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15 Sep 2019
21:30:55@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/target 42.5 slimetoken
21:32:22@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/cap XVG
21:32:50@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/bfx eth
21:33:18@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/hmap heatmaptoken
21:33:50@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/dom btc
21:34:26@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/52w bsv
21:34:44@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle/lambo XMR
16 Sep 2019

<@kinghat:matrix.org> wtf is airdropped?

I think it's 100 million lumens per month for 300k keybase user accounts? I'm just blindly accepting that as true from another channel because I don't actually care even a little.

The don't from what I've seen.

And I dumped all the xlm that I've received over the past couple of years.

15:40:18@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghatanyone understand that receive tab in monerujo? like what is the amount field for? is that just to get what the market price is or is this an invoice?
16:00:39@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghatif you send to that address does that receive page listen for that transaction?
17:19:07@kinghat:matrix.orgkinghatlooks like its mostly for in person transfers or posting a qr code online. you still need to go to that page to get a sub address if your sending to your mobile wallet from desktop, though.
20 Sep 2019
10:08:57@msavorritias:matrix.orgMSavoritias joined the room.
24 Oct 2019
03:08:09@charutocafe:matrix.orgcharuto joined the room.
03:08:46@charutocafe:matrix.orgcharutowhat's the purpose of this room?
03:09:01@charutocafe:matrix.orgcharuto we already have #monero:matrix.org and #monero-offtopic:matrix.org
04:57:51@xmrscott:matrix.orgxmrscottcharuto: A matrix based chill room
17:11:01@charutocafe:matrix.orgcharutoeh, i'm against community fragmentation :/ and exclusive clubs
17:11:18@charutocafe:matrix.orgcharuto*community fragmentation and exclusive clubs :/
19:31:18@xmrscott:matrix.orgxmrscottNot really exclusive. Anyone can just just like they would monero-offtopic, fragmentation is inevitable in large communities
19:32:11@xmrscott:matrix.orgxmrscottCore communication channels will likely always be IRC for better or worse. For those wanting to have richer, but FOSS + federated non-mission comms though, there's Matrix :)
30 Oct 2019
7 Nov 2019
20:20:35@rehrar:matrix.orgDiego "rehrar" SalazarSo....Monero?
9 Nov 2019
In reply to @rehrar:matrix.org
No, Dash
24 Nov 2019
11:56:27@msavorritias:matrix.orgMSavoritias left the room.
28 Nov 2019
30 Nov 2019
1 Dec 2019
04:19:24@mmxxx:matrix.orgmmxxx https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/u-authorities-arrest-ethereum-research-200109230.html
10 Dec 2019
13:06:33@msavorritias:matrix.orgMSavoritias joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
04:20:40@michelle:privacytools.io@michelle changed their profile picture.
16 Jan 2020
09:11:33@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccione[m] changed their display name from ErCiccione to ErCiccione[m].

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