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22 Jun 2022
@Zlopez:matrix.orgZlopez mobrien: The Anitya is now running in OCP4, could you disable the OCP3 and change the route? 14:26:51
@Zlopez:matrix.orgZlopezRight now from the user standpoint nothing changed, it's still pointing them to 1.3.0 version running on OCP314:30:25
@mobrien:matrix.orgmobrienOk I'll do that now. Will just take a few mins to get the changes in14:43:59
@mobrien:matrix.orgmobrien Zlopez: My terminal crashed when running the playbook for some reason but looks as though that has been updated sucessfully. If you are happy I will scale down the ocp3 cluster 15:05:00
@Zlopez:matrix.orgZlopez mobrien: The new version is running, you can scale it down :-) 15:07:36
@mobrien:matrix.orgmobrien Zlopez: scaled down đŸ™‚ 15:10:02
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23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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@adamwill:fedora.imadamw Aurélien B: it seems nothing explicitly obsoletes python3-bodhi , so i need --allowerasing to upgrade to python 3.11 in rawhide 20:56:24
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwprobably something from bodhi-client and/or bodhi-server should obsolete it, or maybe fedora-obsolete-packages ?20:56:36
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25 Jun 2022
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26 Jun 2022
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