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Centrists are arguably one of the most persecuted classes in history. Unlike minorities, nobody has ever received a job or scholarship solely because they're a centrist. In fact, there has never even been the opportunity for a centrist to self-identify as such on any sort of job application, college application, or standardized test form. Furthermore, whereas minorities are widely considered to embody coolness and attractiveness by virtue of their race, centrists have been historically stereotyped as smug a Space : #Centrism-gang:matrix.org4 Servers

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30 Jan 2023
@_discord_494991286416179221:t2bot.ioKonzen Magus You're the lawyer Roy, and you seem extremely interested in pedophilia for some reason, so why don't you tell me? 18:22:54
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Simply interested in barbaric cultures 18:23:08
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums Rob white people 18:30:07
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums It's about drive 18:30:26
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums It's about power 18:30:29
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums Rob white people 18:30:45
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums We stay hungry 18:30:47
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums We devour 18:30:50
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums Put in the work 18:31:01
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums Rob white people 18:31:03
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums Take what's ours 18:31:05
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir YeetumsDownload africanmarsch.mp418:31:53
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Good buddhist men. 18:37:51
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums https://youtu.be/uw2fRm8Szmk 18:40:26
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums466170_171123_800_auto_jpg.jpg
Download 466170_171123_800_auto_jpg.jpg
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums first day in office 18:42:00
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Oh just fuck him already 18:42:18
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums https://www.npr.org/2022/04/13/1092324328/images-of-zelenskyy-show-the-physical-toll-that-trauma-and-stress-can-have-on-th 18:42:20
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums "a sign of 'systemic' problems" 18:49:17
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Christ, imagine she was black. 18:49:22
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Would never hear the fucking end ofi t. 18:49:27
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums i am uh 18:58:39
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums i need to pray 18:58:52
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums i should not have laughed so much at this 18:58:56
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetums it's a red line 18:58:59
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy I once slept for more than 24 hours 18:59:01
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Like straight 18:59:03
@_discord_357836657497735170:t2bot.ioRoy Without waking up 18:59:05
@_discord_892135722088267856:t2bot.ioSir Yeetumsa2mpmQ9_460s.jpg
Download a2mpmQ9_460s.jpg
@_discord_707536778248192021:t2bot.iofailed clown 9gag 23:57:51

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