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20 Jan 2020
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16:16:03@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurRedacted or Malformed Event
16:16:21@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthur Can I get a ps aux | grep drm from some people here on Android phones?
16:16:41@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurI'm making a Magisk module to remove DRM and I'm trying to find other services not presnt on my device
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16:49:09@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxhello, anyone know wtf is wrong with the inbuilt OS updater for the Moto G7?
16:49:28@dummy42:matrix.orgDummyHi, does anyone here know why there is no more text-to-speech output in LOS 16? Or is this only on my device (klte)?
In reply to @dummy42:matrix.org
Hi, does anyone here know why there is no more text-to-speech output in LOS 16? Or is this only on my device (klte)?
Gapps or gappless?
16:58:40@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurFrom experience I've seen pico TTS to be quite buggy for some reason
16:58:54@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurSometimes it works, sometimes it does not

MegaArthur: gappless.


Then this:

From experience I've seen pico TTS to be quite buggy for some reason
Especially on the klte

18:27:08@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxx"can't load android system you continue to get this message"
18:34:53@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxany fix for this bullshit?
19:49:29@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurJust flash a new version through TWRP, very straightforward
19:49:35@megaarthur:privacytools.ioMegaArthurYou don't need to wipe data
21:37:17@sbindogtor:matrix.orgbadrattesfire 10 HD 2019 full root when fuck bezos
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21 Jan 2020
In reply to@megaarthur:privacytools.io
Just flash a new version through TWRP, very straightforward
Tried that. Several times, Did not work.
00:42:39@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxFrom what I read that isn't a viable fix
00:43:09@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxxWas forced to do a clean install. Complete wipe
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