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29 Mar 2023
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwagh. of course iot doesn't include auditctl. why would it, that would be useful20:57:03
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwalright. yeah, it was the audit messages.21:29:38
30 Mar 2023
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel Beijen joined the room.10:19:16
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel Beijen Hi, I've just installed Fedora Workstation 38 on my 2015 MacBook Pro, only to find out that I was not able to enable bluetooth (the switch is off, if I toggle it, it immediately goes back) which is annoying because I use a bluetooth mouse. I found that if I set #Experimental = true in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf as stated in https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Bluetooth#Enabling_experimental_features bluetooth works and I can pair my mouse succesfully 10:22:23
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel Beijenhowever I'm not sure this is a bug in Fedora 38 or if it's also a problem in F3710:22:49
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel BeijenAlso, I found sound volume output to be very low and (as a result) not very clear10:23:13
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel Beijenfrom both internal speaker or external speakers attached to my HDMI display10:23:39
@laama:libera.chatlaamain my laptop, the bluetooth and wifi drivers wont build if secure boot enabled and MOK key is setup wrong13:02:29
@laama:libera.chatlaamaso that might be a thing in mac envbironment too13:03:06
@mbeijen:fedora.imMichiel BeijenBut why then does it work flowlessly once I enable 'Experimental' in the bluetooth drivers?13:12:33
@ledeni:libera.chatledeni Michiel Beijen, about sound check alsamixer in terminal for level set at volume speakers 13:21:45
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him) changed their display name from Ben Cotton (out until 30 Mar) to Ben Cotton (he/him).14:03:27
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him) Sumantro Mukherjee: are you around? 14:23:21
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him)
In reply to @funnelfiasco:matrix.org
Sumantro Mukherjee: are you around?
Okay, I'll email you :-)
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@robatino:libera.chatrobatino in RHBZ, what's the difference between MODIFIED and ON_QA? it's unclear to me how the bugzilla descriptions apply to whether a build exists in koji, is in bodhi, or is in updates-testing 21:23:39
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino MODIFIED: "This bug report has been fixed, unit tested and checked into source control by the Assigned Engineer." 21:25:01
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino ON_QA: "This bug fix is available for the Assigned Quality Engineer to test. If not using the Errata Tool, typically moved to ON_QA by RCM when the bug fix has been incorporated into a build which is available to be tested. If using the Errata Tool, moved to ON_QA automatically when the bug number is added to the erratum’s bug list, and a build is available to be tested. Test cases or plans are written and available." 21:25:20
@robatino:libera.chatrobatinoclear as mud21:25:27
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino i changed the 38 final blocker bug to ON_QA after it was automatically closed due to a rawhide build, and it was in 38 bodhi. wasn't sure about that 21:29:23
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino sorry, that's a F38 freeze exception bug 21:30:57
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino my first guess is that MODIFIED means it's in koji, and ON_QA means it's in bodhi 21:39:20
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him)
In reply to @robatino:libera.chat
my first guess is that MODIFIED means it's in koji, and ON_QA means it's in bodhi
Basically. See https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/package-maintainers/bug_status/
@robatino:libera.chatrobatino Ben Cotton (he/him): thanks, needed a good doc! if i understand that correctly, it looks like MODIFIED means it's in bodhi, and ON_QA means it's in updates-testing 21:54:21
@robatino:libera.chatrobatinobookmarked that page21:55:12
@robatino:libera.chatrobatinothe descriptions below the flowchart are much clearer than in bugzilla21:56:29
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him)
In reply to @robatino:libera.chat
the descriptions below the flowchart are much clearer than in bugzilla
Yeah, the descriptions in Bugzilla were written with Red Hat work flows in mind
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