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14 Apr 2021
@tmsbrdrs:matrix.orgtmsbrdrsWith that budget, you honestly would come out better getting a last gen phone and you'll know better just how good the LineageOS support is. Just my two cents16:33:27
@abc123bac:matrix.orgabc123bacThe used phone market here isn't great and I've had bad experiences buying used devices (w.r.t battery life). Hence was looking for something new17:10:14
@abc123bac:matrix.orgabc123bacBut yeah, I'll keep an eye out on the used market too17:11:09
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In reply to @kototama:matrix.org
What browser do you guys suggest for privacy in mind? Firefox connects to google even when idleing
Opera is good?
@v_1dp:matrix.orgv_1dpUngoogled chromium is ok22:07:30
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15 Apr 2021
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In reply to @yumashell:matrix.org
Opera is good?
@yumashell:matrix.orgyumashellHow about Fennec? 07:32:00
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@pxr:matrix.orgpxrClassyShark3xodus shows 4 trackers in Fennec.10:53:16
@pxr:matrix.orgpxrBromite (based on Chromium?) seems ok. No trackers according to ClassyShark3xodus.10:57:04
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@pycu4:matrix.orgpycu4Hi all21:08:01
@pycu4:matrix.orgpycu4What is better AFWall or LOS firewall?21:08:50
16 Apr 2021
@redpill.bluepill:matrix.orgredpill.bluepillFennec browser on fdroid is good too04:09:59
In reply to @pycu4:matrix.org
What is better AFWall or LOS firewall?
Use appopsx from f-droid.. Block internet, location, etc for apps.. and also app manager for extra controls
@kkonrad:matrix.orgkonradare there sub $150 phones that support lineage other than redmi note 7s?09:04:09
@kkonrad:matrix.orgkonradand is there a reason they dont support newer redmi notes like 8/9?09:05:27
@abc123bac:matrix.orgabc123bacThere are unofficial roms09:17:15
@abc123bac:matrix.orgabc123bacGetting official support requires some work by the maintainer (I believe)09:17:41
@kkonrad:matrix.orgkonradwhat do you mean? you mean like the /e/ thing? 09:35:17
@abc123bac:matrix.orgabc123bacI don't know the details. Someone else can fill in09:40:15
In reply to @kkonrad:matrix.org
are there sub $150 phones that support lineage other than redmi note 7s?
Go to lineage website downloads and look through devices.

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