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13 Nov 2019
11:48:45@cryptopunky:matrix.orgcryptopunky joined the room.
14 Nov 2019
06:32:28@cbarraford:matrix.orgcbarrafordWhere can i get a list of the IP addresses and node IDs of the validators of a cosmos network? Is there a way to do this via curl? Is there a way to do this from within the SDK?
15 Nov 2019
08:21:14@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay New address created by command :gaiacli keys add <account_name> Why can't the public key be queried through RPC?
08:22:31@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay nnkken:
In reply to @lovekay:matrix.org
New address created by command :gaiacli keys add Why can't the public key be queried through RPC?
The key database of gaiacli is stored locally, so the chain knows nothing about your account.
The public key is known to the chain only after you have told it by signatures (with public key inside) in transaction.
08:55:09@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay I signed with the irisnet-crypto package
08:59:54@lovekay:matrix.orglovekayAnd I have no trades. I just use the interface /auth/accounts/{address} to query.
08:59:59@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay nnkken:
09:02:14@lovekay:matrix.orglovekayRedacted or Malformed Event
09:03:17@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay Is it possible that I used this account to execute a transaction to find the public key?
09:03:45@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay But I don't have a public key and I can't sign a deal.
09:05:59@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay *
09:11:15@lovekay:matrix.orglovekay I try the wallet command line and try to transfer it out.
09:32:13@nnkken:matrix.orgnnkkenYou can derive the public key if you already have the private key, don't need to involve the chain.
12:20:30@funkyghost:matrix.orgfunkyghost joined the room.
17:59:59@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzuHi guys, is it sync_info data exposed anywhere via rpc (1317)? It is available here http://node01.ip.sx:26657/status, but I would like to use only the rpc interface for the wallet I'm building. Thanks
18:01:16@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzunvm, found it under /syncing
18:01:26@kytzu:matrix.orgkytzu * nvm, found it under /syncing
16 Nov 2019
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17 Nov 2019
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18 Nov 2019
02:29:09@mengjay:matrix.orgmengjay joined the room.
03:39:30@yenkhoon:matrix.orgyenkhoonhi guys anyone have work with the multisig wallet in cosmos sdk? is it fully functional?

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