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25 Aug 2019
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31 Aug 2019
16:58:21@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoHey Uli, how are you? I installed a fresh image of IoTempower on a PI. I'm able to access the home page on CloudCmd but the default password to access the home directory is that one described on the Documentation
16:58:51@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottowould you know what it might be or where I can change it?
16:59:29@ulno:matrix.orgulnonot iotempire?
16:59:48@ulno:matrix.orgulnofor what login
17:00:06@ulno:matrix.orgulnomaybe wrong username
17:00:06@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottobroweser to access the home directory
17:01:13@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoon the documentation it say that username is iotempower and passw: iotempire
17:01:34@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoit's not working for me. Tried every other combination and nothing
17:01:37@ulno:matrix.orgulnotry user iot
17:01:47@ulno:matrix.orgulnopw iotempire
17:01:55@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottouser iot worked
17:01:55@ulno:matrix.orgulnofile issue
17:02:34@ulno:matrix.orgulnorun upgrade
17:03:18@ulno:matrix.orgulno it's pretty significant
17:28:34@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottois there any documentation on how set up the IoT dongle?
17:29:02@ulno:matrix.orgulnodongle help
17:29:16@ulno:matrix.orgulno it's just dongle flash
17:30:13@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottoalso need to add this to the first node documentation
17:39:08@ulno:matrix.orgulno but probably isn't yet
17:41:56@ulno:matrix.orgulnoshould be in the tools page
17:50:25@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottocan't find any documentation on the dongle. Is it implemented already on the version we have?
18:05:44@renato_perotto:matrix.orgrenato_perottothe user menu is also not showing. I file all 3 issues, ok?
18:54:42@ulno:matrix.orgulno used menu doesn't show?
21:17:36@ulno:matrix.orgulnonot sure, will try to release a new image soon

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