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11 Jun 2024
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12 Jun 2024
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13 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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17 Jun 2024
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18 Jun 2024
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19 Jun 2024
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@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarGreetings everyone!10:40:29
@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarHappy to be here!10:40:34
@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarMy name is Nuno and I work with Online Voting Systems.10:41:04
@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarI have a question about Edgeware maybe someone can help? ^^10:41:13
In reply to Nuno Chainho Amiar
I have a question about Edgeware maybe someone can help? ^^
Hi, how can I help you?
@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarI have the impression that Reputation plays an important role within Edgeware community, am I correct? And if so, where can I learn more about the role of Reputation within Edgeware?10:54:00
@telegram_5936203427:t2bot.ioNuno Chainho AmiarThis is important as I'm curating some content and want to mention Edgeware.10:54:16
20 Jun 2024
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21 Jun 2024
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