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Centrists are arguably one of the most persecuted classes in history. Unlike minorities, nobody has ever received a job or scholarship solely because they're a centrist. In fact, there has never even been the opportunity for a centrist to self-identify as such on any sort of job application, college application, or standardized test form. Furthermore, whereas minorities are widely considered to embody coolness and attractiveness by virtue of their race, centrists have been historically stereotyped as smug a Space : #Centrism-gang:matrix.org4 Servers

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9 Dec 2023
@_discord_928710321944821762:t2bot.ioendo10 I was thinking Dem socialism, but yes 23:18:05
@_discord_928710321944821762:t2bot.ioendo10 I'm with ya 23:18:07
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal I assume you identify as Centrist now? 23:18:37
@_discord_928710321944821762:t2bot.ioendo10 If this is just a name badge, somewhat like a society, then why not?!
Additionally, i have seen nor heard nothing that suggests said Centrism opposes the fundamentals of democratic socialism that combats deceit

Lastly, many would argue that dem socialism and its cousins are quite centred
@_discord_928710321944821762:t2bot.ioendo10 I identify as a centrist 🥳 23:21:12
@_discord_928710321944821762:t2bot.ioendo10 thx for the lesson 23:22:07
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown https://tenor.com/view/stolas-helluva-boss-clap-fast-gif-8949874854768979258 23:23:01
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown Another centrist! 23:23:08
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal https://tenor.com/view/lit-baby-cute-adorable-cheering-gif-17449868 23:24:33
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown Normal Man truly is our prophet, with only 2 minutes he convinced another wingnut to see our enlightened truth 23:25:45
@_discord_1181353798514507819:t2bot.ioloranoflight joined the room.23:54:55
@_discord_1181353798514507819:t2bot.ioloranoflight Hey 23:55:14
@_discord_1181353798514507819:t2bot.ioloranoflight 23:55:14
@_discord_1181353798514507819:t2bot.ioloranoflight What is everyone's social and economic positions? 23:55:49
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal all the good ones, those are mine 23:59:51
10 Dec 2023
@_discord_1181353798514507819:t2bot.ioloranoflight And those are? 00:03:15
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal mine, they're min 00:03:55
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal * mine, they're mine 00:03:56
@_discord_180884110271578112:t2bot.ioTonyHawktheWise Truly an inspiration 00:29:41
@_discord_1170781432860389416:t2bot.ioanjalikbabbar joined the room.01:04:02
@_discord_1170781432860389416:t2bot.ioanjalikbabbar 01:04:40
@_discord_1170781432860389416:t2bot.ioanjalikbabbar Centrist Chads 01:04:40
@_discord_533015155748110340:t2bot.ioMan, Normal1549228862725.jpg
Download 1549228862725.jpg
@_discord_1170781432860389416:t2bot.ioanjalikbabbar true 01:05:27
@man987:matrix.orgzbm changed their display name from _ to zbm.08:48:04
@_discord_1018246762756055081:t2bot.ioJonah Guys i love Christmas 09:09:52
@_discord_447859094339190795:t2bot.iohelp i lost my light going a bit crazy tonight, got 3 coors lights 13:22:10
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown Me and John are getting totally wasted tonight! We bought a whole ass six pack bud light to share between us LMFAO 17:09:33
@_discord_447859094339190795:t2bot.iohelp i lost my light bro you just got smirnoff ice'd, you're gonna be totally drunk now 😆 17:11:09
11 Dec 2023
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailedclown The resident Centrist femboy didnt die yay!!!!!! 00:43:59

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