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6 Dec 2018
7 Dec 2018
09:53:08@gfggfgfgh:matrix.orggfggfgfghDoes someone know a vaild payload for https://cosmos.network/rpc/#/ICS20/post_tx_broadcast ? It doesn't match the format from the cli, for example msg is just a string there where its a array in the cli tx broadcast command...
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10 Dec 2018
06:45:38@chirls:matrix.orgchirlsHow can I check my comos sub account?
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11 Dec 2018
03:08:32@rich_hazel:matrix.orgbenjamin | lunamint changed their display name from benjamin to benjamin | lunamint.
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05:26:17@rustex:matrix.orgrustexHello guys. How do I deal with all this project, what is it for and how to be a member? Where can I get information?
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12 Dec 2018
15:03:32@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenIf I write CLI apps using Cosmos SDK should I generally be calling github.com/tendermint/tendermint/libs/cli.PrepareMainCmd or github.com/tendermint/tendermint/libs/cli.PrepareBaseCmd?
15:03:49@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenI just notice the former is used in the Cosmos SDK tutorial for a CLI tool
19:44:28@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin aknudsen: Yup. If you read the implementations you will see why. We might need to change the naming there tho. Interestingly enough, PrepareMainCmd calls PrepareBaseCmd
19:45:11@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolinOne is for the CLI and the other is for the daemon
19:45:19@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolinAlso see the gaia implementation
13 Dec 2018
14:56:15@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsen jackzampolin: Thanks
14:57:24@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenAnother question as I'm preparing my first Cosmos app by adapting the tutorial - do I need to have an auth.FeeCollectionKeeper even if I don't plan to have transaction fees?
14:57:50@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenRedacted or Malformed Event
14:58:07@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenI'm totally new to this stuff (Cosmos/blockchain), so I need a bit of introduction to basic concepts
15:26:07@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenDo I need an AnteHandler?
17:01:55@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin aknudsen: The auth.FeeCollectionKeeper is required as an arg, so you will need that (it wont do anything if you don't use fees)
17:02:08@jackzampolin:matrix.orgjackzampolin aknudsen: Antehandler is needed
17:02:18@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsen Thanks jackzampolin - I got the impression I need the two as well
17:02:25@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenWorking through my adaptation now
17:04:08@aknudsen:matrix.orgaknudsenThanks for helping :)

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