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10 Feb 2019
11:45:40@ulno:matrix.orgulnothat's very strange
11:46:09@ulno:matrix.orgulnothat's definetely still an old version there on your esp8266
11:47:24@ulno:matrix.orgulnodid you try an initialize serial with one node and then adop it to another?
11:48:47@ulno:matrix.orgulnobtw. new pi image is online
11:50:18@ulno:matrix.orgulno renato_perotto: and one more thing: did you unplug after pre-flash?)
11:56:33@ulno:matrix.orgulnojust repeated
11:56:38@ulno:matrix.orgulnoworks all flawlessly here
11:58:55@ulno:matrix.orgulnostill looks to me as if you have a slightly older version
11:59:30@ulno:matrix.orgulnoI hope things will work ou here in my workshop, haven't had enough time to do extensive testing.
11:59:37@ulno:matrix.orgulno renato_perotto:
12:00:22@ulno:matrix.orgulnoplease do an update_cache (take 30min on pi)
12:00:46@ulno:matrix.orgulnoand verify content of node_types/esp8266/src/main.cpp
12:02:30@ulno:matrix.orgulnofrom line 304 should look like:
void onWifiConnect(const WiFiEventStationModeGotIP &event) {
    Serial.print("Connected to Wi-Fi with IP: ");
    // start ota
    Serial.println("OTA Ready.");
    wifi_connected = true;
12:02:51@ulno:matrix.orgulnoif not, you don't have newest version
13:14:50@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoI runing the D1 mini. Should I still verify the content of the esp8266?
13:18:51@ulno:matrix.orgulnothe d1 mini is based on the esp8266
13:19:17@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoI did update_cache and re pre-flashed. Verified the content but still getting the same error
13:19:52@ulno:matrix.orgulnocan not reconstruct your problem
13:20:01@ulno:matrix.orgulnoso content is the same?
13:20:26@ulno:matrix.orgulnothe arduinoota is there?
13:21:43@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoon serial, i'm getting the same msg as yesterday
13:22:12@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoRedacted or Malformed Event
In reply to @ulno:matrix.org
the arduinoota is there?
13:25:14@ulno:matrix.orgulno don't understand
13:26:02@ulno:matrix.orgulnothis is an old pi image?
13:29:49@ulno:matrix.orgulnodid you try another wemos/nodemcu?
13:39:27@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoI try another wemos

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