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19 Jul 2020
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20 Jul 2020
@xarvos:matrix.org@xarvos:matrix.orgHey does anyone know why I can't see any room for openSUSE community?04:24:07
@xarvos:matrix.org@xarvos:matrix.orgIt keeps loading04:24:24
21 Jul 2020
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22 Jul 2020
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24 Jul 2020
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25 Jul 2020
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@andresbs:matrix.org@andresbs:matrix.orgNo idea, most of them are on Discord or Telegram17:53:20
@andresbs:matrix.org@andresbs:matrix.orgI only see like some Asian communities, and like two more, but that's it17:53:50
@andresbs:matrix.org@andresbs:matrix.orgIf you are on Element/Riot, you can type the Matrix room name and select all rooms, you will be prompted to join in despite it now showing up in the results17:56:28
@andresbs:matrix.org@andresbs:matrix.orgI don't know if that's the intended behavior17:56:45
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30 Jul 2020
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10 Aug 2020
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15 Aug 2020
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19 Aug 2020
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21 Aug 2020
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23 Aug 2020
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24 Aug 2020
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27 Aug 2020
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28 Aug 2020
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1 Sep 2020
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18 Sep 2020
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