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17 Apr 2021
@telegram_255912710:t2bot.ioSascha1337 Forwarded message from Sascha1337
id like. to deploy a subgraph for edgeware, u know if thats possible?
@telegram_255912710:t2bot.ioSascha1337 Forwarded message from Sascha1337
graphQL endpoint for all the proposals, forum, so basically commonwealth data reflected to TheGraph for third party highspeed cachable edgeware / commonwealth frontends, mmmm sounds good 2 me
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneThere is prob some open projects doing this for substrate10:07:53
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneCW isn’t an open API in this way though10:08:07
@telegram_255912710:t2bot.ioSascha1337can you explain, i saw it, the explorers link to CW10:08:30
@telegram_255912710:t2bot.ioSascha1337but that data is kinda not onchain yet right10:08:47
@telegram_255912710:t2bot.ioSascha1337is it at least IPFS'ed?10:08:58
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneNo10:11:44
@telegram_429705198:t2bot.ioRich - Decent Partners
In reply to Sascha1337
is it at least IPFS'ed?
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneNope and nope10:17:15
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@decentration:matrix.orgRamsey (Decentration)
In reply to @remz:matrix.org
Ramsey (Decentration): have you got a link or some material that details the concept a bit more?
I’ve been working on building initially. I’ve started a small community and we’re creating website and manifesto. Will share some materials with you shortly :)
@telegram_1206253272:t2bot.ioAdam @thom_ivy please check your DM 20:07:11
@ccris02:matrix.orgccris02Can you run Edgeware nod with pruning? ./target/release/edgeware --chain=edgeware --name NAME --wasm-execution Compiled --unsafe-pruning --pruning=1000 20:33:01
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneDoes that work?20:40:33
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew StoneI haven’t used pruning config too much but I’d say read the documentation 👍20:40:56
@telegram_631795417:t2bot.ioDrew Stone* I haven’t used pruning config too much but I’d say read the documentation 👍20:41:06
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18 Apr 2021
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@ccris02:matrix.orgccris02It is syncing, so maybe it works. 06:33:14
@ccris02:matrix.orgccris02Will find out tomorrow when it done syncing.06:33:53
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