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26 Nov 2022
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfsoooo that means it's a kernel 6.0 regression??03:05:37
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfworks ok with kernel-6.1.0-0.rc6.46.fc38.x86_6403:31:46
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfso it seems exclusively a 6.0 series bug, lovely03:32:01
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@cosmic_nomad:matrix.orgcosmic_nomadhi guys15:24:49
@cosmic_nomad:matrix.orgcosmic_nomadreading your chat now15:24:58
@cosmic_nomad:matrix.orgcosmic_nomadso, should I try installing it again and try to boot using the Option button?15:25:29
In reply to @adamwill:fedora.im
or did you get an error during install that you clicked through, cosmic?
there were no error messages, everything went just fine during installation
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwhmm. but yes, try what cmurf suggested16:38:15
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurf cosmic_nomad: adamw i wonder if there are different bugs 16:48:14
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwit's entirely possible16:48:21
@adamwill:fedora.imadamw cmurf: also, you're gonna love https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2009585#c68 ! 16:48:42
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurf adamw: see https://lore.kernel.org/linux-block/CAFj5m9+6Vj3NdSg_n3nw1icscY1qr9f9SOvkWYyqpEtFBb_-1g@mail.gmail.com/ 16:54:05
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurf And try to capture the blk-mq debugfs as described 16:54:49
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfIf it's the same bug, one of the queues will be stuck for at least one block device16:55:39
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfIt only takes one16:55:50
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfI told them this bug was still present but they were confident it had been fixed. But i couldn't prove it because that openqa box stopped running jobs right at the same time. Like a conspiracy.16:57:23
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfThe command in parentheses will produce a lot of output in Terminal so you'll want a healthy scrollback set16:58:41
@cmurf:fedora.imcmurfI'll do it but you'll need to add my key to the castle 😁17:01:35
@adamwill:fedora.imadamwalright, we'll get that sorted next week i guess17:18:56
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@geraldosimiao:matrix.orggeraldosimiaowhere's F37 administrators guide?22:23:35
@geraldosimiao:matrix.orggeraldosimiaostill not here https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/latest/system-administrators-guide/22:23:51
27 Nov 2022
@shippage:mozilla.orgshippage (he/they) changed their display name from shippage (he/him) to shippage (he/they).02:06:38
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28 Nov 2022
@ciupicri:libera.chatciupicriI keep getting The param /boot/${XXX_MY_MACHINE_ID}/6.0.10-300.fc37.x86_64/linux is incorrect when I install the new kernel-core-6.0.10-300.fc37.x86_64. Any idea on how to debug this?13:34:56
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