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7 Feb 2024
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7Via is basically just a gui for QMK08:28:40
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7You should use it because you can try out comlicated features very fast08:29:17
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7Messing around in the qmk config is a pain08:29:31
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7* You should use it because you can try out complicated features very fast08:29:58
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10 Feb 2024
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16 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーanybody know what orings are good for longpole switches? for now i use 2x1.5mm but its kinda too thick and sometimes the key either not register the press while typing or i get double characters. when i only use 1x1.5mm then its like i dont have them added at all.20:21:26
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーso its either 2.0mm or 2.5mm but i dont want to buy both just to see which one is good.20:22:16
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28 Feb 2024
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@leg7:matrix.orgleg7What are longpole switches12:42:32
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7If it's a cherry like switch the actuation point is usally set to 2mm12:42:58
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7And the total travel is 5mm I think12:43:18
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7If you know the total travel and actuation point of your switch you should be able to figure it out12:43:47
29 Feb 2024
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーits the gateron root beer float04:34:17
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーtotal travel should be 3.5mm04:34:44
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7I think if you make sure that `abs(orings - travel distance) > actuation` point you should be good 07:43:41
@leg7:matrix.orgleg7* I think if you make sure that `abs(orings - travel distance) > actuation point` you should be good 07:44:03
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーi already ordered 2.5mm ones for 5 bucks from china, before you answered the first time. might take 2 weeks until they arrive then we will see if i wasted money or not lol13:52:28
@suicideshow:matrix.orgスイサイドショーdidnt see any cheap 2mm anyway13:52:51

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