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An alternative app' (application) software repository for Android and derivitives, purposed to include only F(L)OSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software). ••• https://f-droid.org ••• https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F-Droid ••• Wiki, FAQ, Etc.: https://f-droid.org/wiki/ ••• Project Repo', issues, etc.: https://gitlab.com/fdroid ••• Search the main repo' for app's: https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/ ° https://search.f-droid.org/?lang=en&q=F-Droid ° or on Searx: !fd <search-term> ••• F-Droid app' Changelog: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/raw/HEAD/CHANGELOG.md ••• Known Repo's: https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/Known_Repositories ° https://forum.f-droid.org/t/known-repositories/721 ••• https://forum.f-droid.org/t/so-long-farewell-and-goodbye/600 °alt'° https://web.archive.org/web/20181209061711/https://forum.f-droid.org/t/so-long-farewell-and-goodbye/600 ••• No need to introduce yourself, nor greet others; whereas "lurking"/idling is fine. No greetings outside topical messages. "Don't ask to ask! Just ask." ° No "hi-hello" "ping-pong". If you want to sit in a bloody effin' circle, introducing each other, go to Alcoholics' Anonymous! Put your greetings and whatnot, within a topical message. See: https://www.nohello.com/?m=0 ° And do not send a new message (a.k.a. "line-break") for each sentence or paragraph of one thought. On Riot-web/desktop do <shift>+<enter> . Go practice in #test:matrix.org -- See item 2: https://pics.me.me/annoying-typing-habits-i-l337-speak-2-enter-key-h3110-11638212.png • English Language room! ••• Room is "logged" & "World Readable": https://view.matrix.org/alias/%23F-Droid:matrix.org ••• For sharing: "F-Droid ☞ ؟⸮UNOFFICIAL⸮؟ – Free and Open Source Android App Repository - An End Users' Self Support Community for Community Self Support" [F-Droid ☞ ؟⸮UNOFFICIAL⸮؟ – Free and Open Source Android App Repository - An End Users' Self Support Community for Community Self Support](https://matrix.to/#/!fLXbhWnqiSoyBfgGgb:matrix.org) ° https://matrix.to/#/!fLXbhWnqiSoyBfgGgb:matrix.org ° !fLXbhWnqiSoyBfgGgb:matrix.org ••• WAS listed (R.I.P.): https://matrixstats.org/alias/%23F-Droid:matrix.org ••• Keywords/Tags: #F-Droid #fdroid #deGoogle #Secure #Privacy #SelfSupport #CommunitySupport #ForUsersByUsers ••• This room has served the End Users of F-Droid on Matrix, for quite some time. From the former most prolific Dev' on the project, the idea of Matrix instead of ONLY IRC, was rebuffed. Then, it was decided to have an official homeserver and decentralized-federated rooms, i.e. #fdroid-official:matrix.org which is also an Alias for #fdroid:f-droid.org . You are free to be a member there, and here. You will have to accept any issues brought via bridging to IRC including "Joe Job" spam, getting kicked for idling, et cetera. But do not FUD on this proactively moderated self-support community of End Users. At the time of this writing, it is still acknowledged by the official presence, i.e. in +fdroid:matrix.org ••• It is the responsibility of people posting i.e. links, to make certain such is in good faith believed to be topical, and for the poster to summarize and explain why it's topical. Otherwise Mod's may summarily remove such posts at their discretion. • This is NOT a General Chat. ° No need to introduce yourself, nor greet others; whereas "lurking"/idling is fine. - Go fill the scrollback with hi-hello ping-pong somewhere else like what has been the cesspit of #offtopic:matrix.org . Put your greetings within a topical message! — https://www.nohello.com/?m=0 ° "Don't ask to ask! Just ask." https://dontasktoask.com • It's just noise in the signal-to-noise thing and off-topic clutter in the scroll-back that serves no purpose in helping people help each other find answers. • Don't bring us some supposed solution and expect us to make it fit your problem. See: The XY Problem http://xyproblem.info/ ° Again, this just leads to BULLSHIT screen-clutter and useless chat. • Also, do not send new-messages in rapid-fire race-to-send IRC-style before finishing a thought. Your BFF-Jill is NOT in here. And EDIT instead of sending new- correction messages. If you would rather be on IRC, no one is stopping you. Edit, and on desktop/laptop/et cetera, use <shift>+<enter> instead of sending, and set the mobile client to not send on <enter>. CONSOLIDATE instead of leaving 30 messages in the scrollback, where 1 would do just fine. Practice sending well formed messages, or editing, in some other room, making your own if need be. Some have used #test:matrix.org but do NOT play with your "shiny new thing" up in here!!! See Also, i.e. item 2, here: https://pics.me.me/annoying-typing-habits-i-l337-speak-2-enter-key-h3110-11638212.png ••• The RSS 'Bot Feeds provide very helpful info' at times, and offer discussion starters. We Mod's do not care if you dislike them. Disregard or /ignore them if you must. But no unappreciative, disruptive, malcontent Concern Troll FUD meta-chat (chat about the chat) is allowed; you can LEAVE and join the cesspit of #offtopic:matrix.org !!! • It is polite to ASK in the room BEFORE inviting someone into a Direct Chat Message. This is EXPECTED before inviting Mod's, and futile AFTER being banned. Can't behave in the room, we won't waste our time in an individual temper-tantrum time-out hand-holding fidget-spinner participation-trophy session. Full stop. ••••77 Servers

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21 Nov 2020
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You will have more help on Lineage OS in this room:
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@spherien:matrix.orgspherienYou can have more help concerning Lineage OS rom in the dedicated matrix room20:49:11
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23 Nov 2020
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