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3 Dec 2018
22:13:11@ulno:matrix.orgulnocheck out the respective uhelp
22:13:24@ulno:matrix.orgulno(and don't forget a ulnoiot upgrade)
4 Dec 2018
21:32:20@ulno:matrix.orgulnovideo 9 sound recording failed
21:32:56@ulno:matrix.orgulnohowever, it's not such a big deal as we mainly watched two other videos and did related exercises - big sorry, will try to make sure it works next time
6 Dec 2018
22:34:35@ulno:matrix.orgulnoVideo 10 is online (with sound): https://youtu.be/SNX-pVYgAqU
10 Dec 2018
14:51:23@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulHow do I fix this error?
14:51:42@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulIt happened when I did "initialize serial" after I upgraded ulnoiot
14:54:01@ulno:matrix.orgulnodid you do an ulnoiot upgrade?
14:54:23@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulYes. I did it twice.
14:55:34@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulI also did "platformio upgrade" if that helps. The error still occurs.
14:55:43@ulno:matrix.orgulnoand deploy shows still this error?
14:56:09@ulno:matrix.orgulnoshould be ok
14:56:20@ulno:matrix.orgulnostill at the University?
14:57:17@ulno:matrix.orgulnowe are testing in here now
14:57:37@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulI am not at the university anymore. "deploy" shows the same error.
14:58:23@ulno:matrix.orgulnoseems like one push is missing
15:01:42@ulno:matrix.orgulnoshould work now
15:01:48@ulno:matrix.orgulnoone more upgrade
15:02:13@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulOk thanks! I'll try and let you know.
15:03:16@ulno:matrix.orgulnoworks here now, thanks for spotting and reporting
15:09:04@cannonpaul:matrix.orgcannonpaulIt works now.
22:05:30@ulno:matrix.orgulnoVideo lecture 11 is here: https://youtu.be/NHe8924wkPM
11 Dec 2018
20:57:38@ulno:matrix.orgulnoVideo of lecture 12 is out: https://youtu.be/HLkIHStCuNg
21:53:21@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoThey just keep coming! Good job
21:53:50@ulno:matrix.orgulnoThat was already the last
21:54:51@ulno:matrix.orgulnolast week of class is running - all working on project 3 - I hope we get some public presentation videos

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