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25 Dec 2016
21:59:03@am2on:atauno.comam2on changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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16 May 2018
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17 May 2018
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14:39:53@thevenomviper:matrix.org@thevenomviper:matrix.orgtbh, this chat is dead, so is mine
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13 Aug 2018
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23 Sep 2018
01:54:46@che5hire:matrix.orgche5hire joined the room.
03:58:47@che5hire:matrix.orgche5hireWell, for some reason I can't connect to that one so I hope this one gets more active.
26 Oct 2018
18:15:53@Kareema:matrix.orgMark Müller joined the room.

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