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16 Sep 2020
@pstanislaus:matrix.orgPhilip Stanislaus (Centrifuge & Snowfork) changed their display name from Philip Stanislaus (Centrifuge/Snowfork) to Philip Stanislaus (Centrifuge & Snowfork).16:30:50
17 Sep 2020
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21 Sep 2020
@darkharmony9999:matrix.orgdarkharmony9999 joined the room.18:55:15
22 Sep 2020
@niko:nitro.chatniko 21:21:23
25 Sep 2020
@pim:nltrix.netpim joined the room.11:35:14
26 Sep 2020
@theodor:privacytools.iotheodor 09:44:24
@masterdubs:matrix.orgmasterdubs left the room.20:30:56
3 Oct 2020
@pepe:matrix.valenciawireless.orgpepe joined the room.20:37:18
5 Oct 2020
@pandyahardey1:matrix.orgpandyahardey1 joined the room.10:58:30
@pandyahardey1:matrix.orgpandyahardey1 left the room.14:53:55
12 Oct 2020
@cryptoprogamer:matrix.orgJoon Park left the room.05:29:22
14 Oct 2020
@josef:bau-ha.usjosef 12:07:30
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18 Oct 2020
@gisasca-m:matrix.orggisasca-m joined the room.01:59:19
@gisasca-m:matrix.orggisasca-mTo the COS Mos F the moon or Mars....for the COS Mos02:00:13
@gisasca-m:matrix.orggisasca-mParty in de COS Mos by self ywqoe.02:01:02
@gisasca-m:matrix.orggisasca-m left the room.03:08:16
20 Oct 2020
@wangjj9219:matrix.orgwangjj | Polkawallet & Acala changed their display name from wangjj | Polkawallet to wangjj | Polkawallet & Acala.07:32:22
@roman891:matrix.orgroman891рр joined the room.23:34:57
21 Oct 2020
@micahsovereign:matrix.orgmicahsovereign joined the room.06:32:55
27 Oct 2020
@tom:lant.uktoml changed their display name from toml to toml_away.14:04:27
28 Oct 2020
@tom:lant.uktoml changed their display name from toml_away to toml.07:05:36
@roman891:matrix.orgroman891рр changed their display name from roman891 to roman891рр.10:25:30
@roman891:matrix.orgroman891рр left the room.10:41:05
29 Oct 2020
@jaron:matrix.orgjaron joined the room.20:55:40
7 Nov 2020
@dogandmotorcycle:matrix.orgdogandmotorcycle joined the room.10:20:41
8 Nov 2020
@kidn:matrix.orgkidn joined the room.02:32:25
@kidn:matrix.orgkidn set a profile picture.03:08:53
@kidn:matrix.orgkidn changed their profile picture.03:10:26

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