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26 May 2022
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos Alright. 05:47:40
@idkrn:envs.net@idkrn:envs.netAlleged posting of illegal porn05:47:45
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos Well first off, don’t install Facebook. 05:47:47
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnosDon’t install telegram05:47:54
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnosAnd don’t use any credentials that you use in your personal life05:48:05
In reply to @idkrn:envs.net
Alleged posting of illegal porn
Is it true?
@idkrn:envs.net@idkrn:envs.netHope not05:48:08
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos If your threat model IS nation-states, then you’re going to need more than that. 05:48:25
@idkrn:envs.net@idkrn:envs.netJust in case things get ugly05:48:38
@idkrn:envs.net@idkrn:envs.net left the room.05:48:43
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos But unless you’re a dissident, chances are you just want to avoid dragnet surveillance. 05:48:48
@supermandude3:matrix.org@supermandude3:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event05:49:08
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnosOnly use secure networks, only use open messaging platforms05:49:25
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos And use encryption. 05:49:37
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos If you do need to talk to friends on Facebook, then do it on a laptop at home and don’t “cross-contaminate” this device 05:50:09
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos Keep in mind: this OS is mainly meant to be more secure and it is. That doesn’t mean that your internet use and calls won’t be logged and recorded. 05:50:53
@qotquiet:matrix.orghypnos And that’s fine, depending on your situation. Basically: privacy and security aren’t the same thing. 05:51:13
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@sec_hub54:matrix.orgCyber Securityhttps://www.socinvestigation.com/linux-based-ransomware-cheerscrypt-targets-vmware-esxi-devices/16:09:48
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@idkrn:envs.net@idkrn:envs.netAhh safe again20:44:30

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