@grizzogor:matrix.orggrizzogor changed their display name from Moving to @grizzogor:matrix.grizz.club to grizzogor.
31 Jul 2019
17:22:52@alien:privacytools.io@alien:privacytools.io changed their display name from alien to alien πŸ›‘πŸ’»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦.
1 Aug 2019
12:24:58@alien:privacytools.io@alien:privacytools.io changed their display name from alien πŸ›‘πŸ’»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ to alien.
12 Aug 2019
20:07:41@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuice joined the room.
20:08:31@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceHello AutismSandwich
23:18:17@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichI'd say 'you're everywhere' but it's more the other way really.
23:19:06@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceHow are you doing bud?
23:19:16@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceCan i have mod in your room AutismSandwich?
23:23:55@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichWell, not quite the other way around, I don't mean 'everywhere's you' or that you're nowhere.
23:24:35@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichI mean that I am everywhere, which isn't true either.
In reply to @fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.site
Can i have mod in your room AutismSandwich?
Which room? (I am going to say no whatever you say, tbh with you.)
23:26:08@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceNeuro diverse since im a neuro diverse guy
23:26:14@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceWe should rule ourselves
In reply to @fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.site
Can i have mod in your room AutismSandwich?
* Which room? (I am going to say no whatever you say, tbh with you.)
23:27:52@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichNo, sorry
In reply to @autismsandwich:matrix.org
No, sorry
23:35:57@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceJust mod
23:36:01@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceNot admin
13 Aug 2019
00:43:47@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichI don't think this is the right place to discuss this.
02:02:52@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceWhy this room is dead af AutismSandwich
02:03:00@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceThis is the most activity its ever had
02:05:22@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceHELLO AutismSandwich PLEASE RESPOND
02:51:19@autismsandwich:matrix.orgAutismSandwichIt is, for me, the middle of the night.
02:57:27@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceThen why are you still up
02:57:39@fuckjuice:chat.thisisjoes.sitefuckjuiceMod me ill watch your room while youre gone AutismSandwich
25 Aug 2019
04:27:07@memraribar7:matrix.org@memraribar7:matrix.org joined the room.
04:27:16@memraribar7:matrix.org@memraribar7:matrix.org left the room.
28 Aug 2019
14:04:37@alien:privacytools.io@alien:privacytools.io left the room.
3 Sep 2019
06:09:11@vertixty:matrix.orgvertixty joined the room.

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