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13 Jul 2018
19:03:00@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org)Through FFMPEG, yes
19:03:15@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org) I've never tried it myself though
19:04:29@IncredibleNinja:matrix.orgTheHiveMindI don’t exactly trusted Gerry rigged codex support.
19:06:05@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org) I wouldn't call it Jerry Rigged, FFMPEG is rather standard
19:06:55@Benrob0329:matrix.orgBenrob0329 (matrix.org) By "through ffmpeg" I meant that it uses ffmpeg, not that there was an extra step involved
4 Aug 2018
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13 Aug 2018
21:28:07@Milan:tchncs.deMilani think it's the beer but i am in a kinda crisis again... i began with a vlog on youtube ... in english and right now i am afraid of not being able to develop a proper character for this channel as my main struggle is pronouncing the words as of now - i mean yes, it's to expect that my english enhances but will it be enough to be the role i want to be? 😕
14 Aug 2018
02:02:53@IncredibleNinja:matrix.orgTheHiveMindWhat is your native language?
02:13:23@DatseMultimedia:matrix.orgJigmeDatseMy question is, "Are you having fun with it?"
05:52:39@Milan:tchncs.deMilan JigmeDatse: aslong i don't get lost in doubt, yes i think so
TheHiveMind german
07:25:49@Milan:tchncs.deMilanactually i just did a recording in the morning and it went way better in english
11:19:53@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpo (old account) You don't need to have perfect BBC pronunciation or anything as long as most of your viewers understand most of what you're saying
11:22:28@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpo (old account) see for example: ElectroBOOM, bigclivedotcom, or Hydraulic Press Channel (maybe more their Beyond the press channel), all vlogging while speaking in their own noticeable accents and it doesn't affect the actual content of the videos
11:22:56@vurpo:vurpo.fivurpo (old account) (maybe the hydraulic press channel is based a lot around speaking "rally english" but their secondary channel produces a lot more interesting content)
16:33:13@JigmeDatse:openpsychology.netJigmeDatse (OPP) Milan: I think if you're doing stuff that you're not directly getting paid for, the key thing is to be enjoying it.
16:34:30@JigmeDatse:openpsychology.netJigmeDatse (OPP)Also, if you caption your videos (which I highly recommend), the pronunciation issues can be dealt with beautifully if a person just turns on CC.
16:36:17@IncredibleNinja:matrix.orgTheHiveMind @Milan If you enjoy it and have fun while making the
Videos and the videos aren’t getting in the way of being to able to make enough money to live, then just do it!
16:43:17* @kythyria:berigora.netkythyria has on occasion been tempted to use captions instead of pronunciation.
16:44:19@kythyria:berigora.netkythyria(does youtube support "don't allow captions to be disabled, just switch to this other track"?)
16 Aug 2018
2 Sep 2018
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18 Oct 2018
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06:59:55@hamoverlord:matrix.orghamOverlord changed their display name from Lyra to hamOverlord.
16 Nov 2018
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27 Dec 2018
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6 Jan 2019
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20 Feb 2019
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