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7 Dec 2019

greetings . Is there any lineageos builds for virtualmachine like qemu?

18:27:19@venant:matrix.orgvenantif i recall the android-sdk contains an emulator
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In reply to @MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.org

And what of the users Lineage OS provides? Do you even use Lineage OS?

I'll tell you this much about Graphene OS, from personal experience, the dev' is a MAJOR BLOODY HEMORRHOIDAL SNOWFLAKE TROLL, a room-raiding troll and IRC chan' hijacker. I run a NEUTRAL unofficial room for users, much like this one, but got the Copperhead OS "official" people there via IRC; big mistake!!! From my experience I believe the guy is a Toronto nut job, along with A.D. Paolucci, NOT TO BE TRUSTED, and only got Social Media white-knight SJW-NPCs behind them because the company guy was told by his lawyers to keep quiet until it was settled. You want to trust that unstable touch-hole saboteur who screwed over a bunch of device owners, that's your problem; but shilling for "strcat" is NOT ALLOWED IN HERE!

And anyway, this is a room for Lineage OS, not the whole aftermarket OS parade.

Bud, I expressed a personal belief that a sensible step up from lineage (from my security and privacy focused perspective) might be one of those OS'. Not what I'd call shilling. I note mentions of pine64 did not prompt such a trumpian outburst; is there a list of the projects and pseudonyms you censor to help me avoid repeating my mistake?
21:11:56@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nP.S. Yes I use Lineage on 3 devices, have done for some time. It's great, but imperfect. Graphene and Calyx also have issues, one of the biggest of which, especially compared to Lineage, is extremely restricted device support. Obviously they will not be right for a vast swathe of users, as they are not right for me.
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22:14:13@pand:matrix.orgpandi'm currently backing up my LineageOS app files then I am going to try ResurrectionOS...
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8 Dec 2019

Yeah, the Graphene thing… No, the DEV' of Graphene…!!! I mean, I already spelled it out.

As to the Shelter thing as I mentioned it borked some things on a device I have, I use Tor instead of a VPN, and I just force app's to go via Tor. So I'm not clear on why anyone running Lineage OS would recommend Shelter instead of recommending the multi-user settting.

09:18:36@4udr4n:matrix.org4udr4nLineage users have access to apps in other profiles, unless that has changed recently. Shelter offers substantially better segregation.
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9 Dec 2019
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10 Dec 2019
00:42:34@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxObanned@reconmaster:matrix.orgreconmaster (Known troublemaking disruptive troll, already given too many opportunities to be a good netizen.).
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11 Dec 2019
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  1. I click on the "Unlock OEM" option in the settings.
  2. I enter my code.
  3. When it asks me "Are you sure?", I say yes.
  4. The option isn't turned on.
12 Dec 2019
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13 Dec 2019
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