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23 Sep 2021
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In reply to @happyassassin:matrix.org
yup, i saw that, thanks
@geraldosimiao:matrix.orggeraldosimiaoIt seems to me that all GIS and first login bugs are fixed now at beta 1.2 11:16:15
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@cmurf[m]:libera.chatcmurf[m]rc2 still boots at least one semi-ancient mac (mid-2012)15:32:50
@cmurf[m]:libera.chatcmurf[m](boots, starts up, gets to a desktop)15:33:33
@Southern_Gentlem:libera.chatSouthern_Gentlemcmurf with or without an escape key 15:34:01
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@cmurf[m]:libera.chatcmurf[m] Southern_Gentlem: ? 16:13:36
@cmurf[m]:libera.chatcmurf[m]Just worked16:13:40
@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him/his)Fedora Linux 35 Beta Go/No-Go meeting in 8 minutes in #fedora-meeting 16:52:12
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@nirik:libera.chatnirikhuh, on the dnssec bug/issue... it works fine from batcave01... it works from openqa-x86-worker01... 17:34:57
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@funnelfiasco:matrix.orgBen Cotton (he/him/his) adamw: i updated the bug we waived and the cockpit bug... do we want to move the freeipa bug to a final blocker, too? or should we just drop it until we see it outside of openQA? 18:10:00
@happyassassin:matrix.orgadamw Ben Cotton (he/him/his): i'll think about that, just reject it as beta for now 18:48:58
@pwhalen:libera.chatpwhalen adamw: server USB test passed. 18:49:11
@happyassassin:matrix.orgadamw pwhalen: awesome, thanks 18:50:18
* @happyassassin:matrix.orgadamw away for a bit18:51:51
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