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23 Aug 2021
In reply to@_slack_openlmis_U03QCR9QR:matrix.org
that will work for me.
OK, let's see if this works for Josh
26 Aug 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U01UPNEPTRN:matrix.orgWalton Goga changed their profile picture.14:08:41
30 Aug 2021
@_slack_openlmis_UBB6KN8JJ:matrix.orgWes Dominika Is there an issue with the review server? 15:27:41
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika changed their profile picture.15:56:08
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika Currently it’s not working what is caused by tests failing after migrating to Webpack - we’re working on fixing those. If it’s needed now, as a workaround we can remove latest commit from dev-ui. 15:56:08
@_slack_openlmis_UBB6KN8JJ:matrix.orgWes That's really strange that the review server is down because of code changes! I'm a bit concerned about the length of time that portions of the codebase are unusable due to this work. Right now this change is affecting the Tanzania upgrade project both in terms of the UI repos not building and now with the review server being down 17:13:59
@_slack_openlmis_UBB6KN8JJ:matrix.orgWes What is the ETA on this change being complete and the codebase being in a stable state again? 17:14:27
@_slack_openlmis_UBB6KN8JJ:matrix.orgWes Also, can we please prioritize getting the review server up again. This doesn't just affect the core project! 17:15:11
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika Sorry, I thought you are asking about the test server. I was not aware that the review server does not work and it’s surely not caused by those code changes. I will make sure we will handle it tomorrow. 17:27:46
31 Aug 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika The review server is working now. It was down and had to be restarted. It was not caused by any code changes, as I mentioned, I was just mistaken you meant the test server. We're working on fixing tests now and it should not take more than 2 days to fix those issues. 10:18:50
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika (edited) ... changes, I ... => ... changes, as I mentioned, I ... 10:22:53
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika (edited) ... test server. => ... test server. We're working on fixing tests now and it should not take more than 2 days to fix those issues. 10:23:45
16 Sep 2021
In reply to@_slack_openlmis_U195RKK4G:matrix.org
OK, let's see if this works for Josh
I'm sorry, I've been so busy I missed this. Did the TC call happen?
6 Oct 2021
@slackbot:matrix.orgSlack Integration 08:33:24
14 Oct 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U029T8VPR1T:matrix.orgHubert Dudziński changed their profile picture.09:55:24
@_slack_openlmis_U029T8VPR1T:matrix.orgHubert Dudziński Hi, I am looking for author(s) of pt_PT and fr_FR translations for openlmis-offline-ui component. It looks that they are empty and not in use. 09:55:24
@_slack_openlmis_U029T8VPR1T:matrix.orgHubert Dudziński They were added on 24 March 2021 09:56:12
@_slack_openlmis_U029T8VPR1T:matrix.orgHubert Dudziński (edited) ... on 21 March ... => ... on 24 March ... 09:56:25
15 Oct 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika Hi everyone! The first release candidate of 3.12 was just deployed and is ready to be tested. 09:41:02
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon Rujner changed their profile picture.15:03:31
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon RujnerTC1.jpg
Download TC1.jpg
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon Rujner Hello everyone! After the first day of testing, the results are as follows. 15:03:32
18 Oct 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U01RYLF7QT0:matrix.orgNikola Laskowska changed their profile picture.13:20:34
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon RujnerTC2.jpg
Download TC2.jpg
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon Rujner Hello, the second day of testing RC1 brought us the following results: 14:49:01
21 Oct 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U020521V7FS:matrix.orgDominika Hi everyone! During testing RC1 there were bugs found that we already fixed. The RC2 of 3.12 was already deployed and is ready to be tested. 08:32:56
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon RujnerTC3.jpg
Download TC3.jpg
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon Rujner Hello everyone, sorry for the late update. Today we started testing RC2 and so far we didn't found any new bugs 🙂 Tomorrow we continue. 20:01:51
22 Oct 2021
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon RujnerTC4.jpg
Download TC4.jpg
@_slack_openlmis_U024ARR61CG:matrix.orgSzymon Rujner Hi, we continued testing today. So far everything is going according to plan, the 2 found bugs are not a regression. We plan to finish testing 3.12 RC2 on Monday. 14:02:10

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